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Name and Format: Albori (Vitruviano’s Juice) – Concentrated flavour 20 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: 118D18

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Declared base: 30 PG / 70 VG

Expiry date: 03-2020

Devices: Billet Box + Vapeshell  + nano alien coil 0.70 ohm Ni80 with Cotton Bacon 2.0.

Today I’m here to talk about a new e-liquid eagerly awaited by everyone, including myself, these are the new liquids of Vitruviano’s Juice, which we had the opportunity to taste at this year’s Verona fair. It is obviously concentrated aromas that deviate a little from the classic products with which the house has established itself and has accustomed us over the years, in fact we will not go to talk about typical Neapolitan sweets or recipes of the tradition of Italian flavors. Vitruviano’s Juice offers us this time a simple aroma, at least in the description, but it does so with the usual typical skill of a producer who knows what he wants to offer the public and sure of the quality of its products.

Here you are Albori di Vitruviano’s Juice

albori vitruviano

Which is described as follows:

From the lactate mountains, on the rime of spring, juicy strawberries plunge into a fresh cream of sweetened milk.

Albori comes in a 20 ml bottle to which then 40ml of vegetable glycerine possibly added with nicotine will be added, the aroma is contained in a bottle with a particular and very captivating shape instead of the usual unicorn bottle, the packaging reminds a lot of bottles flask shape used to contain liqueurs, however very elegant, wrapped in a label that fades from pink to purple, all completed in the background by the yellow color of the concentrated aroma that frames each stroke and nuance and in its whole recalls that interweaving of colors that we admire during the albeggio by the sea.

fragole latte

The first sensation that immediately overwhelms us to the smell is that of amazement, the perception of the strawberry is really real you can not distinguish whether it is a basket of strawberries or a simple aroma, sometimes sweet at times pungent and sour, the my mind is already imaginado to bite this delicious fruit when suddenly here comes, with a stroke of the tail milk, a milk that I do not perceive nor creamy nor too heavy but very sweetened with some very creamy and sweet nuances. The resulting ensemble is really very greedy and brings me back with my mind to when I was waiting in front of the banquet for desserts with my candy stick with strawberry sugar.
With these premises I immediately pass the vape test. The first sensation that comes to us in inspiration is that of the strawberry, sweet but with well balanced tips of acidity; the balance is excellent and gives an incredibly real, tangible flavor, the non-invasive acidity of the fruit that lies on a creamy base of really sweetened milk, greedy but not overwhelming, conveys a unique taste decided but expertly balanced by master aromatieri. In the heart of the e-liquid the creamy part of the milk covers the strawberries taking over with its sweetness given by the addition of the sugar and vanilla that fills our palate but that does not overpower the fruity part, we immediately realize the delicate but delicious balance to which Vitruviano’s Juice bet at home .. At the end of the vapors the sparkling acidity of the strawberry that persists in the mouth, cleanses the palate, tickled by an explosive combination of taste and invites us with its non-tiring restlessness to assoporarlo to the search of every nuance that this liquid hides.
The producer has succeeded in full in his intent, elevating a simple recipe, but always of effect, to a higher level. Each element is in the right place the sparkling sweetness of the strawberry, the creaminess of the sweetened milk create a truly greedy combination and at the same time that never tires from the first to the last puff. An excellent liquid that winks at the summer and that does not disappoint from the beginning at the end.

albori vitruvianos juice

Suggested dilution: about 33% = add 40 ml of vegetable glycerin to the aroma.

Steeping time: 1-2 gg.

ico 5

Pro: Gusto vero e reale.Concreto.


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