Name: Amadeus RDA (The Golden Greek by Imeo) – Atomizer – received by the manufacturer

Type: RDA Atomizer

Colors: Stainless Steel Shined, Stainless Steel Mat, Titanium.

Price: ~ € 119-180

The Golden Greek presents its first RDA

If the world of vaping had its gods, The Golden Greek would probably be considered the Zeus of the Olympus of Vaping. We are back in 2009 when Imeo Thanasis, a mechanical engineer from Athens, founded The Golden Greek brand and started designing professional hardware solutions for vaping. The electronic cigarette is still a thick and almost unknown nebula, but there are already those who think big and realize the change that the sector would soon have invested.

Imeo Thanasis is one of the very first explorers of this new world that is being shaped and today, after a decade, we can observe the tangible signs of his work through some systems of his invention, which constitute a sort of milestone for vaping. I will simply mention some atomizers, such as the Ithaka or the Tilemahos, or simply remember solutions like the rebuildable deck without turrets or the side button on the mechanical mods, to help you understand the importance and scope of this manufacturer within high end niche in the e-cig sector.

That’s why today, as an absolute Italian preview, we are going to present you a new product from the Greek modder, the first RDA by The Golden Greek, the Amadeus.


1 x The Golden Greek Amadeus RDA
1 x Body with single air slot
1 x Extra Ultem Drip Tip
1 x Insert for dual coil with small air hole
1 x Insert for single coil with small air hole
1 x Insert for single coil with large air hole
1 x Insert for dual coil without air holes
1 x Spare O-ring set
1 x Screwdriver, Allen key, Pin bf and spare screws
1 x Instruction manual


Amadeus, the first RDA produced by The Golden Greek, is a 24 mm diameter atomizer, made entirely of stainless steel. In our opinion, Imeo Thanasis has always been a modder who, even before aesthetic solutions, has made quality and technical solutions his main strength. With this, we do not want to say that aesthetically The Golden Greek products are not palatable and convincing, but we certainly believe that design has never been the main concern for this brand. The Amadeus in fact has a classic shape for a dripper: a central cylinder worked with carved company logo and cylinder ends with grooved work for easier grip. In our opinion, the combination of the dripper with the supplied drip tips, both the one in resin and the one in ultem, is happy.

However it is by observing the working process of the various parts of this atomizer that we realize the added value of The Golden Greek products compared to many other competitors. The millimetric precision of each corner, the bevels of the same, the perfect sealing of the o-rings, the cleanliness of the metal processing and the total absence of any slight deburring, are just some of the merits of this product. Absolute perfection.


The Amadeus RDA is a rather large and massive dripper: it has a diameter of 24 mm, a height of 28 mm and a weight of 57 gr. The disassembled atomizer consists of a base with two main air slots (fixed) of the dimensions of 1.5 x 15 mm, an insert for the bottom air flow, to be chosen from the four supplied, a deck with two terminals and 4 slots, BF pin or standard pin, a body (two supplied) with one / two air slot 2.5 x 8 mm adjustable with opening from zero to totally open, an anti spitback disk (removable) and a top cap with drip tip (two included) compatible with the Grimm Green Recoil RDA tips.

The body of the Amadeus has in its lower part two grooves, complementary to those present on the base, to favor its correct insertion and guarantee the correct positioning of the side air slots in correspondence of the coils. The hold of the body on the base is guaranteed by 3 o-rings. When meticulousness becomes art…

We move now to the deck, where Imeo Thanasis amazes us with some incredible tricks. First of all, on the base of the deck you can see the presence of four slots for the liquid inlet. In an RDA ??? Oh yes, because the Amadeus project is so ambitious as to have thought of an atomizer that can be transformed from a dripper into RTA, for a 360-degree vaping, from pure DL  to closed and contrasted MTL. We can’t wait to try it!

Versatility is the key word that best synthesizes the functions of the Amadeus. Pay attention well, versatility and non-adaptability, because adaptability, especially when talking about different types of vape, is within everyone’s reach, even if almost always with obvious limits. Versatility is very different. The Golden Greek demonstrates how it is possible to make a dripper simultaneously DL and MTL giving it some specific details.

First of all there are 4 interchangeable inserts for the bottom airflow; we have already mentioned them in the description of the contents of the package, but here we specify their function:

  • dual coil insert small hole (1 mm) for a vape in restricted flavor chasing;
  • single coil insert small hole (1.4 mm) for a MTL vape;
  • single coil insert large hole (3 x 7 mm) for classic flavor chasing;
  • dual coil insert without air holes for a vape in flavor chasing using only the side airflow of the body.

And then there is the solution of the deck terminals that, positioned on a slide, can be spaced and/or close together based on the size of the coils that will be used. The operation of adjusting the distance of the two terminals is quite simple; in fact it will be sufficient to loosen a pin located just above the pin bf and adjust the distance between the turrets to your liking; in addition, two small peek insulators will prevent the posts enlarged to the maximum from touching the body of the atomizer, thus avoiding very unpleasant short circuits.

In this sense, the Amadeus is truly a versatile RDA, because technically it can accommodate very large resistances with quite spaced legs or much smaller coils for a vaping in restricted flavor chasing or even pure MTL.


The coiling operations are simple, obviously facilitated by the presence of four posts, and it will be equally easy to create everything by placing the cotton in the appropriate trays obtained laterally. After all, when dealing with an RDA, these operations are always quite simple, and not just for experienced vapers.


We tested the Amadeus in different configurations; it was a must to do so, given that this atomizer is one of the most versatile drippers currently available on the market.

A first test was made in single coil in MTL configuration using a Superfine MTL Fused Clapton of about 0.8 ohms. The first thing we admired about this dripper was its decisive hit, combined with an incredible “sound of silence”. Domineering, sweet and silent. Fantastic! From an aromatic point of view, the atom has performed well, although we have noticed a tendency to compress the aromatic spectrum of e-liquids, both in the case of creamy and/or fruity mixes and for the tobacco-extracted e-juices, with which we do not believe it has a very good bond, going to lose the sensitive aromatic facets that characterize many tobacco blends.

And in DL configuration? In our opinion it is precisely in this configuration that Amadeus manages to give the best of itself, regardless of the setting chosen, although there are some minor differences. In an initial test we mounted a single fused clapton coil with the large air hole insert (3 x 7 mm) and we immediately recorded excellent performances, especially without using the side air inlet holes. The vape is sinuous and full-bodied, the puff very linear and always silent (obviously less than in MTL) and the aroma so rich and pronounced.

In a second test we used the insert with two small holes (1 mm) for a 0.5 ohm dual coil and for a typical restricted flavor chasing vape. In this circumstance we have again recorded a rather pronounced hit, flanked by a superb capacity in aromatic restitution, in our opinion perfect for complex fruity mixes and also for classic tobacco recipes. Have we been too picky? Ok, we reassure you by telling that so even the creamy recipes will find their right exaltation.

Finally we did not miss the “big clouds” test, testing the Amadeus in a super airy version, without using any insert and leaving the bottom airflow holes on the deck completely open. Although perhaps our team is not the most experienced for this type of vape, we can tell you that the dripper has equally impressed us for its ability to go up to important wattages (we arrived safely at 80 watts, but it is possible to further increase the power) without the risk of compromising the lips and the palate with annoying red hot splashes: the anti-spitback disk works very well. The vapor has always appeared dense and rich and even in aromatic terms the performances have been more than satisfactory, even if lower than the previous tests, something which is easily conceivable.


Amadeus, the first dripper designed by Imeo Thanasis of The Golden Greek, is a work of very sophisticated mechanical engineering and of excellent quality. Performance is excellent, especially if you think about the versatility it can give us. It is an atomizer designed and intended for experienced vapers, as it needs to be managed and treated scrupulously, especially if you want to take full advantage of all its potential and possible configurations. A simple atom for experienced users, simply superb.

Recommended to: Hardcore vapers.

  • 9.5/10
    In the Box - 9.5/10
  • 9/10
    Design & Build Quality - 9/10
  • 9.5/10
    Features - 9.5/10
  • 9/10
    Coiling, WIcking and Filling - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Performances and Flavour - 9/10


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