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E-liquid review: Barrique (Vaporificio) 10 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: SH200916

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base:  n.d.

Expiry date: 09/2018

Devices: Snowwolf 200W plus + Magma V2 RDA single coil (Kanthal A1 0.32 mm 28 awg) 0.85 ohm with japanese organic cotton.

After a long period dedicated to a good variety of creamy e-liquids, The Flavourist today returns to offer a product made in Italy dedicated to the romantic “aficionados” of organic tobacco e-liquids. From one of the most renowned and experienced companies in the production of e-liquid from “macerated” tobacco, the Vaporificio, arrives Barrique:

It’s an e- liquid composed of selected varieties of tobacco, seasoned and fermented until they reach the right maturity in oak barrels, which gives off to the natural flavor a hint of fragrant woodsy note that confer a special experience.


For information on the bottle, I refer you to the Hunter and/or Rustica reviews.

The manufacturer’s description just read, appears in my opinion somewhat vague; does not let a lot about the quality of this product. The terms “Seasoned and fermented tobacco and woody tone” are not sufficient to characterize his features. Smell it a bit.

Barrique smell is an absolute mystery is virtually no aromatic; tobacco smell is faint and very remote. And so subtle as to be undefined and indefinable. I have no way to guess what’s waiting for me to vaporization. Although it is not uncommon, in the case of tobacco extracts, find themselves in front of the nose products that offer few evaluation cues, in the case of Barrique darkness is total, the liquid is odorless almost in its entirety.


So I face the vape test  very curious and anxious to be able to unravel the mystery: what to hide this Barrique so so mysterious to our nose?

The first puffs show a lovable tobacco, very delicate and sugary from which sprout in inspiration evident notes of virginia surely flanked by a burley support that gives more stability to the blend giving even a hint of dryness in most. Does not excel at first sight for originality, these first puffs bring me back to classic American-style blend.

So at first glance, woody tone that promised by the manufacturer seems somewhat vague but then slowly when the cotton and the coil have finished their break, the liquid begins to see something more. The heart notes in fact, are now showing slight fruity notes become stronger and easily perceivable in exhalation. Despite the overall tone of the e-liquid you will always remain pretty sweet, after the first few snorts, I can easily find a more spicy and acidic component that goes to characterize the blend. I could swear that this is Perique

To bring out the distinctive traits of this precious tobacco, I’m going to abandone the usual 15-16 watts on which I test the organic tobaccos and increase the wattage by bringing in a range between 20 and 25 watts. So warmer, all the typical hallmarks of Perique emerge and mark the liquid in a more complex way.

Barrique a higher power is a tobacco that finally stands out; wearing a couture tuxedo to attend with sober elegance to a gala dinner.


Now at vape, the taste of the mix in his heart notes has clear but always delicate scents that evoke the classic “cure” Perique. The perique component carries with it a tangy, woody substrate and delicious fruity notes, the latter especially in exhalation.

The balance and the balance of this tobacco team is enviable. The framework is made from a solid pair of virginia and burley while the Perique is entrusted with the task of making whimsical everything. In doing so Barrique combines an easy vape mood, especially for beginners to approach the world of tobacco e-liquids resulting from cold maceration of tobacco leaves, to experience more subtle and complex. “Read” calmly hidden notes of his score because they are still barely whispered.

The tobacco experience is pleasant, guaranteed by a sugary tone that you will never abandon at any stage of vaping. The aromatic tobacco fragrance is crisp and clean. The same can not be said for his post vape persistence but that does not in any way affect the success of this e-liquid.

Personally I would have preferred a more marked presence of Perique but if you begin to acquaint themselves with this type of tobacco, so unique and rare, you could start right from ‘sweet and tasty Barrique.

ico 4

Pro: Tobacco Blend very tasty and sweet.

Cons: And if there was a hint of Perique more?

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