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Name and format: Amarena 25 ml – ready to vape e-liquid – received by the manufacturer

Batch: 5 060321 120233 (barcode number)

Expiry date: n.a.

Base: 30PG / 70VG

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Devices: SVA Penguin BF + wasp nano RDA  parallel coil  0.25 ohm (26 ga SS316) con Cotton Bacon V 2.0.

In winter, the tastes of vapers tend to change and to change also in relation to temperatures certainly lower and less pleasant, a bit like for those who after binging in the summer of ice cream, in cold periods leaves the cone in favor of a nice cup of hot chocolate. But we at the TheFlavourist team do not belong to this category, we always like ice cream! And that’s why we decided to consider an eliquid that certainly winks at the summer, but we want to discover with you, even in these days much milder. So let’s go back to talk about liquids branded Mr. Gelato produced in England and how, you can imagine from the name, have the aim to emulate the most famous tastes in the world of ice cream. We talked to you in the last months of Forest Fruit and Raspberry Ripple today we continue with the third of the four Amarena.

Amarena is so officially described by the producers:

Best enjoyed al fresco, delectable glacé cherries are twisted and turned into a rich syrup then gently folded into a heavenly vanilla ice cream. ‘Prego!’

A certainly nice description that in the original English version, inserts some Italian words, honoring our tradition of master ice-cream makers. After this small intermezzo, however, we notice a small dissonance between the name Amarena and the description in which we find cherries, so we can already begin to imagine the taste that will tend to be sweeter and less sour / bitter. Precisely the two main differences in taste between the two fruits.
mr gelato

The bottle in our possession is a mini chubby gorilla 25 ml and has a very lively and colorful label with a nice cartoon graphics, which depicts a moustached ice cream man who takes pleasure in his creations smoothing his long mustache. The label also highlights the name of the brand and in a long banner of sea bream inserts its name. All very simple but certainly impact, immediate and captivating!

The olfactory test immediately offers very interesting aromatic cues, making a first impression to return to the nose a tasty feeling of a vanilla ice cream with a cherry cover. Very noticeable is the fat creamy frame that emphasizes the great use of vanilla, which is definitely confirmed at the base of the aromatic construction and therefore of the recipe. From this base stands out a decided and pungent hint of cherry, very sweet but tendentially not acidulous. The cherry flavor very closely resembles the flavoring used by the ice cream industry to make this type of ice cream much appreciated and among the most requested. It is therefore an industrial aroma, without itself and without me.

coppa variegato amarena

The first impact with the taste of this eliquid is certainly positive, a creamy, intense and aromatically marked bed, opens in front of me during the inhalation phase, immediately we are pampered by sweet and fat buttery and vanilla sensations due to our taste from a pleasant aromatic conjunction between a part of vanilla and a part of whipped cream. Immediately we notice the great experience of the English master aromatieri that with a light addition, imagine of koolada, they manage to give this base of vanilla ice cream a fresh sensation that tricks our taste buds by transmitting the sensation of tasting the ice cream just served. The feeling is not excessive but everything is well balanced and balanced and in fact the effect aroused is certainly of impact. Continuing our journey we realize that the second main ingredient that makes ice cream so tasty, sweetness, is tend to be weak. Surely in these early stages we do not perceive an excessive sweetness but rather a fair balance that does not enhance the flavor of the base but tends to concentrate its strengths on something else, leaving out this aspect that perhaps was more cured.

The puff remains light and soft in all its junctures, and slowly tends to fill with rosy hints of cherry flavor. Certainly less present than at an olfactory level, they are still present and appreciable and we are able to capture as characteristic as the delicate sweetness but no acidulous note or elements that can amaze us. The cherry lightly touches the base and the “dirty” slightly without surprising or convincing.

raspberry ripple ice cream

Amarena is a recipe that does not scream to the aromatic miracle, and even though overall the idea did not seem bad and the resulting is a pleasant and inviting sensation, in general, however, we do not find in the final product the promises that were made in the description by binding the eliquid on a relatively low qualitative scale. The positive note is certainly that touch of fresh well done but it can not be enough to turn a creamy base into an ice cream.

ico 2





Pro: The touch of class is appreciated to transform the creamy base into ice-cream.

Cons: Ingredients below average.