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Name and Format: AroMatized Cardamomo – H2O line (Angolo della Guancia) – Propylene glycol aroma 20 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: DST004

Nico: 2 mg/ml

VPG composition: 50 PG / 50 VG

Expiry date: 02/2022

Devices: Vaporesso Swag II 80 W + Kizoku Limit MTL RTA single coil 1.2 ohm (Khantal A1 28 AWG) with Cotton Bacon Prime.

The Angolo della Guancia company just launched on the market its new aroma from the revolutionary H2O line, a line that we remember uses a completely mechanical technology that involves the extraction of the aromatic components of tobacco leaves by means of water vapor currents, a sort of distillation process. It is a procedure which, while preserving the aromatic charge of the organic raw material used, manages to guarantee a decidedly long life cycle to the resistances of the atomizers, whether they are regenerable or pre-made.

After talking about Mixture a few weeks ago, today is the turn of AroMatized Cardamomo:

Kentucky e Burley aromatizzati con cardamomo, tutti estratti con la nuova tecnologia che permette una purezza unica e un aroma che solo il tabacco organico sa dare.

Kentucky and Burley flavored with cardamom, all extracted with the new technology that allows a unique purity and an aroma that only organic tobacco can give.

Before going into the AroMatized Cardamomo tests, we remind you that this product is marketed in the shot series format, 20 ml of propylene glycol aroma inside a 60 ml bottle. To obtain the 60 ml  e-liquid ready to vape, it will be necessary to add a base of 30 ml of vegetable glycerol plus an additional base of 10 ml of propylene glycol. The transparent label of the bottle (with the exception of two light blue bands with the product information) is singular, but very functional to the type of product, to clearly highlight and show the total transparency of this blend.

Aromatized Cardamomo01


The smell test reveals the presence of a tobacco base with marked and dark stamps, inside which I recognize the vigorous scent of an excellent smoked Kentucky. The typical leather note for this type of tobacco is also unmistakable, although on this occasion it seems to have a greater emphasis on its smoked component, enhanced and further emphasized by the presence of a light spicy veil. Compared to the first aroma of the H2O line, MiXture, in this smell test the tobacco perception is more pronounced, despite this is a flavored tobacco aroma.

For the vape test I will also use in this circumstance the qualities of the Limit MTL RTA by Kizoku in a rebuildable configuration, undoubtedly the great surprise of this early 2020 in terms of atomizers. If you missed our review, click here.

Kizoku Limit MTL RTA


When I start to vaporize Aromatized Cardamom, I realize that I am in front of an e-liquid that diverges not a little from the perceived olfactory and that catches me, I admit, a little surprise. I expected to find all the nuances of the good dear and beloved local Kentucky and instead…

The Kentucky so strongly perceived by my nostrils, in vape it fades, and especially during the inhalation phase, the taste appears much more neutral. The tobacco mark is evident, but it seems to have no particular characterizing cues; I perceive a very clean and decidedly dry grassy scent. AroMatized Cardamomo offers a simple tobacco taste, as unexpected as it is coveted in so many years of tests and tastings. Here is a tobacco that is definitively devoid of the typical sweetish note that hovers perennially, to a greater or lesser extent, in all organic tobaccos.


In the heart of vape, the bouquet maintains the leading thread of the top notes, but on the palate filters a very delicate spicy nuance while the aromatic frame persists in its being deeply dry and straw-colored. A clear and uncompromising vaping experience, linear and with intense tobacco nuances.

The woody and dry hints give AroMatized Cardamomo the particular characteristic of being a tobacco that is at the same time “clear” but strong and penetrating. The power of the extraction process by Angolo della Guancia.

Kentucky tobacco

In the final stages of the puff, the flavor becomes more incisive and vigorous and in exhalation the typical smoky shades of Kentucky emerge with discreet prowess, supported by an almost imperceptible spicy-balsamic finish. The post-vaping aromatic persistence, although modest enough, is in my opinion greater to that found in the previous aroma of this line, but it maintains intact the sense of cleanliness on the palate at the end of each puff.

It is an e-liquid with a high long-term vapability supported in this by its being extremely coil friendly (over 50 ml based on the experience with MiXture).

It is transparent, it is essential, it is tenacious, it is AroMatized Cardamomo, the new distillate tobacco by Angolo della Guancia.

Suggested dilution: 33%

Steeping time: ready to vape, recommended 2 days

ico 5

Pro: Perhaps the driest organic tobacco ever tried.