Name and Format: Booms Organic Classic (TNT Vape) – concentrated flavour 10 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: n.a.

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 47 PG / 47 VG / 4 H2O

Expiry date: n.a.

Devices: Eleaf iStick Rim 80W + Innokin Zlide Tank (Kanthal coil 1.6 ohm)

Italian vaping is a sector strongly characterized by the consumption of tobacco e-liquids, perhaps much more than in any other country in the world. Proof of this is the high concentration on our peninsula of companies dedicated to the manufacturing of this kind of e-liquid. Even The Flavourist, either because of the personal taste of the team’s guys, or because of the specificity of the Italian market, is a blog where the tobacco e-juice reviews have always had ample space, reserved both for the so-called “classic” tobacco (synthetic origin), than that of “extracted” tobaccos.

If we talk about classic tobacco products, a name that has been constantly echoing among the lovers of this type of e-liquid, is the Booms by TNT Vape which, in our opinion, is still more than three years after its first commercialization, one of the best selling tobaccos in Italy and almost certainly the most appreciated. But what does all of its fortunes owe to Booms? In addition to its innate pleasantness able to embrace a very wide range of vaper, tobacco lovers or not, according to our team the Booms made center because it is the synthetic tobacco e-juice closest from an aromatic point of view to a real extracted tobacco e-juice. There is no denying it, with Booms the TNT Vape flavourists have done an excellent job!

But since the challenges in this sector never end, the Como-based company decided to get back into the game by appearing on the market with a new version of the Booms Classic aroma, the Booms organic version. Could we not tell you about it?

Booms Organic Classic is a concentrated aroma of 10 ml and proposes to return the same sensations of the timeless Booms Classic, starting however with extracted raw materials.

TNT Vape thus officially describes its Booms Organic Classic:

La ricetta originale dell’aroma più amato riformulata utilizzando materie prime organiche: the Legend reborn!

The original recipe of the most loved aroma reformulated using organic raw materials: the Legend reborn!

It is up to The Flavourist now to try to understand if the new manufacturing process developed by TNT Vape’s R&D department has achieved the desired result.

Before doing so, a quick rewinding of the memories tape to re-read the official description of the Booms Classic: “A mix of carefully selected tobaccos, softened by light notes of Vanilla and some super secret ingredients!” to which is added a “Taste Cigar” on the product label.


The smell examination immediately reveals the fragrance of a “familiar” e-liquid. And although several years passed since its first release, Booms is always unmistakably a tobaccos with amiable and above all “modern” tones.

The tobacco fragrance emerges with vaguely woody scents that surmount a base with a hinted creaminess and soft hazelnut notes. All in all, the Booms original scent and taste resurfaces without hesitation. An always pleasant and intriguing sensation.

As in the case of the aroma Strike reviewed a few months ago, the manufacturer used an innovative extraction technique for Booms Organic, which guarantees a lower aggressiveness of the liquid which is absolutely vapable even on non-rebuildable systems. So for our vape test we opted for one of the best MTL tank atomizers currently on the market: the Zlide by Innokin.


It’s Natural (like its raw materials) therefore place many expectations on the vape test of this aroma. Expectations that are not disappointed … Booms Organic Classic is a Booms without ifs and buts! Especially during the first few puff, there is no difference between the organic and the original recipe. Do not miss the vanilla notes laid on a light creamy bed with nuances close to caramel, hazelnut and a few drops of cocoa.

The tobacco component manifests itself discreetly toasted and despite being well harmonized with the sweetest and most flavoring ingredients of the recipe, it manages to isolate itself well and to emerge with a certain boldness and masculinity especially during inspiration. And it is precisely in its tobacco fragrance that, after the classic run-in time granted to the coil and the taste buds, Booms Organic Classic shows a slight divergence from the “synthetic” Booms. Although the chords of the aromatic score are almost identical between the two TNT creations, in Booms Organic Classic the melody is characterized by more pronounced timbres. A more woody, drier and … biscuit music.

An elegant and full-bodied e-liquid, but ready to show itself more rounded and full when in the heart of the puff the tobacco cues go to amalgamate wisely to the sweetest and most aromatic components of the recipe. Vanilla shades and a thin toasted-hazelnut veil with very slight bitter finishes, acquire thickness and compose the unmistakable flavor of the Booms.

The vape is rich and the similarities with a classic vanilla cigarillo are more than evident, because this is what at the end represents the Booms, a bombastic, intense and sweet vanilla “toscanello”.

Suggested dilution: 10-12%

Steeping time: 3/5 days

Pro: Tasty as the original Booms, slightly more stringent and decisive than the original Booms.

Cons: The extracted tobacco component is still a little distant from the average standards of pure tobacco extracts.