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Name e Format: Bourbon Tobacco (Guerrilla Flavors)- concentrated flavour 10 ml – received by the manufacturer


Nico: 0 mg/ml

Declared base: 30 PG / 70 VG

Expiry date: n.d.

Devices: Union 2.0  + Vampire V2 o.85 omh (Kantal A1 27 AWG) + Cotton bacon V2

This week we’re back to talking about Guerrilla Flavors. The Romanian producers, who have their headquarters in the Transylvanian region, have managed to stand out for their very interesting liquids, whose intent is to cover all the faces of the die that we can find in the boundless world of vape. They do this by proposing a rich line: made of both aromas and ready-made products that give us the opportunity to test the way of seeing and experiencing the vaping of these children. We speak, therefore, both of creamy and fruity liquids, but without forgetting the mentholated ones and not even the flavored tobaccos.

Remembering that we are talking about synthetic products that have never resulted in unpleasant or unrealistic flavors. This is definitely their greatest strength. But now it’s time to open the curtain on today’s liquid, in fact we continue with the series of synthetic flavoring tobaccos that after Tobacco Rail a revisited version inspired by the famous RY4, continues with Borubon Tobacco that comes briefly and without too many frills described by the manufacturer :

Smooth tobacco with kentucky bourbon, vanilla and almond.

The description is always precise and timely and gives us all the right ideas to be able to understand even more what we are going to try, it is a delicate and soft tobacco soaked in a bourbon kentucky rounded by a slightly almond vanilla. Tobacco and alcohol combinations are almost always born under a good star but here the mix is ​​complicated by the addition of vanilla and almond, will the Guerrilla Flavors guys manage to stay unbeaten?

As we have become accustomed to the inside we find the bottle of aroma that will be diluted at about 15 percent but you can go down a little with bases with less VG. In addition, we also provide a 60ml “unicorn bottle” in which to pour our preparation for the few hours of stepping necessary to ensure that the aroma is amalgamated with the base. We have also noticed that once the dispenser nozzle of the bottle is closed, we are given the possibility to remove it to allow a new refill easily. We also want to add that in our box we have been given the adhesive label to put on the bottle once mixed. Really cute this packaging!

guerrilla aroma bourbon tobacco


Surely the olfactory test will put us to the test, try to discover all the aromatic nuances that come from the bottle, it is very fun and satisfying, we give some “squeeze” to the bottle and that immediately an intoxicating alcoholic hitting affects our senses, a really scent present and loaded, full of all the typical sweet nuances that are very reminiscent of cereals. In fact, Bourbon is produced passing precisely for the maceration of both cereals and malt. The acol is very strong but lends itself well to satisfy with pure skill the very sweet sea of vanilla that is on the same level creating a strong combination, rich and very greedy. The almond as imagined can not emerge strongly, but surely we will have more clues with the proof of vaporization that we are preparing to prepare.

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Once regenerated and “refilled”, let’s start with the first “fumes”. The puff opens with a thick and full-bodied steam, we are immediately amazed by the charge of the liquid that is certainly very strong but still well balanced. The slightly sweet alcoholic note is very valid and concrete, the taste is really well built and with your eyes closed it is really hard to think that we are vaping and not enjoying a nice glass of kentucky bourbon. The tendentially sweet notes are perfectly linked in the center from the mouthfeel to a warm and delicious vanilla, which does not pass in the background is on the same aromatic levels of bourbon, the fat and sweet vanilla embraces the alcoholic scents creating a truly special combination of sure aromatic strength, giving back to the palate fat and very tasty notes. The two fundamental elements are balanced to the perfection of each other none prevails the other, making everything very round and well balanced. The tobacco surrounds this liquid is not known but tends to fill the spaces left by the bourbon, we can say that more than a tabaccoso this liquid is a cream flavored with bourbon. This means that the clouds of steam are never boring or too intrusive. But the beauty has yet to come in fact in the final phase from the mouth you get the most out of this liquid, the sensation that remains on our palate is the typical alcoholic note the classic aftertaste of alcohol that persists from almost bitter sweetness. A persistent and lasting sensation even after placing our atomizer.

The vaping is overall really tasty and full, a classic mix but that manages to best cover the entire moment of relaxation in which we grant this liquid. The bourbon is really well built vanilla satisfies every nuance by elevating the aromatic composition on excellent levels. But the icing on the cake remains that unique aftertaste that is recreated at the end by the puff, which at times reminds of the gesture of enjoying a good bourbon.

bourbon alla vaniglia

The boys of Guerrilla Flavor hardly wrong, a small point of demerit is given by the note almost absent tabaccosa, for us this liquid is archived as a creamy flavored bourbon. But anyway everything is certainly appreciable and the aromatic composition does not suffer from great defects. Well done!

ico 4

Pro: Bourbon and top-quality vanilla.

Cons: Little incisive tabaccose part.