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E-liquid review: Alpha 2.0 – Dr. Fog M Series (Premium Labs) 5ml received by the producer

Batch: none

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 75VG – 25PG (10%PG – 15%PG artificial pg based flavouring)

Expiry date: 11/2018

Devices: Rx200 + DXK DDP rda single coil 0,30 ohm (ss316L 0.46mm 25 awg) with japanese organic cotton.

The oldest vaper can not forget that “the vepe” was a revolution that involved the entire planet. Premium Labs is a Canadian brand was established in 2014, currently distributed in 45 countries. Under this brand we are currently produced as many as 29 e-liquid lines and the beginning of 2017 a new production factory Premium Labs born in the UK.

alpha 2.0 dr fog

Today we start a cycle of reviews that will lead us to discover the line Dr. Fog M Series. A line dedicated to menthol flavors, aromatic groups not particularly complex. Let’s start with Alpha 2.0.

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The official description of Alpha 2.0 is also present on the bottle:

Watermelon tropical sherbet with menthol.

Sherbet is a powder used to flavor, the world food industry, different products. One of his classic use is to characterize, in this case with tropical notes, ice cream or sorbet. In fact, on the word “sherbet” manufacturer’s site gives way to the term “sorbet” sorbet … precisely.


The bouquet is easy to interpret. The typical aroma notes watermelon are influenced by a mild tropical character. Lightweight, nose, the impact of menthol.

Evidence of vape is entrusted to a dripper. DXK DDP rda configured in single coil. Unlike the findings from the examination olfactory, Apha 2.0 has a strong minty character. Very strong and preheated only 40w. The breath is likely to be too strong and it is therefore appropriate to choke the air control. The base notes express a sweet watermelon scent, vaguely characterized by this generic tropical aroma that makes it – thankfully – less obvious than it might appear.



The persistent aroma leaves a pleasant fruity sweet taste. The mint, fades giving way to watermelon flavor. Watermelon really generic, characterless, flat. At times, when the atom is hot, emerging herbaceous layers that resemble herbal preparations very similar to a candy … for sore throat. Inevitably when we talk about e-liquid menthol. Forget the sorbet. It ‘a mentholated watermelon.


Apha 2.0 is an e-liquid pleasant, fruity, but especially menthol. Destined to vaper which have only just started, maybe looking for alternative flavors cigarette. Menthol, to that effect always gives great satisfaction, proving to be an “effective remedy.” A note in favor of Apha 2.0 is the sweetness. A sweetness that emerges, pleasant and persistent, only when the note mentolatasi fades. Its use is undoubtedly multifaceted. We reviewed with a dripper, but also classic RTA atomizers will be a viable solution. At lower powers, 30w for example, the soul mentholated is softer. Apha 2.0 is a classic fruity, very sensitive to temperatures. It’s strongly recommended not to use excessive power. I’m not very happy with watermelon aroma used. I find it a little rich, unnatural, perhaps because of the aromas “tropical” added to characterize it. Apha 2.0 is not an e-liquid intended to vaper savvy.

ico 3

Pro: Nice and simple for beginners and undemanding vaper.

Cons: Not a tasty watermelon flavor.