Among the creamy flavours I’ve tried Alice Vapland is one of the smoothest by Hit the Pipe. Again the French producer was able to create a true tasty and velvety flavour.
Alice Vapland is essentially a (caramelized) apple pie with a good amount of vanilla tasting Chantilly.

The mix is very good, it doesn’t have any angularity nor “artificial” taste, everything is very natural; the apple taste is perfect sweetened by caramel and the whole is rounded by a thick, creamy and sweet vanilla cream.
The common element of this aroma is sweetness, though for me is anything but cloying, and considering the fact that I am a fan of tobacco e-liquids.
On vaping Alice Vapland is a soft and delicate liquid and its taste won’t get you sick even after long vaping sessions.

Recommended dilution: 8-12%

Steeping time: at least 10 days

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