Name: Aromamizer Lite RTA (Steam Crave) – Atomizer – received by Vaporoso

Type: RTA Atomizer

Colors: Black, Stainless Steel, Gunmetal

Price: ~ € 35

Steam Crave and its new 23 mm Aromamizer Lite RTA

Steam Crave is a historical brand registered in the United States and the European Union for a range of vaping products designed and manufactured in China. Steam Crave is well known among the worldwide vapers for its Aromamizer line atomizers, a particularly innovative range that fully reflects the company’s philosophy. Steam Crave products established themselves over time for their extraordinary ability to guarantee a very realistic and intense aromatic restitution. Today we are dealing with the latest addition to the great Aromamizer family, namely Aramamizer Lite RTA.
We begin to observe it starting as usual from the contents of the package.


1 x Aromamizer Lite RTA whole unit (with DL drip tip)
1 x Spare 3.5ml glass
1 x Spare 4.5ml bubble glass
1 x Spare o rings and grub screws
1 x Allen Key
1 x MTL drip tip
1 x User manual
1 x Steamcrave sticker


Like all Steam Crave products, Aromizer Lite also does not disappoint under both design and construction quality. The atomizer, whose diameter is 23 mm, is made entirely of stainless steel and has a precise, clean and free of burrs processing. All the tolerances and resistances of the o-rings on this atom also appear to be precise. It is useless to hide it, Steam Crave has always stood out for high quality productions, often much higher than that of its competing products. The atomizer seems to be worth much more than the 35 euros with which it is proposed on the market. Congratulations!

Even from an aesthetic point of view, the Aromamizer Lite does not mind, although its lines are rather classic and have a clear reference to those of its predecessors. In any case, we noticed that some technical solutions, such as the knurled top cap and bottom ring that holds the deck, have an effective result also in terms of design; the same can be said for the protruding ring of the airflow control which guarantees, even in the case of the use of bubble glass, a good continuity in the lines of the atomizer.


The Aromamizer Lite has a diameter of 23 mm, is high from the top of the drip tip to its base (pin excluded) 47.4 mm and weighs about 61 g. There are seven pieces in this RTA and to be precise from top to bottom: the drip tip, the top cap, the refill ring with the top of the fireplace, the glass tube, the central body of the atom with the vaporization chamber, the deck and the final ring of the deck. It is a typical conformation for all Aromamizers, inside which stands out the presence of a removable deck that allows to rebuild without having to completely disassemble all the atom.

The Aromamizer Lite deck, which as mentioned is removable, is a postless single coil designed for a 3 mm recommended diameter coil and essentially for a flavor chasing vape. Although this RTA is equipped with an MTL drip tip, and an airflow ring with the presence of two small single holes, which are added to the Aromamizer’s typical slot at two heights, Aromizer Lite is not able to allow a satisfying MTL vape. The structure of the air control in the beehive that hits the coil sideways and the same width of the chimney, makes this atom perfect for a classic flavor puff or at least for a restricted DL vape.

Another important feature of this atom in addition to the side air, is the entry for the liquid that from above goes to be deposited in a small cavity that forms under the deck, and wets the cotton in correspondence of two holes placed on the base of the deck itself. Finally, we note that the vaporization chamber is small enough, while the chimney is quite generous (inner diameter of about 6 mm).


The Aromamizer Lite is an RTA for advanced users. The vaper with a long-term experience and accustomed with rebuildable systems, will not find particularly complex the operations of rebuilding and insertion of cotton in the coil. However some precautions are necessary for this atom, much more than with other RTA systems. First of all, the length of the coil legs is important; the manufacturer recommends 4,5 mm long legs, but from our tests we can suggest you to get to 5 mm. In this sense it may be useful to obtain a specific tool for cutting the legs of the coils, unfortunately not supplied. The insertion of the cotton does not require particular precautions, but it is important to pay attention with the length of its mustache, which must rest gently on the bottom of the deck, in correspondence of the liquid inlet holes. It is very important that the cotton does not act as a stopper for these holes, thus completely blocking the passage of the e-liquid.

The e-liquid refill, on the other hand, is extremely easy thanks to the presence of two enormous slots that allow the tank to be filled with any type of bottle and beak.


Like all the Aromamizer series, we are faced with a rebuildable tank with high performance. As we said earlier, this is a flavor-chasing atomizer and not a MTL atomizer, given this necessary premise, we think it is right to judge it for the configuration for which it was designed, leaving out instead the MTL, obviously forced and unnatural.

The Aromamizer Lite can be adjusted to have a slightly airy (restricted DL) or rather open airy (pure chasing flavor), in any case it will always be able to amaze with its linear, fluid, soft and quite silent puff. The lateral air flow works very well and thanks to the small vaporization chamber it is able to exalt aromatically different types of e-liquids, with a round, full-bodied and medium-fat yield.

The flared drip tip has a good ergonomics even if perhaps the manufacturer could do a little more in this aspect, while under the technical profile we have nothing to complain, as the drip tip does not heat up and it has no condensation problems. Ultimately the Aromizer Lite passes the test of technical and aromatic performances with full marks.


The new born from the Aromamizer family confirms the excellent quality and performance of this wide range of atomizers. Steam Crave with Aromamizer Lite once again succeeds in distinguishing itself, producing an atomizer for experienced vaper, able to provide high end performance at a super competitive price. In our opinion a must have for lovers of flavor chasing.

Recommended to: Hardcore vapers.

  • 9/10
    In the Box - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Design & Build Quality - 9/10
  • 8.5/10
    Features - 8.5/10
  • 7.5/10
    Coiling, WIcking and Filling - 7.5/10
  • 9/10
    Performances and Flavour - 9/10

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