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Name and Format: Calabria (Tornado Juice) – Concentrated flavour 20 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: 118D18

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Declared base: 30 PG / 70 VG

Expiry date: 03-2020

Devices: Billet Box + Vapeshell  + nano alien coil 0.40 ohm Ni80 with Cotton Bacon 2.0.

After a period of absence from The Flavourist, we return to talk about an all-Italian reality that had won us over for its recipes full of taste and strong character we are talking about the manufacturer who sells its crocking with the Tornado Juice brand. An important return considering the quality of 100% natural raw materials and the precision with which the liquids reviewed were made in the past few months, expectations are high and few doubts.

The e-eliquid that we will talk about is part of the “Regional” line of Tornado Juice, and in these summer periods, with the desire to escape from the hot cities for a few days of rest, to enjoy moments of tranquility, perhaps on the shore at the sea sipping our favorite iced drink, which best destination for Calabria? And this is precisely the name that the producers have chosen for this new liquid. Calabria.

calabria tornado juice

The bottle of Calabria is a “unicorn bottle” of 60 ml with the now canonical 20 ml of concentrated aroma to which to add the base with the nicotine gradation that we prefer, the packaging is already seen for the whole line in fact the product is supplied inside a cardboard box with a simple graphic that shows the logo with bright and colorful features, always impacting the view. The bottle shows the name and logo on a yellow label. Given the reference to the region to which it owes its name we expect from this liquid elements that will remind our mind and our palate of the flavors that can make us live, at least with the thought of our much agonized summer holiday.

The squeezed juice of the best sweet and ripe citrus fruit coupled with a cold non-invasive note, every vaporizing sensation is that of a sip of freshly squeezed juice.

The recipe for a citrus fruit juice is certainly not the most innovative, many producers have tried to recreate in their liquids the same sweet but at the same time acidic sensations that are due to citrus fruits, the guys from Tornado-Juice did not specify which citrus fruits were used then imagine that inside we will find aromas with the same molecular basis for example lemon and orange with the addition of a cold note, will it menthol? or just an Ice sensation that is very fashionable lately? We just have to find out what adventure the producers have decided to make us live.

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For this olfactory test we will not dwell in excessive descriptions trying to explain the feeling that the liquid gives us we want to bring practical examples of real life because often a clear visual reference to everyday products allows us to communicate in a more precise way the emotions that there are transmitted. Have you ever made lemon juice at home? you take the lemon you squeeze it and add water as you like here this is the feeling comes by opening the bottle a lemon just cut strong and firm with its acidity.One of the most real and faithful lemons I’ve ever tried.

Enthusiasted by the olfactory test I then throw myself with curiosity and that desire to refresh myself towards the vaporization test. The first embrace between the steam and the papillae with lemon is irrepressible and overwhelming. A truly aromatic full base, full of character, which dominates the scene without limits. The sweet acidity of the lemon accompanies us during all the svapata is not hidden is always ready to give us strong and decisive emotions that bring us with our mind to our desired lemonade to find refreshment from the summer days, but as if it were not enough to refresh ourselves here which arrives with a decisive move the Ice part of the liquid that sensation of ice that settles on the bottom of the mouth and enhances the lemon bringing them to higher levels making the liquid really tasty and aromatic rounding the acid predominance. At the end of the puff a pinch of sugar peeps out in this beautiful landscape, overlooking the acidity of the lemon giving us that sparkling that does not spoil every element is perceived at the right time all perfectly interpret their part by complementing each other.

bibite fresche fare casa limone

A frozen lemonade in all respects ideal for all lovers of fruity liquids an intense flavor full of flavor and a marked aromaticity, which thanks to an indisputable sense of naturalness never falls into the banal never losing its character. The aromatic structure really takes us to Calabria, the background of the sea and we sit down sipping our sweetened and iced lemonade to the right point, all the elements are in place and make it a liquid suitable for everyone to use every day even all the day or just as a moment of relaxation.

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Pro: An iced lemonade that you can not ask for anything else..