T-Juice has the indisputable merit of introducing the concept of mix or “recipe”, which was unknown in the European e-liquid field until then. T_Juice’s idea (most likely imported from the US) has been certainly winning and it set a fashion through producers decreeing the brand’s success at the same time.

Other T-Juice creations, either in good or bad terms, made and are currently making a name for themselves (Red Astaire, just to quote the most famous one).

Then comes a moment when, lacking anything new, vapers’ palates are setting down, new recipes and new formulas arrive, and we realise that T-Juice products, though they have certainly been groundbreaking, are actually filled with barely (if not at all) natural ingredients, very “chemical”, loaded with minty and fresh flavours purposefully set to conceal any lack of delicacy.

Black’n’Blue is one of the last creations of the British producer and unfortunately it is not exempt from the flaws mentioned above.

From producer’s page:

A devilish mix of blueberries and grapes is hosted by a full on aniseed candy kick, underlined by a refreshing menthol exhale.

At least, in this case, T-Juice chose to “protect” itself anticipating that we’re not talking about candies…and it’s actually true!
Do you remember those blueberry/violet ripoff candies? Well, Black’n’Blue reminds us of them quite well.

From the smell analysis this aroma presents with a very sweet taste and a blueberry-like flavour (no traces of grape though) typical of those candies we mentioned earlier.

These sensations can be confirmed on vaping: the inhale can only enhance this fake blueberry (and still no trace of grape) followed by a fake and “chemical” aniseed and menthol hint, which dominate the exhale covering with “freshness” all the flaws this aroma can have.

Producer recommends a 15% aromatisation; I would not, unless you have an iron palate or you just decided to reset your tastebuds.

Recommended dilution: 7-8%

Steeping time: 1-2 days

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