E-liquid review: Berrylicious – The Kingdoms (Sifu Brew Syndicate) 30ml received by the producer

Batch: none

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 70VG – 30PG

Expiry date: 27/03/2019

Devices: Rx200 + Bellus dualcoil 0,48 ohm (Kanthal A1 26 ga) with japanese organic cotton.

The Flavourist returns to Malaysia on a producer’s trail that continues to amaze us for the innate ability to create and distribute, unusual and never hoped e-liquid. Sifu Brew Syndicate has again chosen The Flavourist to deal with the European market with its new proposals.

Berrylicious the kingdoms


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Today we will review Berrylicious. An interesting and curious product whose description (vague) is on the 30ml bottle sent by the manufacturer:

Strawberry and Butterscotch

Olfactory examination requires great concentration. The notes expressed by this liquid are by no means discounted. I admit that I would have expected something different. A thick caramel print, mixed with a creamy and fragrant pecan nut butter, features lively strawberry veins. A very fragrant strawberry that delivers rich and very soft spirits. Singular!


I have to admit that I have been releasing Berrylicious for some days and that I have tried it in different configurations. All aromatically effective. The choice today relies on the reliable Bellus in dualcoil. Some preliminary breaths allow me to rattle the coil and make it ready to express the best that Berrylicious can offer us.

As I said … the surprise (for what I’m concerned about) is pleasant. It is a creamy, fruity, but very masculine liquid. Structured on the warm notes of a caramel reinforced in the character from evident notes of pecan nut. The woody and fragrant pecan nut lives in contrast to the fruity elegance of a strawberry that is not too sweet. Very thin veils of vanilla.

In aspiration, you have the sensation of enjoying a caramel, creamy, slightly alcoholic, seasoned with strawberry syrup. In a few moments, the dull taste of the walnut incorporates caramel strawberry and softness, transforming the tasting into a rich experience of stimol… hunting for Berrylicious’s assonances and plausible interpretations.



The balance between tastes combines several times. Although now immersed in a strawberry cloud, I realize that caramelised amalgam and walnut are the real structure of this recipe. Nothing tastes like a pie, but … the idea of a sponge cake generously drenched with this flavor continues to be recalled. Berrylicious seems to escape any plausible connotation, but a strawberry trifle with walnut butter seems to be the greatest suspect. Golous. It is the reproduction of the classic butterscotch taste, revisited and characterized by walnut, to be the winning key to this recipe.


The vape is very enjoyable, and the alternating feelings of sensations linked to caramel, now alcoholic strawberries, make Berrylicious always inviting. Excellent masculin aroma persistence and its “digestibility” all day. At times, even the strawberry turns out to be slippery. Ingredients exchange their role as protagonists several times.

The fruity character of Berrylicious is rich in content, but is not the true protagonist of this recipe. The alcoholic feeling that comes from it, evokes the aroma of strawberry strawberries or … strawberry syrup. But remains the butterscotch bond to make Berrylicious a product, in some ways, out of the ordinary. Sweetness, but also consistency and character.



To understand the aromatic note of the butterscotch we must overcome the idea of ​​a simple caramel and think of a preparation mainly processed with butter, cream, cane sugar and vanilla extract. It is – in fact – a caramel made of ingredients that allow it to be preserved. Butterscotch, unlike caramel, is more creamy and does not solidify when used to enrich or garnish a dessert. The presence in the Berrylicious recipe of walnut aroma, associated with strawberry is, in my view, a pleasant intuition that draws on a pastry experience usually of Anglosaxon mold. Strong contrasts and tasty flavors. What would you expect from a strawberry liquid called Berrylicious? I thought I would review an e-liquid with a strong strawberry taste … maybe very sweet and flat. Instead, the pleasant surprise presented me with a mature, structured, male product. Careful to take advantage of the peculiarities associated with its use, vaporising it at ever increasing temperatures. Hot, intense notes, macerated strawberries and harmonic completeness of an e-liquid that intends to represent a character dessert.

ico 4

Pro: Uncommon the recipe. Lively contrasts of flavors. Woody are combined with a soft caramel and strawberry … alcoholic structure.

Cons: Maybe the description on the bottle is too small.