E-liquid review: Campfire (Charlie’s Chalk Dust E Juice) 60 ml

Batch: CF3L1220 SO-444

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 70VG – 30PG

Expiry date: 12/2018

Devices: Rx200 + Griffin 25 top air dual coil 0,22 ohm (ss316L 0.46mm 25 awg) with japanese organic cotton.

Today I review a very curious liquid, produced by an interesting American brand. Chalk Dust And Charlie juice. If you fancy it you can read the story of the mark on Their site, though … strange thing, you will not find traces of Campfire on their site. I assure that they are the real manufacturers. This liquid was suggested to me by Angelox and it was not hard to find in my favorite store.

Campfire c

To accompany the name of the product, the label appears the inscription “outdoors and smores”. It’s obvious what traits of a liquid inspired to outdoor life, but you will wonder what it means untranslatable “smores”. The S-mores it’s an American and Canadian traditional dessert made of a marshmallow between biscuits (or digestive) tTogether with one or due layers of chocolate. It ‘a “trick” that prepares camping or nights outdoor. The fire heats up the marshmallows skewered on a stick and the rest is assembled on the fly. A simple something to warm up and enjoy refreshments in the company before the bivouac. And of course also known homemade version That Turns your s-more more a finished cake.

Campfire seems to be just a variant of this typical dessert easy to prepare. This description, in fact, appears printed on the label:

Flame roasted salted hazelnuts and creamy oatmeal fluffed on Poplar mentioned marshmallow.

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The flask is similar to many other american products. A beast of 60ml, very useful to recycle and particularly convenient for the dripping. No tactile dot for the blind! Only a few meager safety information. Just enough for the americans. I really like the minimalist style of the graphics and the adhesive label base paper. A style a little hipster lumberjack and that never hurts! An e-liquid for the bivouac lovers … it just missed!

To smell, Campfire is revealed fragrant and rich in fresh accents. The top note is in fact represented by a narrow combination of marshmallow and hazelnut. Good, but … no inkling brings sensations roasted, smoked or something, promises in the description. The impact on the nose is fresh and clean. Too much perhaps, but actually similar to one s-more. In the background, however, the strong creamy characteristics of the Campfire, bodes well. Note hazelnut is very light but little fragrant. Unfortunately – in terms olfactory – you will feel no clue that lead back to the cookies oat cereal or whole.


And here, shown in picture, the S-more that Campfire is inspired. Should add at once that the Campfire description, in my view, is particularly romantic. We should not expect a warm or toasted aroma. The manufacturer must have alluded to evoke the classic image of children playing to roast their marshmallows at the campfire. We, therefore, the poplar branches in place and get ready to tasting test. delicate test which, I remind you, could bring this product to the nomination for the Best Of 2017 by The Flavourist.


Start the test with a power of 40W and the Griffin slots wide open to grant me a generous ventilation. The aromatic returning the Campfire is expressed through a pleasant top note of hazelnut. A little fragrant note, but graceful and very pleasant. So to speak … we do not perceive the typical characteristics of a dried fruit. The hazelnut appears, in this case, more like a cream … and I did not say Nutella! And ‘in fact slightly salty, but strongly opposed by the sweet body and now marshmallows distinctive aroma. A marshmallow less scratchy than usual. A very clean taste that seems, at first glance, simply sweeten the hazelnut. It is not so in reality. Three puffs are enough to trigger the tasty aromatic tail of Campfire. Just the marshmallow is its undisputed star.


I like to remind you that … the marshmallow hazelnut exist. They can also prepare at home and it is said that the manufacturer, in the description, do not actually own reference to a product with these characteristics. There is thus a creama hazelnut, but a marshmallow hazelnut. This would explain the measured creaminess and lack of fragrance. Instill a choice.

The presence of sucralose (sweetener) is indisputable. This is evident by the grace made to the marshmallows and the garment soft, fragrant, but light hazelnut. Mild and fleeting notes that should remind us of the cookie (oatmeal?) In which hazel and marshmallow would be accommodated. And ‘therefore time to gradually increase the powers to figure out what is the best expression of this Campfire and if they emerge, to 60w, 40w notes that appear too mild.

Well … the sweetness of Campfire increases but many scents related to the particular mix of hazelnut and marshmallow forgiveness flattening liveliness. Surely we will be able to have an abundant steam but … at the expense – in part – of taste. Nothing new and nothing too serious to be honest. Campfire remains fairly stable and the general characteristics of the product, ivariate. It seems creamier and the presence of the promised oat biscuit, more distinct and noticeable. More than anything we can perceive in the aromatic tail represented by marshmallow sweet hazelnut. Sucralose seems well balanced, but perhaps, than the image of a s-more … too sweet from the taste point of view. Let me explain … in a s-more, the presence of the two biscuits (wholemeal, oat or digestive), strongly influences the recipe. In this case however the real stars are the hazel and marshmallow. More we increase the power, the more the marshmallow takes on the rest. But the pleasantness of the Campfire, between 40 and 50w, remains unquestionable. It is certainly an elegant e-liquid, but the recipe (not too unusual) is well made and gives great satisfaction. It ‘a liquid all day? I would say yes, even if in the long run the marshmallow aroma becomes invasive.


The producer, albeit at the expense of fidelity with the description of the recipe, adopted some winning tips for getting a culturally confidential product … the passion, the applicant rituals to prepare one s-more before the bivouac. A culture that does not belong to our live Italian, but it would be worthwhile to discover and enjoy. A recipe “trapper” that deserves attention and being inserted between the seasonal nomination for Best Of 2017 by The Flavourist.



ico 5

Pro: Accurate recipe, interesting and enjoyable.

Contro: Lacks body. The elusive toasted notes that we would have expected. But perhaps rightly so.

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