The famous American brand of primarily food flavourings and then also vaping flavours, among the countless e-liquids inspired by the pastry industry, has created this creamy flavour taking inspiration from blueberry crumble with cinnamon – in the English cooking “crumble” is the typical grain made of butter, sugar and flour, spread over a layer of fruit and then baked in the oven.

The mix is fairly well done – for my taste I would have appreciate a more persistent buttery component – and cinnamon, notorious strong, never overruns the fruity blueberry component, which is perceived mainly on the inhale.

The structure of this aroma is delicate and well balanced and therefore very suitable for an all-day vape, provided that you don’t exceed with concentration and vaping wattage.


Recommended dilution: 8-10%

Steeping time: 10-15 days

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