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Nome e Formato: Black Doughnut (Guerrilla Flavors)- aroma concentrato 10 ml –  ricevuto dal produttore


Nico: 0 mg/ml

Base dichiarata: 30 PG / 70 VG

Data scadenza: n.d.

Devices: SVA Penguin BF + wasp nano RDA  parallel coil  0.25 ohm (26 ga SS316) con Cotton Bacon V 2.0.

With the arrival of September and the end of the summer holidays we all find ourselves at that time of year when, full of new intentions, we try to organize the future months promising not to commit the same “mistakes” of the past months certainly trying to improve our lifestyle and requiring us to resolve all outstanding issues. Expectations that obviously will disappear as soon as October arrives! If you too, exhausted by the return and with low morale, you are looking for something that can give you the right energy you are in the right place, because the team is ready to accompany you in the coming months with the rich news from we always go hunting.

And it is precisely about news that we want to talk about another manufacturer of liquids that makes its debut on our pages going to be included in the already important library of international producers that we have discovered for you, and in fact we will be the first in Italy to talk to you about a new brand that produces its products in Transylvania, the very famous region of Romania. The producers who come to the Italian market with the name of Guerrilla Flavors and who have sent us their rich line of products covering a little all fields are part of the creamy to jump to fruity until you get to tabaccosi. And we are ready to review them with you!

The first aroma, of the nourished host, that we decided to test is Black Donut that is delivered to us in a purple background and on which stands out the name of the aroma, a gigantic donut waiting for us with open arms with a cute little smirk . Inside we find the bottle of aroma that will be diluted at about 15 percent but you can go down a little with bases with less VG. In addition, we also provide a 60ml “unicorn bottle” in which to pour our preparation for the few hours of stepping necessary to ensure that the aroma is amalgamated with the base.

Black Donut that is described very quickly and without too many turns of words from the manufacturer:

Donut flavor with sweet blackberry jam

Flavor of donut with blackberry jam.

Surely the doubts that remain on what we are going to savor are very few classic American donut stuffed with a blackberry jam is ready to be tested so we start the olfactory test.

black doughnut

The olfactory test gives us excellent ideas, in the first place here emerge a strong buttery scent taken under arm by a consistent note of frying well mitigated and that is not excessive, continuing with the test the scents begin to knead between them and finally here is that it seems to be in front of a freshly prepared donut box that brings back to my mind the amazing American breakfasts in the Donking donut store where for the first time I had the chance to try the “cake” to which the liquid is inspired. In the final phase the aroma that emerges is definitely that of blackberry jam, but it does not appear in a polite manner indeed the feeling is really full that makes the final result is almost unreal in its overwhelming sweetness.

guerrilla black doughnut

From the first breath I realize that the example of the Donking donut store is really fitting, the notes of steam are perfectly linked to the memories of the mind, so you can compare the personal experience with our vaporization test; firstly, after opening the door and finding ourselves at the entrance we are greeted by an incredibly sweet and buttery fragrance filled with really intense sugar peaks, the fat component of the liquid is certainly the first element that reaches us delighting our palate. Arriving at the counter to order our little “sin of gluttony” from the kitchens here that a pleasant and delicate frying spiral rises and reaches us wraps us gently, does not suffocate us is rather delicate tickles the mind that is already anticipating the first bite In fact, in the central part of the puff, a fried note emerges so delicately but strongly that it mixes well with the sugariness of the donut base. Here we are finally, with the buds in turmoil, arrived at the time of tasting, for the occasion we chose a covered “cake”, I would add even stuffed, with a blackberry jam in fact an overflowing jam wave reaches us fully satisfying our desire, the aromatic charge is really strong in pure American style that must, traditionally, load its own peculiarities with calories; but from such an intense intensity the jam loses a bit the acidity of the blackberry leaving space to really a lot of sugar. In fact, the liquor is really aromatically charged and very sweet indeed. On the whole, the elements are bound to the perfection around the sweetness and the butter that enhances to each svapata a different element first the fried and then the fruity taste of the blackberry. So we go out of the shop satisfied not looking forward to returning, but the next day !!

blackbarry donut

The vaping is overall very tasty, the result of the recipe is well perceived within the clouds of steam, but the main aromatic component is really sweet sometimes too much so that binds the liquid at times oppurtuni and not suitable for everyday vaping, in fact I suggest to lower the percentage of aromatization for those who overwhelmed by gluttony will not be able to do without it for a few hours. Recipe definitely already seen but we consider it a great start !!

ico 3

Pro: Buttery and fruity sweetness that creates a unique combination!

Cons: Sometimes too much stropp really sweet!