Name: Autopod50 (FreeMax) – Pod Mod – received by the manufacturer

Type: Pod Mod

Colors: Gunmetal, Coral, Blue, Green, Black/Red, Blue/Yellow

Price: ~ € 30

Autopod50: the first pod system with dual mesh coil by FreeMax

In the boundless universe of entry level vaping systems, whether they are AIO, pod systems, kits or other, it is increasingly difficult to emerge by proposing captivating and truly innovative solutions. In Italy the market for neo vaper products has undergone and is still undergoing a considerable downturn together with a generalized stop of the whole sector. In the presence of a negative economic situation, it is natural that it is more difficult to be able to emerge and to be able to impose new products on the market. For example, will a pod system that uses innovative coils be sufficient to determine a good sales success? This is what we will discover shortly by testing for you the FreeMax Autopod 50, the first pod mod in the world with double mesh coil.

We start as usual with observing the contents of the packaging of the product received.


1 x FreeMax Autopod50 Mod
1 x FreeMax Autopod50 pod (AX2 Mesh coil 0.25 ohm)
1 x FreeMax Autopod50 AX2 Mesh coil 0.5 ohm
1 x USB type-C cable
1 x User manual
1 x Warranty card
1 x Warning card



Solid and robust in its features, the Autopod 50 has not completely convinced us from an aesthetic point of view, since, although it has very pleasant colors, it has rounded lines that do not convey the idea of ​​a modern product; a design that frankly looks a little dated. In addition, the volume and weight of the device, certainly not negligible, contribute to restoring a feeling of a device that may also be technically valid, but which in my opinion has not been taken care of in the best way in terms of aesthetics even if it’s able to guarantee more than discreet ergonomics.

The mod (made in zinc alloy, we believe) has a “fire” button and two function keys that would appear to be made of plastic material; between the “fire” button and the function keys there is a well-lit rectangular OLED display of about 1″ (1 x 2.8 cm) showing the battery charge level (with graphic icon and not in percentage), the coil value, the vaping parameters (volts and watts), the puffs count and the vaping time in seconds. On the top of the mod houses the pod which is held in place thanks to two very powerful magnets.

I conclude this chapter with two small negative notes:

  • the manufacturer declares (on the product box and on its website) the presence of a protective silicone case for the mod that is not actually present in the package;
  • the instruction manual is incomplete and poorly translated into Italian (but I also believe in other languages) and omits some important indications, especially for the less experienced vapers.


Autopod50 has a height of 94 mm, is 43.5 mm wide and has a thickness of 24.5 mm, for a total weight of just under 152 grams. The FreeMax device can take advantage of an integrated battery of 2000 mAh and thanks to the 2A USB type-C port it can fully recharge according to the manufacturer in about 80 minutes (it recharges up to 50% in 30 minutes). Unfortunately, from our tests we verified that the time taken to fully charge the device was about 100 minutes.

The device turns on/off with the canonical sequence of 5 close clicks. Instead, by clicking the “fire” button in rapid sequence 3 times you access to the settings menu, within which you can set the timeout time (5-15 seconds) and reset both the puff count and the overall vaping time and finally restore the factory settings. With Autopod50 it is not possible to set types and vaping modes, which is understandable if you want to make the device as easy as possible for the newbies vaper, but then we ask ourselves the utility of entering the possibility of entering the “SET” menu to substantially modify parameters of minor importance.

Continuing with the characteristics of Autopod50, it should be remembered that it is possible to lock/unlock the device by pressing the “+” and “-” buttons simultaneously and rotate the screen with the sequence “fire” and “-” button.

Finally it seems necessary to remind you of some important protection functions for the user:

  • atomizer short circuit – if is detected a coil value of less than 0.1 ohm;
  • timeout – the device stops dispensing if the “fire” button is kept pressed continuously for longer than the time set by the user (which can be between 5 and 15 seconds);
  • no atomizer – if is detected a coil value greater than 3.0 ohms;
  • too high temperature protection;
  • low battery protection.

The Autopod50 pod has a capacity of 4 ml in the standard version and 2 ml in the TPD version and mounts the FreeMax new AX2 coils. These are the manufacturer’s latest generation mesh coils (Coiltech 4.0) made with SS904L military grade and with Tea Fiber Cotton formula which should guarantee high level performance. And we will see it soon.


Removing the coil from the pod is a relatively simple operation even if it requires a minimum of attention; you must first remove the pod from its compartment and make sure it is completely empty, to avoid running into unpleasant e-liquid leaks. Ypu have to turn counterclockwise the airflow control until it stops, then you have to continue with a slight rotation and at the same time pull the base upwards. At this point you can unscrew the coil from the base and replace it with a new one.

The e-liquid refill is a very simple work, which is carried out simply by removing the blue silicone cap under the pod and inserting the beak of the bottle inside the large and comfortable refill slot.


The Autopod50 Kit has been designed for not too expert vaper who want to try to vape in sub-ohm. In this sense, although the built-in battery has a capacity of 2000 mAh, it must be said that the duration of the battery depends heavily on the coil used and the supply power; in principle, if you consider an output around 30-35 watts, the device manages to guarantee a generous half day of vaping, approximately 5-6 milliliters of e-liquid.

Regarding the aromatic performances of the two coils made by FreeMax, the first absolute double mesh coils for pod systems, we observed the following:

  • FreeMax Autopod50 AX2 Mesh coil 0.25 ohm: with this coil the vaping range indicated by the manufacturer is 35-50 watts; in our opinion, the coil is perfectly expressed around 40 watts with the airflow completely open, managing to give a dense, intense vapor and full of excellent aroma. It is a typical and very pleasant flavor chasing vaping, ideal configuration for e-liquids with high VG concentration and creamy and fruity flavors, also very complex and rich in facets;

  • FreeMax Autopod50 AX2 Mesh coil 0.5 ohm: the vaping range indicated is 15-35 watts with an optimal vaping point which in our opinion is around 20-25 watts; the vapor production is good but less fat and dense than the 0.25 ohm coil and still has an excellent aroma. Here we are evidently in the field of restricted flavor chasing and in the face of a tendency to have a more dry vape, we have also found a more pronounced hit than the previous coil. The differences are however minimal and the aromatic performances remain optimal for all types of e-liquids that prefer generous vaporizations and not too low wattages.


The FreMax Autopod50 Kit, while presenting some small imperfections and a design that in our opinion is not entirely convincing, offers the vaper the main element that is absolutely required from a personal vaporizer, an excellent aromatic restitution and a vaping that is ever more satisfying. An undoubtedly interesting product, moreover marketed at a very competitive price.

Recommended to: newbies and skilled vapers.

  • 7.5/10
    In the Box - 7.5/10
  • 8/10
    Design & Build Quality - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Features - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Coiling, Wicking and Filling - 8/10
  • 9.5/10
    Performances and Flavour - 9.5/10

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