Bandz is a fully independent Italian who has extensive experience in the industry knowing Vaping impose on innovative products and excellent quality market.

Expert because the desire to undertake, the energies and resources invested to grow and improve in this innovative sector, has been joined by the entrepreneurial experience in the field of food, flavors and international trading by its founding members.

Bandz, after having developed the production system with conspicuous investments, thus guaranteeing total control over quality, obtained ISO 9001 certifications. All this attention to product quality becomes attention to consumer health and makes Bandz a unique company in the field.

Via Ettore Majorana, 9/15 
56020 Montopoli Val d’Arno (PI)
Tel.: (+39) 0571.467307

E-liquids type: 20-60 ml
Base composition: VPG 60/40
Nicotine: 0-3-4,5 mg/ml


    All the flavor of lemon, intense and bitter … cold!

    Limone Ice is one of the most representative e-liquid by Bandz Artic line. On vaping the liquid is pleasantly fresh from the first puff and has a brilliant balance between the sour notes of the lemon with sweet and aromatic anise veils. The balance between the two ingredients appears admirable and winning, as well as the aromatic combination chosen by the manufacturer. A vigorous e-liquid of great character capable of releasing energy with each puff. Bewitching …


    The full flavor of ripe melon and tasty, enriched with a pleasant balsamic effect.

    On the smell it is impossible not to recognize the intense fragrance of melon that is released with force and decision with every single pressure of the bottle. The aromatic level is overpowering and this ripe melon on vape is very reminiscent of the aromatization of some known alcoholic drinks flavored with this fruit.
    For example, if you love iced melon vodka, this is the summer liquid for you! Perhaps a bit too sweet to be considered an all-day e-liquid.
    A very light balsamic effect completes this mix so overwhelming.


    A sweet and ripe peach, very nice, suitable for freshening the most sunny days.

    Pesca Fresh of the Artic line is one of the most appreciated liquids of Bandz, because it manages with extreme simplicity to propose an extremely natural and appetizing vaping to the vaper. Since the smell we are struck by the aromatic fidelity of the fruit, which is sweet and ripe at the right point. Also during the vape, framed by a fresh and very intense background, the peach is expressed with great vivacity and releases the sensation of sipping a peach with ice.


    Blueberry, raspberry and blackcurrant with a light touch of freshness

    Composta Blu is a very delicate and harmonious mix that stands out for its being extremely gentle and elegant in vaping. The fusion between the three components of the mix is worthy of absolute appreciation and the sweet nuances of the blueberry very well mitigate the greater aromatic presence of raspberry and currant. In all stages of vape it shows a vaguely floral and graceful timbre. A tireless all day vape.

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    All the aroma of berries, black cherry and a touch of freshness

    Lively, energetic and revitalizing: this is Composta Rossa! A very penetrating e-liquid with an important aromatic charge; able to capture the taste buds of the vaper right from the first puffs. A fresh light and never intrusive frame is the background for an intense mix of red fruits, with the role of first actor entrusted to the sour cherry.
    The bouquet is rich and full-bodied with a pleasant alternation between sweet and acidulous tones. In our opinion one of  most successful creations by Bandz.


    The exotic taste of mango mixed with the sweet passion fruit, and a frosted assured.

    Mango Passion is a triumph of exotic flavors perfect for the summer season. A masterful mix structured on the mango-maracujà binomial, in which the slightly acidic mango stamps blend with the sweet caresses of maracujà, enhanced by a slight refreshing touch. In inspiration the soft nuances of passion fruit appear in the foreground, but are soon reached in second place by the vital energy of the mango, while at the end of the puff a slight refreshing sensation pervades the palate pleasantly. Perfect exotic mix especially for those who do not like a strong ice effect.


    On a balsamic basis, a note of sweet licorice.

    In spite of its name, Bandz’s Menta Glaciale is anything but an exasperated liquid. On the contrary, here we are faced with a creation that is surprising for its delicacy. On a slightly balsamic (eucalyptus) aromatic base, a pleasant sweet hint of licorice gum is taken into inspiration. A soft and winking impact on the palate of the vaper, which can only be seen a pleasant and almost refreshing halo of coolness. The amalgam between the various ingredients is excellent for a clean and satisfying vape. Which of you remembers the Mentos licorice mint candies?


    The classic Italian espresso coffee laced with anise that softens slightly. And now scecheratelo!

    Right from the first “sip”, Caffè Corretto wins for its aromatic elegance. Delicious recipe in which the toasted and vigorous notes of coffee alternate with the softness of light shades of anise. An apparently simple aromatic structure that instead releases unexpected and commendable aromatic facings just like in a correct coffee with “Sambuca” liqueur.
    The puff is always intense and full-bodied and Caffè Corretto turns out to be a generous all-day vape suitable even for those who don’t like coffee e-liquids. A superb creation by Bandz.


    Blend of blond tobaccos, mainly Virginia, with a non-tiring cooling effect in the tail.

    A simple tobacco recipe that can satisfy the needs of a wide audience. The tobacco component is pleasant, light and delicately sweet. This Valkiria is the ideal companion for a long and lasting vape especially during the summer season, as it perfectly matches a pleasantly refreshing touch that is able to enhance the tobacco-like perception of the vaper. Absolutely perfect blond tobacco on modern entry level systems.