E-liquid review: Black Castle (Blendfeel) 10 ml – ricevuto dal produttore

Batch: 161024040001

Nico: 4 mg/ml

Declared Base:  55% PG – 40% VG – 5% H2O

Expiry date: 20/05/2018

Devices: iStick TC60W + Magma V2 RDA 32mm single coil (stainless steel 316L 28 awg) 0.9 ohm with japanese organic cotton.

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It was the day of the “classic tobacco e-liquid” …

As we announced a few weeks ago, we begin to deal in more detail tobacco flavours distinguishing between “extracts” and “classic”, thus giving the opportunity to the latter, although they can not compete with the extracts in terms of taste fidelity, to receive the right space and the right recognition.

Today we speak about Black Castle an italian e-liquid by Blendfeel.


The product is in amber glass bottle with a flat blade plastic dropper. On the information available on the label we have no complaints, because as noted in other circumstances, Blendfeel is a very caring company with current regulations and, therefore, the completeness of the information contained is absolute (from the content, composition of the base, the quantity nicotine to the various precautions).

The nose Black Castle shows a rather intriguing scent; I recognize a mix of dried fruit stands on a dark tobacco base. The feeling is that of a full tobacco e-liquid, full-bodied flavor from the typical autumn. Olfactory talking about is much more approachable to a natural extracted tobacco than to a classic.

Blendfeel provides the following description of the product:

A mixture of hot and wrapping tobaccos with the slight presence of walnut, more natural by the presence of pure tobacco extracts.

Then we learn with some surprise (but some inkling we had the nose), the product also contains pure tobacco extracts, thus making it an “hybrid tobacco flavour”.

Hybrid tobaccos: the vaping world never ceases to amaze!

Who knows what will reveal at this point the vape test…

Magma atomizer in single coil with a 0.9 ohm resistance, in inhaling the e-liquid has the sharp top notes and the intense scent of “hay”. Beware the term is not meant in a negative sense, indeed! The vegetable taste that you feel provides a connotation to the very natural product and creates a clear tinge of tobacco extract. The tobaccos that can give this perception is certainly the Burley for being direct, bitter and dry, Kentucky for its vigor and the Oriental to the feeling “grassy”. But is the Kentucky Stamping and marks so characteristic Black Castle.


Lovers of strong character and tabacco flavours we are in your kingdom.

If the imprinting of the product is typically extracted from tobacco, the heart of vaping veers towards a more classic tabacco product score; it so happens that the strong and pungent initial impact tends to become round and to show a taste that is different in terms of loyalty from pure tobacco, denoting the contrary just simple tobacco recalls. And it’s what happens a with all the “classics”: ingredients, molecules and aromas that have nothing to do with tobacco, but who in their compose and unite, simulate it and remember more or less with good results.

In this context emerges the other key ingredient of Black Castle: the nut; do not perceive other dried fruits in the mix, contrary to the sense of smell identified. It’s a fresh and green walnut and as such has a flavor that reduces the initial stinging and fills the mix making hot puffs, enveloping and “sweet.”


I do not want to sidetrack you with the word “sweet”, I specifically quoted; mind you, this liquid is not sweet, it is an intense tobacco flavour, fall from the soul, is not light nor fresh, but the walnut seems to be able to make a hint of sweetness to the whole smoothing out the most poignant parts. It’s Dark but not black.

The taste of walnut, vigorous and natural fits into a context that is a winner; It is a delicious nut that makes you want to abuse it. So the puffs are continuing at a high rate perhaps facilitated by a good aromatic but not obsessive.

The painstaking work of Blendfeel led to the creation of a product that combines with perfect balance tobacco notes “synthetic”, natural extracted tobacco hint and walnut. And the buds do not get tired to savor its round body.

ico 4

Pro: It is a “hybrid tobacco flavour” for long vape sessions.

Contro: It’s a “hybrid tobacco flavour”.