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E-liquid review: Arp 1996 (Green Fog) 40 ml- received by the manufacturer

Declared base: 20 PG / 80 VG

Batch: S201709

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Expiry date: 03/2019

Devices: Rx200 + DDP Thyphon singlecoil 0,30 ohm (ss316L 0.46mm 25 awg) with japanese organic cotton.

Here we are ready to review Arp 1996 of the Italian brand Green Fog.

The packaging of this new Electro line product reflects the other e-liquid features of the same line as reviewed here in The Flavourist. The Mix Series format includes a 30 ml (0 nicotine) e-liquid sold in association (if desired) to a 10ml base with nicotine. The Nitro Nix. The PE flasks are equipped with a child proof system and narrow tip droppers. The product faithfully respects the dictates of the most current European legislation. “TDP ready”.
green ARP 40ml

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The producer describes Arp 1996:

A fresh salad of red fruits with strawberry grapes, berries, blackcurrant, mulberry and a pinch of peppermint.

The Green Fog Electro line is inspired by electronic music. Indeed, Arp is a well-known brand of synthesizers born in the early 1970s. The Arp Instruments. There is, in fact, a product of the 1996 Arp brand. The company failed in 1981 for financial problems (bankruptcy) linked to an unhappy marketing product that led them to invest all their resources in the production and distribution of Arp Avatar. An excellent synthesizer controlled by guitar. Unfortunately, the market did not reward this choice and the brand’s life ended. They would deserve a better fate and this is known to many international musicians. Actually … these synthesizers survive today. As an irreplaceable musical antique, but above all in the field of “virtual instruments” associated with new generation digital synthesizers. But this is another story.

At the olfactory exam Arp 1996 returns unquestionably unique notes of the “recipe” of strawberry and red fruits … almost indistinguishable to the smell. Actually, only the mulberry appears to me “elusive”. Grape, strawberry and currant embody an olfactory mix … already proposed by many brands. Hard to forget. Unfortunately, the association with mint and above all koolada (yes Koolada!) Generates – at an olfactory level – a sensation equal to the anus of moldy fruit. I know that this seems to penalize this product. Unfortunately, it’s just what happens often … and the ingredients pick them up!
mint ice cubes ps 2

Arp 1996, at the first breath of vaporization test, does not look good. But give me the time to give you the details. During the first breaths, it prevails on the taste, a mentholic blow that has an effect on the other ingredients. Ingredients that return a “gummy effect”, at the bottom of this mix of ingredients (Grape, strawberry, curdles, etc.). Strawberry grapes, above all, are at the basis of that veiled “grape” typical of the gummy candy which the vape world is … saturated. This menthol body, described by the producer as “peppermint”, appears to me to be reinforced by koolada. A questionable choice (in some cases), but often finds valid justifications. A particularly elegant peppermint flavor has not been used, but the koolada reinforcement (if my experience does not deceive me) is a (very successful) attempt to cover those herbaceous notes that often emerge in the use of mentholates. The koolada then greatly amplifies the feeling of freshness with its frozen effect, thereby re-balancing those sensations sought after … when we taste fruity e-liquid at medium high potencies.

frutti di bosco

The most important thing to say is that this effect tends to disappear early and the mentored body appreciates the balance later on. But that feeling of moldy fruit (which is bad!), It lasts longer, until it concentrates carefully on the tasting of the other ingredients. Arp 1996, if consumed with care, is able to offer great satisfaction to such lovers. However, it is a strong feeling that her style is more adherent to that of so many e-liquids that evoke the taste of gummy candied fruit. I do not agree (citing the description of the brand) with the idea of a “fresh salad”.

mousse frutti di bosco

We have already reviewed e-liquid that they could recall this “fresh salad”. To do this, according to a classic recipe used all over the world, other ingredients would be needed. Watermelon or savory cucumber, for example. What salad is … if there are only fruits !? A macedonia? Maybe. But it is better to consider Arp 1996 as a gummy … beautiful cool. Or a frozen cocktail with berries. Appreciate the aromatic persistence of the product and the moderate fresh and pungent effect. An effect that drags the gentle velvets of the other ingredients for a long time, without tiring, as is often the case with e-liquid of this kind. Great vaporosity.


The recognizability of the ingredients, especially the mulberry flavor, remains elusive. But what does this e-liquid link to ARP? The taste is actually “synthesized”, lively, dynamic, but … banal. Maybe just because we’re too used to framing this range of flavors, like… gummy candy!? Those of the country fairs.

ico 2

Pro: Much more balanced, in its kind, than other commercially available products with this style.

Contro: Missed salad. Missed macedonia… we will not miss it.