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E-liquid review: Beat Jack (Green Fog) 40 ml- received by the manufacturer

Declared base: 20 PG / 80 VG

Batch: S320517

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Expiry date: 11/2018

Devices: Joyetech Cuboid 150w + Hobo 3.1 RDA single coil 0.3 ohm (SS316L 24 awg 0.50 mm ) with Native Wicks Cotton.

Green Fog is a new e-liquids premium Italian brand that has appeared to the general public of the vapers at the 2017 edition of Vapitaly. Created by a collaboration between Dr Fortunato Francia and Rino Cucci, well-known and prominent personalities in the national e-liquids landscape, the company is strongly oriented towards the constant research and development of e-liquids with a high degree of safety and quality . And The Flavorist begins today to discover the newest creations featured in Green Fog.

The Electro Line, which we will deal with, is made up of 11 e-liquids marketed in the now known Mix Series format, in this case 30 ml + 10 ml base optionally with nicotine. The line liquids have a 80/20 VPG composition and are offered in comfortable PE bottles with a handy narrow tip dropper, perfect for any refill. The line is inspired by the world and the history of electronic music, synthesizers, rhythms and genres of disco, funk and pop from the 70’s to the present. It’s a nice idea to accompany the official site’s viewing with ad hoc music tracks.


beat jack

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As you have seen from the image above, let’s start the journey between the rhythms and tastes of Green Fog talking about Beat Jack:

Scream the beat. Follow the rhythm with this exceptional new e-liquid. A strong tobacco, wisely balanced with notes of barricaded whiskey and multiflower honey.
A definite and sinful taste to unleash in the best London underground clubs.

The smell test reveals without delay a clear alcoholic background of difficult identification but sufficiently firm and biting to mask the remaining notes of liquid very well. Only repeated pressures on the bottle allow me to gradually notice a blond, linear, dry enough but softened soft tissue stamp. The olfactory experience confirms the official description provided by the manufacturer. All we have to do is check its vaporization yield.

Jack Daniels Honey

For the vape test I have set my Hobo RDA with a 0.30hm single-coil 316L coil; Since it is a tobacco “classic” on a 80/20 basis, a sufficiently powerful and airy vaporisation will know how to make the best of it.

Beat Jack shows his cards right from the first puff: warm, enveloping and intense. The inhaled phase features a classic blond and dry tobacco that rests on a generic well-calibrated alcohol background, but, as observed by the smell, is difficult to identify. The perception is good but it seems difficult to recognize within these alcoholic fumes the finishes of a good barricade whiskey.

smok tfv8 bigbaby

The whiskey notes appear clear and crystalline, but frankly less turbid and smoked, the intensity is medium with intrinsic softness that welcomes in perfect harmony the entrance into the heart of the bouquet’s sweetest bouquet component: honey.

And if I tell you that maybe we are in the presence of a real honey flavored whiskey? Jack Daniels docet …

In any case, the presence of honey (in my opinion more acacia honey than multiflower honey) allows Beat Jack to structure with fullness and roundness, admirably combining the dry and slightly toasted tobacco notes with a delicate and velvety whiskey with caramel nuances and also slightly floral. A rich and tasty scene with an aromatic profile composed and never exaggeratedly sweet.

When the coil’s break-in is finished, Beat Jack becomes darker, the lithium component absorbs the alcoholic notes by gaining further intensity. A touch of spiciness looks out on the palate, blend lividly preserves a profound fullness of taste. Strength and elegance combined with dense, full-bodied steam.

tobacco jack honey

Unlike his body, the post-flavored aromatic persistence is only discrete, however lower than what one could expect from such a liquid. Yet this aspect allows, in my own way, to deliver us a very versatile liquid. Despite its typical winter features, Beat Jack extensively covers the role of day-to-day tobacco, even when the weather becomes less rigid and the milder temperatures.

Satisfactory and very enjoyable, Beat Jack brings out all the technique and the meticulous care in the creative detail of Dr. Fortunato Francia. Already a long-standing creator of e-liquids in the past, Dr. Francia also confirms in this regard his confidence in having high-quality aromatic creations and combinations. Fragrances composed and reassuring for the most varied palates.

ico 4

Pro: An excellent tobacco e-juice, tasty, intense, full bodied and enveloping.

Cons: Alcoholic notes are a bit generic and uncharacteristic.