Name e Format: Bruma (Vapor Cave) – Concentrated aroma 10 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch:  n.a.

Nico: 4 mg/ml

Declared base: 48 PG / 48 VG / 4 H2O

Expiry date: 03-2021

Devices: Vaporesso Target Mini II + Sirius Mods Spica Pro RTA 1,15 ohm (Kanthal A1 29 awg 0,28 mm) with Cotton Bacon Prime

Some months passed since our last contact with the manufacturer Vapor Cave and its new completely self-produced organic flavors. In the past months we talked about the aromas Pitoti and Le Rune and today finally, after the necessary steeping time recommended by the manufacturer, we will put under review the third of the four new Vapor Cave products, Bruma.

When we told you about Pitoti and Le Rune, we also told you about the project behind these new Vapor Cave creations. We read from the words of the manufacturer: “From a crazy, utopian idea and research “in the field”, these aromas are totally and uniquely composed of extractions of self-manufctured raw materials (“from the field to the vapor”). Spent since the creation of a farm that was exclusively engaged in producing raw materials through “Total Natural” crops that can be used in our aromatic extraction applied to vaping. Thanks to a farm of just over 4 hectares, to the assistance of specialized agronomists and to the “crazy” hope of being able to work with self-produced raw materials, ahead of expectations, we propose these first 4 aromas entirely composed of aromatic extracts deriving only from raw materials cultivated by us.”

Bruma is officially described as follows:

Estrazione in purezza di Kentucky “nostrano” a foglia piccola. Foglie affinate tramite affumicatura a freddo con essenze lignee e arbusti di Plectranthus. Aroma deciso e “rustico” con note spiccate che richiamano sentori “Latakiosi”…

Extraction in purity of small leaf “native” tobacco Kentucky. Leaves refined by cold smoking with wood essences and Plectranthus shrubs. Strong and “rustic” aroma with strong notes that recall Latakia scents…


Kentucky tobacco is one of the few extracted tobacco able to express aromatic notes of a certain weight even during simple smell analysis. Therefore, when I open the Bruma bottle, I expect to perceive certain typical characteristics of this tobacco, which regularly emerge without fear, with the cockiness that only a kentucky fire cured can possess. Thus a smoked frame, with the typical scent of tanned, treated leather, typical of a true Kentucky, appears with clarity to the test of my nostrils.

The hints of “raw” tobacco are evident along with indissoluble nuances of “burnt” … I feel wrapped in the searing jaws of something truly “raw” and rude. Masculine and passionate.

I decided to test Bruma on Sirius Mods Spica Pro to maximize all the features of this fire cured extract. The Spica Pro is an absolute guarantee for “dark” tobacco e-liquids.


From the first puff, Bruma reveals its “bad intentions”… It penetrates my palate with a certain peremptoriness and with all the most classic weapons in its possession: simplicity and vigor. Simply vigorous.

Bruma, like any self-respecting good Kentucky fire cured, is not an affable tobacco, but not even a difficult tobacco, it does not hide behind complex aromatic facets; on the contrary it is frank and direct. Its top notes, however, are unusually sweeter than expected and reduce at least in part, especially in the initial stages of the vape, the expected and anticipated sensation of woodiness.

The e-liquid seems to be endowed with a natural and substantial sugary charge, a charge that helps to whisper a sense of unprecedented roundness to my taste buds. And it is not an absolute anomaly … Although some tobacco extracted aromas show a profoundly strong and dry soul, all n.e.t have an undeniable sweet background note.

The taste of Bruma remains always rather decided and intense, and acquires even more vigor in the central phases of the puff, when from the bottom of its structure there are evident smoky shades. The wood essences now seem more direct and immediate and, in merging with the smoky scents, they release slight incense nuances. Shades that derive from the particular cure process that the manufacturer has put in place to extract this aroma, subjecting the Kentucky tobacco leaves to a fire cure based on incense shrubs, the typical shrubs used for the treatment of Syrian Latakia.

Incensed effects that do not give to Bruma the scepter of the King of tobacco, unquestionably always in the hands of King Latakia, but which allow it to be its most worthy vassal.

In the tail and during exhalation the puff is strengthened, with notes of tanning on one side and a greater woodiness on the other. The initial sweet notes left almost completely open to more rough and dry scents. The puffs are full and genuinely rustic, and timid spikes peppered during the deep nasal expirations, increase the strength and temper of Bruma.

Bruma’s vape creates a charming atmosphere, the lovers of this genre know this well. The scenery is shady, ancient, medieval. Bruma, looks like a rich landowner, an austere vassal with a rigid temperament, who reigns in his impregnable manor…

Suggested dilution: 10%

Steeping time: 35 days, suggested 90 days.

Pro: A great-quality Kentucky fire cured, for the vaper that never have to ask…

Cons: Especially in the top notes, we would have preferred it slightly drier.