Name: Artery Pal II Pro (Artery) – Pod Mod – received by Heavengifts

Type: Pod Mod

Colors: Black diamond, Gunmetal diamond, Monster squad, Dazzle rainbow, Black carbon fiber

Price: ~ € 30

Artery presents the Pro version of its most successful pod mod

Those who know this sector well, will have noticed that in the last year the pod mod manufacture has increased exponentially. Therefore being able to identify pod mod models worthy of attention, becomes increasingly difficult every day.

Among the numerous Chinese manufacturers of vape devices, Artery enjoyed considerable success thanks to the Pod Mod Artery Pal II. But we have not had time to become familiar with this device, which in recent weeks the manufacturer presented the new Artery Pal II Pro.

And as always we are ready to tell you about it.


1 x Artery Pal II Pro battery
1 x Cartridge Pre-installed 1.0 Ohm HP coil head for 9-13W
1 x Additional 0.6 Ohm mesh HP coil head for 15-22W
1 x USB cable
1 x Extra silicon plug
2 x O-rings
1 x User manual
1 x Warranty card
1 x Certification card


The Artery Pal II Pro has, like its big sister, the same parallelepiped shape, and therefore it is to be considered in every respect a box pod or pocket box if you prefer. Compared to the previous version, it is only a couple of millimeters thicker, while height and width remain unchanged. It is made of 6063 aluminum, scratch-resistant and has two side panels (one of which is removable) decorated with different finishes. The copy in our possession is the one called “Black Diamond”, in which the two side panels have a very elegant diamond embossing, well made and above all extremely pleasant to the touch. On the narrow side of the box, the one closest to the drip tip, there are, starting from the top down, the device name, two slots for the airflow (larger than the previous version), a small led light and finally the USB charging port. The removable panel, the one with the window for checking the e-liquid level, has two magnets (larger  and stronger than the previous version) that keep it firmly anchored to the body of the pod mod. Below this panel you can find a small display and two function keys.

In our opinion, the Artery Pal II Pro combines impeccable build quality with an extremely refined and modern design. Even from an ergonomic point of view, the pod mod passes the test with flying colors, thanks to its small size and perfect weight for an object of this size. The only sore point regarding its construction is, in our opinion, represented by the liquid control window, absolutely not easy to “read”.


Artery Pal II pro measures 83 mm in height, 43 mm in width and 19 mm in thickness for a total weight of about 78 g. The Pod Mod is equipped with a built-in 1000 mAh battery and a circuit which, in addition to the classic protection functions (low voltage, no atomizer, atomizer short circuit and 8 second timeout), allows you to vary the supply power (with 0.5 watt steps) recognizing the coil inserted and setting a maximum watt limit based on the coil present. For the 1.0 ohm head coil, the circuit does not allow it to exceed 13.5 watts, while for the 0.6 ohm head the maximum limit is 22 watts.

The device turns on/off with the usual sequence of five close clicks, while holding down the two function keys at the same time for about two seconds, turns on/off the display that shows the battery level, the power set and the resistance value.

The cartridge of this device (transparent) can hold 2 ml of e-liquid in the TPD version and 3 ml in the standard version. The head coil of the device is housed inside the cartridge. The manufacturer provides two of them:

  • HP 1.0 ohm head coil (range 9-13.5W) for a pure MTL vaping;
  • HP mesh 0.6 ohm head coil (range 15-22W) for a restricted DL or airy MTL vaping.

Ultimately the Artery Pal II Pro has a rather limited function park, but in our team’s opinion this is a valuable element, because we are always of the idea that a pod mod even before being equipped with numerous technical solutions, should offer first of all autonomy and maximum ease of use. With Artery Pal II Pro, once the head coil is inserted and the liquid is loaded, there are no complicated operations to perform before you can start vaping.


The only minimum precautions that the user must have, if in possession of this device, concern the operations for replacing the head coil. Let it be clear, an engineering degree is not required to carry them out, it is just a matter of memorizing some brief passages:

  1. Pull out the back cover and take out the pod;
  2. Unscrew the air-flow ring and take out the coil;
  3. Unscrew the coil from the airflow ring and then insert a new one.

Once the head is inserted into the pod, the e-liquid must be refilled, which the manufacturer has really made an almost embarrassing ease. It will be sufficient to lift the small silicone plug on the pod and proceed with filling the e-liquid inside the large hole (further enlarged compared to the Pal II) below. An operation that can easily be performed with the cartridge already inserted in the box.


We immediately say that the Artery Pal II Pro impressed us very much with its aromatic performance and versatility. The performance of the new Artery jewel is excellent with any type of configuration. And it hasn’t happened to us for quite some time …

If you vape with the 1 ohm head coil you will have a perfectly balanced puff that will enhance all the aromatic nuances of your favorite e-juice. The air regulation works very well (even if you want to vary the airiness level, it is necessary to extract the pod from the battery body) and it allows to range from a particularly closed puff to a more airy one. The production of steam is modest but in our opinion fair in relation to the maximum watts allowed with this head.

With the 0.6 ohm head the vape becomes full-bodied and a little fatter, but manages to maintain the optimal level of aromatic yield observed with the 1 ohm configuration. The puff is the typical one from a restricted flavor chasing, and even in this case the regulation of the air allows small but significant variations to be implemented to reach your preferred setup.

Even the drip tip, whose upper part has a 510 thread, seemed perfect for managing both the MTL and DL vaping; it adapts well to both configurations and helps to provide a non-overpowering but fairly pronounced hit, such that you don’t have to to increase the nicotine level compared to the one usually used.

With regard to the 1000 mAh battery of this box pod, it must be said that if with the 1 ohm head coil it guarantees a good autonomy to the vaper (estimated 5-6 ml of e-liquid), not so much can be said with the head by 0.6 ohm, especially if it is used close to the maximum limit of watts allowed. Valuable however is the fact that in less than an hour it will be possible to complete a battery recharge cycle.


We are ready to bet that the Artery Pal II Pro will repeat the success of the Pal II even if it arrives on the market at a distance of even one year from the release of the previous model. The innovations introduced in the Pro version, in our opinion represent real improvements and except for some small flaws, this device enters by right in the top 10 of the best Pod Mods of the year.

Suggested to: newbies, skilled and hardcore vapers.

  • 8.5/10
    In the Box - 8.5/10
  • 9.5/10
    Design & Build Quality - 9.5/10
  • 8.5/10
    Features - 8.5/10
  • 9.5/10
    Coiling, Wicking and Filling - 9.5/10
  • 10/10
    Performances and Flavour - 10/10

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