E-liquid review:  Cannolo di Sicilia (Decima) 60 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: BR001

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 20 PG / 80 VG

Expiry date: 15/05/2015

Devices: Laisimo Snowwolf 200 w plus + Geekvape Peerless RDA dual coil 0.2 ohm (SS316L 24 awg 0.50 mm) with Cotton Bacon V 2.0

After the 2016 edition, we had the pleasure of meeting the Decima guys during the Vapitaly 2017, in the certainty that this year they would have something new to be presented to the vapers. And this year from the Decima’s bakery  there are new interesting news.

Today, under the spotlight of The Flavourist, we have the flagship creation of the Palermo brand: Cannolo di Sicilia.

After several “Cannoli” recipes, all of them simultaneously in 2016 and mainly made by foreign manufacturers, finally comes the recipe and interpretation of a company made entirely in Italy, even better still made in Sicily.

The product is made in Mix series packaging, 50 ml basic version + 10 ml base (with or without nicotine) to reach a finished product of 60 ml. The bottle is made of PET with a screw cap. The label graphics are simple and very clear, with a style that resembles that of many biscuit or snack packs.

Tenth presents the Cannolo di Sicilia:

The prince of Sicilian desserts, the cannolo, has soft and delicate aromatic notes: the sheep’s ricotta cheese with a characteristic but light flavor, and the waffle from the vague fried smell with sparkling notes of citrus and citrus make up its perfume. Cannolo di Sicilia gives the best of it to the palate where the sweet ricotta cream blends wonderfully with the fried waffle in a mix that exalts the sense of taste and amplifies the olfactory notes. All this has been reproduced in this liquid devoted to the happiest vapers.

With so much curiosity I make a first smell analysis and immediately find out that from the bottle comes out a very faithful spoon of cannolo. Freshly baked cannolo, an intense and unmistakable smell as if coming from the next room. An intense flavor of ricotta cream is supported by a more sugary note; It would seem like a thin veil of velvety sugar. Repeated pressures on the bottle also release light citrus tips. Will they marry well with creation as a whole?

The olfactory curiosity, after a few minutes, is overwhelmed by the desire for the vape test.


As I said before, the recipe for the Sicilian cannolo in a revolving version is not an absolute novelty, since last year there have appeared several brands that have exploited the novelty of the moment to propose a world-class classic of Italian pastries. The Flavourist, though never having reviewed anything about it, had some way to try some of these recipes, which is what we have come back to look at today’s product. And then I am ready to start with my atom with the first puffs of Cannolo by Decima.

I am in trouble … because even if I was good enough to describe liquids and aromas (and I’m not), there are not enough spending words to describe the sumptuous perfection of this e-liquid. If any of you reading this review will be able to imagine the most tasty and tasty cannolo you have ever tasted, well, you are imagining the Decima Cannolo.

A full bodied and intense smell of ricotta pervades the palate; It is a strong and vigorous flavor just as it suits a true ricotta produced by sheep’s milk. The perception of dense ricotta cream, obtained through a sugar dough, is faithful to reality. Sugar smells slightly the most “wild” taste of ricotta, giving the cream the right texture.

This top-of-the line ricotta cream is coupled with the discrete accents of a crispy fried peel, well present but never too intrusive. A fried pasta that envelops the creamy filling enriching it without covering it completely and from which exhalation you can catch the spicy nuances of orange peel. The waffle was also interpreted and made with a regal technique.


Beloved by the unquestioned fidelity of taste, it strikes me the body and gentle liquid fragrance, the features of a real cannolo, soft and crisp and never too sweet, have been emulated with overwhelming quality. This liquid is an aromatic artwork.


A creation that is not born by chance. A long, loose and difficult process by the very advent of its creators. An adventurous and fascinating journey that the guys of Decima have carried forward with dedication and ambition combined with the desire to never content themselves with the first “good” results but to pursue the aromatic perfection. An act of love enclosed in a romantic sensory journey. Cannolo by Decima is  lile a “My way” song to be handed down to posterity.

The scenario of “Cannoli e-liquids” at moment is already a little abused, We could say, referring to the famous novel of the italian writer Luigi Pirandello “One, no one and one hundred thousand”…

We fortunately found the ONE…

ico 5


Cons: We would love to see it with a more aristocratic packaging.

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