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E-liquid review:  BaeBacc (Vapewell Supply) 60 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: n.a.

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 30 PG / 70 VG

Expiry date: n.a.

Devices: Eleaf iStick  TC60w + NarDa RDA single coil 0.50 ohm (Kanthal A1 264awg 0.50mm) with japanese Puff organic cotton.

Today we are going to review a singular tobacco e-juice that comes from the distant lands of Texas and we will deal with it today: the Vapewell Supply brand, expressly focused on the production of tobacco e-liquids. Vapewell produces four e-liquids (Oak, Royal, Bounty, Cowboy) with the brand Double Barrel Premium e-liquids,  and other two with the main brand Vapewell:  BaeBacc and the newcomer PaeBacc.

Today we are going to talk about BaeBacc:

It’s strawberry. It’s tobacco. It’s confusing, but it’s love at first vape. Sultry strawberry completes the toasty, exotic tobacco for an e-liquid lovefest that’s so wrong, it’s just right. Baebacc is the best thing that ever happened when strawberry met tobacco. Once you go Baebacc, you’ll be coming back for more!

baebacc animated

The BaeBacc bottle is a 60 ml transparent glass bottle with a childproof cap and a dropper. Very simple and elegant appears the label you can see in the animation above. The information on the bottle is rather thin: with regard to the ingredients we Know that the liquid contains propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine and artificial and/or natural concentrated flavors. In addition to the product name, is indicated the composition of the base and the nicotine level. The personal data of the manufacturer complete the label. This bottle as easily understood is not TPD ready, but on the manufacturer’s website we have discovered that the Vapewell Supply products will soon be all TPD compliant.

strawberry tobacco

The opening of the bottle offers very interesting olfactory cues. An intense and intriguing strawberry scent supported by a dry background, comes out boldly from the bottle; it is a pleasant scent to my taste buds, intrigued by the mysterious charm of new and intriguing nuances. The sweetness of the strawberry, more pungent in the depth of the inspiration, is flanked by an evident tobacco base that gives body and character to the mix. I’m really anxious to dive into the vaping test of this BaeBacc!

hookah strawberry tobacco

The BaeBacc puff is always very structured and full-bodied. The top notes are dry and reveal the typical accents of a classic tobacco base with linear and clean tones. Although it is a synthetic matrix, the sensation of toasted bread provided by a clear “crust” nuance reconstructs very well the analogue moment of inspiration: astringent and with rather decisive traits. In the central phase of the puff, the tobacco base gradually receives the soft scents of the strawberry, on the palate much less intrusive than on the nose. The aromatic management of the strawberry is perfect. All the charm of this delicious, sweet fruit with its slight acidulous spikes gently leaks from the tobacco background.

wismec relaux

The combination between the strawberry and the tobacco creates a strange effect of disorientation especially in the puffs of approach: so different the dry tobacco base from the delicate sinuosity of the strawberry… Yet slowly, puff after puff, the two ingredients create an aromatic union very particular and so tasty. If you want to associate BaeBacc vape to a type of analogue smoking, I would have no doubt in approaching it to a smoked hookah, for the occasion prepared with a typical strawberry flavored tobacco. A decisive, dry and penetrating shot enriched by a light aromatic characterization.

shisha strawberry tobacco02

But BaeBacc is able to offer to the vaper a more complete and round sensory experience than a shisha strawberry tobacco. Thin creamy finishes in fact appear on the palate in the end of the vaping, and accompany the fruity nuances with a light caramel veiling. Taste perceptions become more inviting than ever. The creamy finish, even if only slightly hinted, breaks and reduces the dryness of the inspiration, leaving a voluptuous aromatic persistence impossible to imagine in the starting puffs.

The strawberry tobacco, a recipe not so much proposed by the e-liquids manufacturers, proves in fact an aromatic experiment that is not only passable, but rather very intriguing. For The Flavourist team is the first experience with this type of flavored tobacco, we do not struggle to admit it, but fortunately we came across BaeBacc that the Texan friends of Double Barrel have packed with a sensibility and a very unsuspected quality.

ico 4

Pro: An unpublished, intriguing, tasty and well-made strawberry tobacco e-juice.

Cons: It’s a pity that the tobacco base is not a real tobacco extract.