The Flavourist, since 2015 pure passion for vaping

The Flavourist was born from the pure and visceral passion for vape and for the most complex aromatic nuances and declinations that we have lived and shared in part with many of you in recent years.

Fashions, old and new sophistications and scenarios not yet predictable. It is the aroma, it is the satisfaction that gives meaning to the passion of so many consumers. The Flavourist was born for consumers.

Refining a method of evaluation, classifying and judging has become a “mission” that today we have decided to allocate to an ever wider, curious and attentive audience.

The Flavourist always issues a “response” at the end of each review, indicating “Pros and Cons” of liquids and flavors tested.

The Flavourist is much more than you can ever imagine. Here we just want to introduce ourselves.


The mysterious face that created The Flavourist.

B-Vape simply THE BOSS


At the origin was the aroma … The first simple tastings … The first discoveries … The desire to know new worlds and new borders. And the journey began … Jokerkappa the explorer and adventurer of aromas …

Dottor Cox immagine profilo


Graphic designer, but also a lover of tobaccos in their purest form. I like to tell about a tobacco and its essence because it represents the best way to communicate the taste, the idea and the story of its leaf.