E-liquid review: Banana Creamy (The Kingdoms) by Sifu Brew Syndicate 30 ml

Batch: n.d.

Nico: 6 mg/ml (0,6%)

Declared base:  50% PG 50% VG

Expiry date: n.d.

Devices: IPV Mini 2 + Bellus dual coil 0,22 ohm (ss316L 0.46mm 25 awg) with Japanese organic cotton.

Banasa creamy the kingdoms

We close today with Creamy Banana of The Kingdoms line by Sifu Brew Syndicate, a long phase of tests that allowed us to learn about the work done by Sifu Brew Syndicate in creating this really interesting line. The Kingdoms. We could tell you of the high quality and innovations that only Sifu Brew Syndiacate can boast. On The Flavourist you can find the full-reviewes.

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The bouquet of Banana Creamy reveals graceful notes of ripe banana in a frame moderately sweet and creamy. Shades of vanilla end seem to accompany the creaminess of the recipe. The aroma appears fragrant and complex, while retaining a very natural olfactory aspect, if we think of a ripe banana. The nose emerge other scents that recall the typical style The Kingdoms and transferring a very sweet feeling.

At vaping some surprises. The cream of banana has an excellent taste and is embellished with a slight haze of vanilla that blends the sweet structure without excesses. A ripe banana and suction lets himself be accompanied by inevitable freshness accents. In this case the koolada was used in lower percentages than usual. Just enough to revive the vanilla, the overall creaminess of the recipe, protecting the extraordinary aroma of ripe banana. Good workThe feeling of freshness dates back very slowly from the throat to the palate.


It is a very light cream but from structured and sweet taste. My breaths are becoming deeper and more careful and playing to increase the powers known that the recipe can always maintain an excellent relationship with aromatic rising temperatures. A sweet and interesting vaping. The aromatic persistence is light and the taste it leaves in your mouth is very good and especially natural.

banana ripe matura

It ‘s definitely the aroma of ripe banana to be the real highlight of the recipe. Its cool building, but at the same time, fragrant and creamy. A confirmation of the quality of the brand and their ability to bring innovations in recipes in simple origin, appreciated by a wide audience. Despite a very balanced base, pg 50% 50% Vg, the vape is very soft and satisfactory vaping. A mild flavor and elegant that I recommend. Yet at vaping, the perceived quality during the sniff test, is less perceptible.

Creamy Banana is perhaps the least innovative recipe Sifu Brew Syndicate, but certainly one that shows greater sensitivity and grace in the construction of an extremely delicate cream, noticeable even at high temperatures without ever tiring. A cream banana fact made to be enjoyed throughout the day, for very long sessions. The slight intake of Koolada, with the sweetener mix, makes the structure of the new recipe to our palate.

ico 4

Pro: Syfu Brew Syndicate shows enormous sensitivity and taste and even in simple recipes manages to impress.

Cons: The sniff test is perhaps the most interesting of vaping.