We met Dr. Fortunato Francia creator of Art & Science new premium Italian brand of e-liquids.

Art&Science is a brand that is facing only a few months ago on the panorama of the Italian and European Vaping, but she Dott. Francia already has some experience in the field, is not it?

A&S born in April MMXVI in conjunction with the historic date of April 21, which celebrates the so-called Christmas in Rome, although Rome was in effect established “a few years before” according to the Latin Varro historian who, based on astrological calculations , he would trace his birth year 753 BC. It is true I can say that we have some experience in the world of vaping in general, first of all for the great passion for the vaping, born as if by magic at least six years ago following my first purchase of an e-cig ( sold at that time only in pharmacies) and then by formulator and director of “Research and development” for nearly five years for an important company e-liquids. Finally this year also debut as a producer.

Art&Science or creativity and knowledge … could you explain better?

I’ll answer with our slogan which, in my opinion, fully expresses the sense of our work: “Creativity, passion and precision for our products.” Creativity is born from the long experience in the industry, but above all is a something personal, linked to a certain type of professional personality; the knowledge derived from scientific expertise (chemical-pharmaceutical and medical-pharmacological) and from my many years of experience working with tasks of great responsibility at several multinational pharmaceutical organizations. This know-how has enabled us to focus our efforts for the creation of a high quality product value, can guarantee to vaper what is called “Italian excellence.”


Why the choice of ancient Rome for the first line created?

The reasons are mainly three:

– A visceral love for the history of ancient Rome that involves me entirely since the early childhood education;

– A tribute to the city that adopted me and they are in love;

– The charm that many European and non-European countries (mainly Anglo-Saxon) suffer from the history and majesty of the Roman empire; I wanted it to “export” a myth that has made us famous around the world. And I must say that the early feedback that we come from Ireland, England, Spain, Romania, USA and also from Kuwait and Taiwan are really encouraging.

The packaging you have adopted is well-kept, are collector’s items. How did this idea so elegant and refined?

Thank you very much, I’m glad I met her taste in terms of packaging. The aluminum can has always been my desire that previously I could not accomplish for reasons of cost and corporate decisions that were not sourced directly of my will. Art&Science on the other hand, has allowed me to realize the packaging that I have always dreamed of. I am grateful to my chart for the technical implementation and to my daughter (college student graphic) for the drawings and design. The cans, can be used as small containers, holders for vape harwares , etc. I for example I have used as a pen holder elegant.

Dr. Francia in a few words we can sum up the surplus of this brand?

In part, I have already answered, just add our concept of Brand Personality: focus on quality, safety, innovation and responsibility.

I consider it appropriate to stigmatize the concept of safety and quality which is often not given the right value.


Art&Science and TPD get along?

Of course it is, and could go even agree on whether the infamous TPD had been written by people a bit ‘more educated on the subject of vaping, but unfortunately this is not the case. Here it would be very long and tedious to explain so much nonsense written in the TPD.

The Art&Science can tell you that, for some months in Italy is working alongside institutional and academic institutions of great and recognized scientific expertise to fully adapt to the demands that are made to us by Brussels.

We would love to know a little better the philosophy of Dr. Francia in the creative process of an e-liquid.

My studies in chemical pharmaceutical field help me a lot in understanding of the molecules that make up each individual flavor, this aspect allows me to predict the chemical and physical behavior, sensory, but also to imagine the taste of the bouquet to be derived from a specific aromatic mixture. The experience, above all, knowledge and passion for the vaping complete the work. My philosophy in creating an e-liquid is basically one: to create a different, liquid recognizable, distinctive and due to a style of my own. In this spirit, I have collaborated with some famous herbalists, specialized in the food industry to formulate unique and particular aromas branded with my name and which today are successfully used not only by manufacturers of e-liquids, but also by some industry giants food.

We know that e-liquids that has created are all his “children” but will not tip, and state your favorite and the one that has been more difficult to achieve.

Good question … In all honesty the trust that I do not love the tobacco e-liquids, although our tobaccos (Black colosseum, Pantheon and Spain) created from a concept which differs from the most common liquids of this kind. The most difficult to accomplish was the Tiberius because I had to work hard to find the right aromatic balance that would characterize and differentiate him in a decisive manner by some liquids known American brands.


What’s on your mind for the coming months?

The news will be many and will focus particularly in the next two months. Meanwhile, three new e-gourmet premium juice: Black Pantheon, Nero and Caligula Spain (* n.d.r .: The Flavourist recensirà a preview of these new e-liquids). The first two belong to the new concept of tabaccoso I mentioned before, where is emphasized the aromatic aspect of tobacco and not the sour taste resulting from its combustion. The Caligula instead is a creamy very unique, a mix of custard and egg custard with almonds and more.

Another big news will be the DRIP EMPIRE line dedicated to cloud chasing: 7 e-liquids (there will not be tobacco e-liquids) with a ratio VG / PG 80/20 and a new very attractive packaging of 150 ml. Furthermore, on 22 and 23 October next we will be present with our distributor for Italy NARO Ecig the demonstration in Rome license plate Vapitaly, where I hope to meet many friends Vapers.

American liquids: there is no doubt that having been affected and not just on change and on how to conceive the vaping in recent years. How do you see the Art&Science American school?

I fully agree with his statement about the important role played by the American liquids in conceiving a new, modern vaping. I recognize, for example, the contribution of American Vapers for the development and dissemination of chasing cloud in the world, although we must not forget the Vapers Filipinos and Malaysians. What comes from overseas there is trendy, even if not everything is perfectly acceptable. My advice is to know how to choose only the best.

What are today, in your brand (both Italian and foreign) for the most deserving of the production process quality and goodness of the results achieved?

First of all we can not and we must not forget the pioneering role played by Italian manufacturers and modders in the development and dissemination of European vaping: Italy and Greece have been forerunners in this direction, then the last two of our governments have thought “good” to put a brake on the development of the sector.


The still I confess with all sincerity that I have tried a few e-liquids of other companies, simply for my specific choice: I try as much as possible not to be affected in the research and development of our products. I have never been interested in what were the production processes of other brands, but especially look carefully at our production which is pharmaceutical grade certified GMP (Good manufacturing practices); In fact, along with other brands, as well as e-liquids, we also deal in drugs, in particular we are the market leader in Italy for local anesthetics used in dentistry.

Nevertheless I can not help but recognize that Flavourart and DEA FLAVOR, the first Italian brands by birth, have reached a well-deserved national and international success, the result of constant and successful commitment to research and product marketing. Among the foreign brands definitely I think it is right to mention the international spread that reached, FIVE Pawns, T-JUICE and recently CUTTWOOD.

We close by asking what do you think Dr. France The Flavourist and activity that takes place.

I followed your business for a long time carefully and I recognize undoubtedly an important and qualified role in the delicate world of flavor. I particularly appreciate the serenity and autonomy as well as the professionalism of your work. If they continue to co-exist these preconditions, which are not obvious, even your mission contributes appropriately to the achievement of what constitutes the common goal: “more and more VAPING, fewer SMOKE …” Congratulations.