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E-liquid review: Barnum Reserve – linea Freakshow (Tornado Juice) 60 ml  – received by the manufacturer

Batch: 03/2017

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Declared base:  max VG

Expiry date: 03/2019

Devices: Geekvape Aegis 100 W + Vandy Vape Icon RDA dual fused clapton coil 0.55 ohm (Ni80 30 awg x 3 + Ni80 38 awg) with Cotton Bacon V 2.0

The highly acclaimed Italian brand Tornado Juice is back under the spotlight of The Flavourist, which has recently entered the heart of many italian vapers, thanks to a series of tasty, lively creations, particularly suited to a young and cheeky audience.

Barnum Reserve, is another e-liquid of the Freakshow line that is inspired, as we have already had to tell you, the so-called “freaks”, better known as the “freaks” of the historical and ancient Barnum Circus that, until its closing in 2017, it has been the most long-lived circus ever with almost 150 years of activity.

The Barnum Reserve bottle is a “unicorn bottle” in the Mix Series format of 50 + 10 ml on a max VG base; it is supplied inside a cardboard box with a simple but lively and colorful graphic, with a good visual impact. It must be said, however, that this is the old format proposed by the manufacturer, recently replaced by the new 20 ml format of concentrated flavor which obviously requires the addition of a neutral 40 ml base, for a finished product of 60 ml.

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Barnum Reserve manufactured by Tornado Juice is officially described as follows:

This Freak is a complex mix of vanilla custard and various types of melon, perfectly blended for a unique creaminess, able to give to the vaper moments of exceptional enjoyment. A creamy for those who love fruit!

The smell test is richly stimulated with “appetizing” aromatic hints. On a dominant creamy base, whose vanilla scent is particularly accentuated, light alcoholic notes emerge from the back, which anticipate the perception of subtle and penetrating hints of melon. I allow myself repeated sniffed, letting myself be hugged by a soft and voluptuous aromatic frame. On the nose the general sensation is that of an e-liquid immersed almost totally in a dense custard cream.

We bet that we will vaping a “damn” fat and soft e-juice!

circo barnum

My dripper is ready, I grab my tool of trade, for the occasion my (almost) inseparable Aegis of Geekvape, and I start the vape test.

The puffs appear full-bodied and incredibly round. Barnum Reserve envelops you from inhalation to exhalation both in density and softness. It is a liquid that captures for its fullness. How to blame the manufacturer’s claims in the description!? The top notes offer us all the intensity of a complex and provocative custard, however, not a new aromatic base in Tornado Juice products; the dough is so strongly vanilla that it gives us an almost spicy perception.

crema melone

We are in the presence of a creamy all-round, a simple recipe in its composition but absolutely very pleasant. Tornado Juice has dedicated itself in this circumstance to a careful and meticulous refining work to build a product with an incredible amalgam, without losing sight of a precious enrichment of the recipe. The custard cream dominates the scene far and wide, to appear even in some junctures a bit monothematic, if it were not in the tail, with subtle cunning, it insinuates in the palate a delicate but penetrating taste of melon.

banner of geekvape aegis mod

The manufacturer tells us it is a mix of different varieties of melon, personally to tell the truth the aromatic characteristics that can be seen inside the massive creamy component, make me think of the taste of a musk-melon, fragrant, sweet but also with a distinctive taste.

Always sweet and voluptuous, vaping Barnum Reserve leads to abuse. The taste buds, bewitched by this creamy fusion, require an increase in the rhythm of the puffs. The puffs are becoming more and more close and compulsive, the vaper panacea to avoid the abstinence effect that would otherwise occur after a few seconds… Typical for a mix so sweet, dense and super creamy.

melone varietà

The natural consequence of such a tight and compulsive rhythm is the total stuning of the taste receptors, with a reduction in the amplitude of the aromatic score. So if you give in and keep the frequency of the puffs very high, after a few minutes Barnum Reserve will tend to lose more and more its fruity nuances, conforming and diverting to hints that closely resemble the world of bubble gum fruit flavored. A bit cloying if we want to in the long run, even if its held at high wattages, without slightest aromatic distortion, remains really commendable. And then that vanilla custard so adorable…

ico 4

Pro: Tasty vanilla custard enriched with a touch of raisin melon.

Cons: At high wattages with compulsive rhythms, it becomes a bit monotonous.