E-liquid review:  Aldonza – gama Reserva (Bombo E-liquids) 30 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: 05/16

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 50% PG / 50% VG

Expiry date: 04/2018

Devices: iStick TC 60w + Magma V2 RDA single coil 0.75 ohm (Kanthal A1 26 awg 0.40 mm) with japanese organic cotton.

Today we return to the beautiful Barcelona to tell you about a new liquid from Bombo E-liquids belonging to its Reserve line. Today we speak of Aldonza, a tobacco extracted and flavored e-liquid.

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The bottle of Aldonza (30 ml) is made of transparent glass with a childproof cap and dropper-tipped beak. The bottle is closed in a cylindrical small box of cardboard that plays very nicely in a light wood barrel. Inside the cardboard box there is a small piece of paper that shows us (in Spanish and English) on the one hand the characteristics and the production technique used to create Aldonza, and on the other the usual warnings and instructions for use in six languages. Other information rather than exhaustive are finally on the label of the bottle: composition and ingredients, handling precautions and contact details of the producer, the danger symbols and tactile logo for the blind. Also the manufacturer on the website ensures that all products are manufactured in strict compliance with the standards set by the European Union. Aldonza is also certified for the US FDA.


Aldonza is officially described as follows:

Una equilibrada mezcla de tabacos selectos y las mejores vainillas maceradas en barrica de roble americano, forman la base de este exquisito líquido, a la que se le han añadido diferentes matices aromáticos que redondean su elegante buqué. Un exclusivo líquido reserva de triple maceración.

A balanced mixture of premium tobaccos and vanillas macerated in American oak casks create the basis for this exquisite e-liquid where different aromatic hints are added to create an elegant bouquet. It’s an exclusive, special reserve e-liquid with triple maceration.

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On the nose, a slightly alcoholic background it feels a dry and rugged woody matrix of dried fruit grafts. In the background it seems to emerge nuances and creamy vanilla tones. The sensation is pleasant and brings in my opinion to a dry tobacco e-liquid but at the same time with a rounding conferred by the gentle shades of creamy base.

I face the test on my trustworthy Magma V2 RDA to an oscillating wattagio between 15 and 20 watts.


In inspiration stands out from the first breath a tobacco blend rather dry, perfectly linked to strong hints of caramel. This caramel so accentuated tends to hide a little the aromatic nuances of vanillas used in the mix (as told us by the manufacturer) who are able to perceive only the distance as thin glazes. In the tobacco base I recognize a typical blend “blond” most likely built on a Virginia and Burley with likely accents of Cavendish. Cavendish  because as many of you know, is not really a type of tobacco, but rather a “cure”; and in sight, with the succession of puffs, a woody structure with toasty nuances and dry fruit, softened only partially concealed by delicate but too vanilla, I recognize a good Cavendish away but it makes you dream. The heart of vape is always dominated by the aromatic strength and caramel load, perhaps emphasized by the use of pyrazine for its typical roasting results.


Aldonza is pleasant, it’s nice fluffy despite being only a 50/50 and not get tired of it, it’s nice but not prurient, perhaps a bit lacking in the perception of those vanillas macerated in oak barrels. Vanillas that come with extreme elegance instead in aromatic persistence of great value to the end of puffs and that in a sense increase the regret for not having savor worthily in the middle phase of the puffs. The e-liquid would have deserved, in my opinion, greater roundness and a hint of sweetness more to be in all respects a very elegant tabaccoso extracted in the Anglo-Saxon conception of the term. It wanted and needed to be a premium tobacco blend according to a recognizable and established style, but as it stands is a little half-way between a pure extract and a tobacco flavored extract. The tobaccos are perfectly placed as ingredients in the blend of the same but the overall aromatic structure as mentioned above do not appear to be sufficiently round and soft.

The end result is still more than appreciable, being as I believe, the first experiment of the Spanish manufacturer with tobacco extracts, much more experienced in the implementation of e-fruity and creamy juices. A positive experiment that encourages and pushes to be retraced in the near future. We look forward to a new Bombo tobacco extracted creation!

ico 3

Pro: a linear tobacco extract that does not tire. An all day for any situation.

Cons: missing to blend a bit of roundness because of too hidden vanilla notes.