Name e Format: Balkan Brebbia (Officine Svapo) – Concentrated aroma 10 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch:  OAE260318

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Declared base: 50 PG / 50 VG

Expiry date: 03-2020

Devices: iStick Pico 75W+ Zest V2.2 camno tbco 0.90 ohm (Ni80 29 AWG 0,30mm) con Fiber N’ Cotton.

Let’s go back to the Officine Svapo house today, remembering that it is one of the most successful Italian producers of “organic” tobacco flavorings, that is to say made from a natural raw material, in this case the tobacco leaf. The Milanese company continues with its collaboration that has lasted for several years now with the historic Italian manufacturer, known to all for its artisan production of pipes and for its mixtures of real pipe-cut tobacco of which the manufacturer Brebbia has won a big chunk of fans in this sector. If you are wondering what can unite these two local producers, the answer is simple: thanks to this union we have been able in these months to be able to taste in our personal vaporizers the true flavors of the pipe mixes created by the Italian house over the years for lovers of the so-called slow smoke!

We do not want to hide from anyone that these are not very recent aromas, we are sure of this, but we are certain that this type of liquid is not “from the wave of the moment”, thus managing to remain current over the years and allowing each vapers to become passionate of this category of aromas to enjoy it at any time, always remaining captivating on the market.

We are therefore here today to talk about the Balkan of Office Svapo in collaboration with Brebbia.

The Balkan aroma bottle is made of glass with a classic pipette dropper. The label shows, the name of the product and the name of the producers, on an almost aged yellow background we also find all the dilution information and the various warnings. A clean and linear graphics in full manufacturer style.

Officine Svapo describes his Balkan like this:

The notes of Latakia and Perique are well distinguishable and give a full-bodied and well-defined flavor with a note of Kentucky to embrace its aromatic fullness.
A unique liquid of its kind that can enhance the flavors of the pipe using vaping as a vector.

Lovers of dark liquids and in particular of Latakia-based blends can only be satisfied by this description which clearly imposes the intentions of the producers. Latakia and Perique, two tobaccos that have always been highly appreciated with rich aromatic facets also different from each other, will merge into this correct pipe mix with a “drop” of Kentucky to cradle our palate with new and captivating facets.


The olfactory test as you will have learned by now to understand with the tabaccosi liquids it is not always easy often the perfumes that emerge from the bottle do not allow to understand all of the aromatic apparatus. In this case instead the intentions are immediately very clear, the Latakia emerges overbearing from the “fumes” of the bottle and its dark and slightly stallatic scents are well perceived. If you want to play with the liquid I continue my tests until I can perceive that note of dried fruit typical of the perique. Instead, in my opinion, the smell of Kentucky is very much covered, which, as imagined by the description, will play a secondary role, perhaps giving that smokiness to the aromatic composition that we are going to perceive with the vape test, so I don’t want you to wait any longer and we pass immediately to the test following.


As said at the beginning the balkan is a workhorse for Brebbia and gathers around itself a large slice of pipe fans, and it is really appreciable how Officine Svapo has succeeded through the extraction methods to bring all this even to us fans of the electronic cigarette in this liquid we are able to rediscover the strong, dark and often very strong flavors of the combination of Latakia and Kentuchy the two blend in the steam “drying” our palate. This woody sensation is gently rounded by a fresh and slightly alcoholic note of perique.

Wanting to analyze in more detail the phases right from the inspiration they immediately appear vivid and rich the slightly spicy dark notes that turn to the toasted Latakia which is certainly the tobacco that stands out most in this composition. A sense of dryness accompanies our palate towards the woody and almost smoky notes of Kentucky that stands out together with Latakia adding all its flavor and aromatic charge to the already rich and strong persistence of the cloud of steam.

Here, in the final phase of the puff, the so-called “truffle of the tobacco” Perique emerges with graceful strength, succeeding with its grassy and fresh scents that often turn to alcohol to illuminate the dark sky created by the two dark tobaccos. A tobacco that softens the smooky notes rounding out the puff and making it really clean.

Balkan indulges itself amiable after a breath, often rude but sometimes sweet and graceful as a caress manages to conquer every type of palate for its rich and full aroma but at the same time clean and that can be appreciated for a long time.

Suggested dilution: 20%

Steeping time:  10-12 days

Pro: Excellent Balkan blend for all types of palate.

Cons: –

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