E-liquid review: Blue Beard (Velvet Cloud) 30 ml

Declared base: n.d.
Batch: n.d.
Nico: 6 mg/ml (0,6%)
Expiry date: n.d.

Devices: VP box XVI bottom feeder dna40 + LowPro 0,8 ohm (Kantal D 0,40mm) with japanese organic cotton.



Velvet Cloud is a particularly and attractive brand, based in San Francisco. Small batches. No dye or artificial sweetener. Everything is worked in a rather artisanal dimension with a view to the high level of quality perceived.

What does not instil particular trust is the usual American-style label. The bottle is in plastic. The one in the photo is a small 15ml bottle. Mine is 30ml. The inkjet printed label is a milestone of the Velvet Cloud. Within a short time, when it is not treated with proper care, their labels will melt, like the colors and the minimum information printed on them! Not that there was much to appreciate, except perhaps the funny watercolor featuring the Blue Beard Tobacco. Each liquid has its own illustration: some are dedicated to sweets or fruit, others to landscapes, some have a colorful character, as in the case of tobacco flavors.


Velvet Cloud describes Blue Bird Tobacco as:

Blackberry, Blueberry, Tobacco. An artisanal mix of Virginia and honey cured tobacco, blackberries, and blueberry essence.

From the olfactory analysis can be perceived all the energy of this eliquid with Virginia notes and essence of berries. It is a pungent aroma, slightly spicy and just slightly smoky.

Without hesitation we vape this product with great curiosity.

The puff is pleasantly aromatic, but it does not seem to be a particularly concentrated eliquid. A fire-cured Virginia, with intense deep notes of honey and a nice spicy touch, which will be discussed further ahead.

In the background, taking deep puffs breathing through the nose, I feel all the elegance of the blueberry and the blackberry. Dry, stable. Nothing to do with the cheesy “berry” TPA. I particularly appreciate the composure of the blackberry. So natural in taste. There is no doubt that this is an extract. No sugar. Not plasticky. So far from an aroma for pies and pastries. Memories of childhood and walks in the countryside.

The note of these fruits is discreet. Unobtrusive. It ties in perfectly with the composure of a tobacco flavor that is present and percepibie in each puff. A real tobacco, not too earthy, flavored; I dare to say, very similar to some naghilé tablets I tried in the past. Nothing exotic though. On vaping, this spicy smoking Blue Beard becomes more and more inviting.

The quality of Virginia suggests that’s a tobacco extract. Completely different from those chemical virginia tobacco liquids we vaped years ago. They were unbearable for me to vape. But be careful … just as different from the current tobacco extracts proposed by our national brands. Though it’s a tobacco variety that we Europeans consider less noble, I assure you that, as American must, the Velvet Cloud has been able to duly valorised it.

The liquid remains masculine despite its undoubted elegance. An elegance that is expressed through basically simple notes. Blackberry and blueberry are entrusted with the task of characterizing an intense Virginia tobacco with a pungent taste.

My suggestion is to vape it between 14 and 24w (if on cotton) and with limited air. Ideally would be with single coil. Relax and vape abandoning the anxieties of cloud chasing. A bottom feeder box might be the most indicated device. A slow and meditative vaping that will accompany you all day long. Savor it holding the vapor and releasing it slowly especially through the nose. Be inspired.

This is not actually an brand new mix, but this American interpretation amazed me. It vaguely recalls some (English) B-Juices, although the latter are much more complex tobacco e-liquids and richer in different fruity notes. Again, however, we are dealing with a liquid with a psychedelic color. The fact that both brands have always stated not to use dyes, raises some hopes for their sincerity. Great flavors in both cases. Both craftworks. I guess it’s a process of maceration. I do not think they adopt highly sophisticated extraction techniques.

The scent reminds of some kind of shredded tobacco to be rolled or very light mixtures of pipe tobacco. Yet the strength of that spicy in Virginia, as mentioned, it reminds me of the tablets used in the hookah.

Loving vaping and tobacco, I would say that it is an excellent liquid, able to meet the needs of many. Ita can be vaped for long time, without crusting nor becoming too heavy. The slightly persistent aroma of berries does not exceed in acidity and keeps alive and pleasant memories of what you’re vaping. But we should not aprocciarci to this liquid under the illusion of tasting some “new discovery”. A good liquid. A true flavored, well composed tobacco.

I might have liked a more intense smoking and maybe some more vivid spicy accents. It is a liquid with a rather dry aroma and I’m not unhappy with it. Velvet Cloud undoubtedly demonstrates an artisan sensibility and it’s worthy of mention in the international vaping scene. Welcoming the flavoring and characterization of this tobacco, I might be inclined to try other liquids in their range. Definitely fruity ones and, why not, some sweet one too. Who knows.

ico 4

Pro: Great skills in the treatment of tobacco and in extracting keynotes which characterize tobacco’s peculiarities. They managed to characterize their Virginia without excess, without ruining it with dominant or cheesy notes. They transferred a qualitative high perception to the final result, creating a meditation liquid, easy to vape and not too demanding.

Cons: A label containing instructions about the safety of the consumer should not discolor nor melt at the first contact with moisture. Just choose a suitable paper or printing system.