Despite the official description on the producer’s website – currently almost completely without any products information – and that can be still found on many on-line shops reselling this product line, the flavour concentrate Athos , originally called Atena, is a kind of smooth tobacco flavour, sweet tasting and with a basic structure which tends to creamy; nevertheless, far from the official description which presents it as a:

“Dark” tobacco, suitable for every occasion, rude, tends to have a burnt flavour taste, particularly satisfactory even with a good coffee.

Now more than ever I can affirm that the aroma Athos really has nothing rude or burnt, unless you let dry hit!

If it is true that tastes and flavour are nonetheless subjective, here the fact is indisputable, because Athos not only is everything but “dark”, but it has also a tobacco note, which I can define border line.

The rudest aspect of this aroma remains maybe the fact, that it has changed its name form the feminine, gentler Athena in the masculine Athos…

On this subject, It is a mystery to me the reason for the name change, I’m curious about it, but there you are.

Let’s concentrate on the testing.

tobeitaliaThe olfactory analysis had presaged a sort of lightness, totally confirmed on vaping, which clearly discovers the gentle nature of this aroma.

The intense opening taste of hazelnuts shell – dryer and woodier than the typical hazelnut taste we are used to – is literally wrapped by a very creamy and sweet base – I think the pronounced sweetness is due to the massive amount of ethyl maltol – and hits just a second after the nut taste; the creamy base has a good persistence on the palate after the vaping.

The whole structure of the juice is quite elementary and simple, seems to have been developed for the use with entry level systems, but I admit that someone could find it very tasty even with more complex systems; what I say, is that we should stop claim as “tobacco juice” some categories of concentrates.

In short, Athos is a disappointing flavour concentrate, if you consider it a tobacco flavour, but if the buyer already knows that its main characteristic is sweetness, well, than it can have many fans and estimators.

Recommended dilution: 9-10%

Steeping time: 4-5 days

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