Name: Aegis Max Kit (Geekvape) – Mod + tank Kit – received by Heavengifts

Type: Electronic mod + head coil atomizer

Colors:Red Phoenix, White Storm, Black Space, Black Tungsten, Grey Pearl

Price: ~ € 65

Geekvape’s large Aegis family is still growing: here is the Aegis Max kit!

Since 2015 Geekvape has been one of the most known and appreciated vaping manufacturing companies in the Shenzen district. The Chinese company, although it has ventured into the production of the most disparate devices, whether they are mods or atomizers, has gained fame and undisputed world leadership as a manufacturer of sub-ohm devices. In the last three years Geekvape’s fortunes have further increased thanks to the success achieved with the Aegis mod, which has started a real lineage of products bearing this name: I would not be wrong but I think the Aegis family currently counts for a dozen products, if not more! Forgive me but I lost count…

Today I take care of the latest addition to this great family, the Aegis Max Kit which includes the Aegis Max mod combined with the Zeus tank, another successful product by the Chinese company.

We begin to observe the kit starting as usual from the contents of the package.


1 x Geekvape Zeus Sub Ohm Tank
1 x Spare parts pack
1 x 18650 battery adaptor
1 x Battery door assist tool
1 x Z1 Coil Mesh coil 0.4 ohm
1 x Z2 Coil Mesh coil 0.2 ohm
1 x Coil tool
1 x Spare glass
1 x USB cable


The Aegis Max has in everyway the unique and unmistakable appearance of an Aegis mod. The mod has a rubberized skeleton, a metal frame and a central leather back. Its look is modern, aggressive, flashy and I can say iconic; you may like it or not, but a vaper with a little vape experience will have no trouble recognizing one. If we take the progenitor of this large family, the Aegis 100W, as a reference, we can see that the new Aegis Max is slightly taller and less wide and is therefore more slender. The build quality is certainly more than good, especially if you consider that, all the Aegis mods boast (which has been amply demonstrated by various tests on the web) that they are totally resistant to impact, resistant to water and also to dust (IP67 protection degree).

I must admit, however, that by looking more closely at the Aegix Max and its older sister, I noticed in the Aegis Max the materials seemed to me of slightly lower quality than the Aegis 100W, perhaps also to make the mod itself a little more lightly.

The workmanship of the Zeus tank is decidedly good, on which I will not dwell, as it is not the real novelty of this kit, and which has already been discussed far and wide on the web. In short I summarize that the construction qualities of the Zeus tank are more than known especially to the sub-ohm vaper lovers, and do not disfigure in the presence of the box to which it was combined.


The Aegis Max mod measures 92.8 mm x 44.3 x 33 mm and has an empty weight of 142 grams (199 grams with 21700 battery, about 193 grams with 18650 battery).

As for the Zeus atomizer, we are faced with an object of 70 grams of weight with a height of 51.4 mm for a diameter of 26 mm and a capacity of 2 ml in the TPD version, 3 ml in the standard version and finally 5 ml with bubble glass tank. By drawing the appropriate sums, it can be deduced that in the lightest configuration this kit has a weight of about 260 grams, while in the more generous configuration (with 21700 battery and capacity of 5 ml) it slightly exceeds 270 grams. Ultimately it is a kit that, although it enjoys excellent ergonomics, certainly cannot boast of being among the most comfortable to take for a walk, also because there are on the market kits with greater portability.


As anticipated in the previous chapter, the Aegis Max is a 21700 single battery mod (you can also use a 18650 battery with the adapter in the package). Although it is always preferable to recharge external batteries with a table charger, there’s a USB charging port on the side of the box, unfortunately is not a type-C and has a charge of only 1.5 A.

The Aegis Max chipset is equipped with a rather large number of functions, with a 10.5 “display to view the various settings of the mod.

The box can operate in different modes, to be precise: Power mode, TC mode (Ni, SS, Ti), TCR mode (Temperature Coefficient of Resistance), VPC (manual vaping curve) and bypass mode. Of the numerous other functions present on this device, in addition to the usual classic protection functions, it seems right to mention:

  • Turn on/off: 5 close clicks “fire” button;
  • Power up/down: press buttons “+” and/or “-“;
  • Lock/unlock “+” and “-” buttons: press for 2 seconds  simultaneously “+” and “-“;
  • Stealth Mode: press simultaneously for 1 second the “fire” button, “+” and “-” buttons;
  • Screen Brightness: press the “fire” button and “+” or “fire” button and “-“;
  • Enter Settings: 3 close click “fire” button;
  • Exit Settings: press and hold for 5 seconds the “fire” button;
  • Clear puff Counter: enter Settings then press fire button until puff count is high lighted, then press “+” or “-“;
  • Reset Mod: turn off the device, Press the “+” and “-” buttons, then when is visible the model information, continue to hold “+” and “-” buttons but press also the “fire” button as well.

Regarding the Zeus tank characteristics, after already saying that it is a 26 mm atom for a capacity ranging from 2 ml of the TPD version to 5 ml with bubble glass, I remember that it is a top refill stainless steel atomizer (the top cap, equipped with a bayonet connection, can be removed by turning it counterclockwise for 1/4 of a turn) and a top airflow (double inlet hole completely partialisable measuring approximately 13 mm x 2.6 mm).


Since it is a kit intended for medium-advanced users, the Aegis Max, as we have just seen, is a system equipped with numerous functions and its ease of use is quite variable. In its most basic use, you have simply to turn on the box and adjust the power in power mode.

But because of its numerous functions, Aegis Max is able to be a complex and at the same time very fun device. No particular commitment is required for the management of the Zeus tank, just the replacement of the coil that is carried out by unscrewing the base of the atomizer and extracting the worn head with the tool made available by the manufacturer.


But how does perform the Zeus tank with the two mesh head coils supplied with it? Let’s go now to the Aegis Max Kit vape test.

Test with Z1 Mesh coil 0.4 ohm

The 0.4 ohm Z1 Mesh coil is a Kanthal A1 coil built for a vaping range between 60 and 70 watts. Although it is possible to manage the airflow of the tank to your liking, the coil is designed for a DL vape of medium intensity and for e-liquids, even rather dense (VPG 70/30); this coil is best precisely in the range declared by the manufacturer, returning a full, decisive and very round aroma, with a considerable production of vapor.

The field of action of this Z1 Mesh coil are creamy and fruity e-juices with an important sugar component. The performance is good even if you set a vaping around 50W, but immediately below this threshold, you notice how the coil begins to operate at too low speeds and struggles to express itself at its best. If the aromatic performance is more than good, the same cannot be said about the performance in terms of durability as, I noticed a rapid decay of this coil already after 5-6 days of medium use.

Test with Z2 Mesh coil 0.2 ohm

The Z2 Mesh coil 0.2 ohm is a Kanthal A1 coil built for a vaping range between 70 and 80 watts. This coil expresses itself very well with the two air slots fully open and, just like the 0.4 ohm coil, finds its ideal use with e-liquids with an important aromatic charge, both creamy and fruity, better if supported by a sweet base, which is even more emphasized by the Z2 coil and this type of vaping. Aromatically speaking, in my opinion this coil is better than the Z1 coil although unfortunately, just like the previous one and perhaps even more accentuated, the coil tends to a rapid drop in its performance, even only after a few days.

This is ultimately the only, but not negligible, painful note related to this kit, which Geekvape should remedy as soon as possible, because I believe that a DL mesh coil head should guarantee at least 10 -15 days of medium-high performance.


The Aegis Max Kit is an excellent purchase for all DL Vape lovers without the commitment of a rebuildable device and at an average market price. The aroma with the Zeus tank and the Z1 and Z2 Mesh coil heads is guaranteed, even if you have to be prepared for frequently coil replacements, for their inherent and excessive poor longevity. Unless Geekvape takes action soon…

Recommended to: Skilled and hardcore vapers.

  • 9.5/10
    In the Box - 9.5/10
  • 9.5/10
    Design & Build Quality - 9.5/10
  • 7.5/10
    Ergonomics & Portability - 7.5/10
  • 9/10
    Functions & Performances - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Ease of use - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Atom & Flavor - 8/10

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