E-liquid review: Capri (Vitruviano’s juice) Mix Series 60 ml – ricevuto dal produttore

Declared base: 30 PG / 70 VG

Batch: 73M16

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Expiry date: 09/18

Devices: Laisimo Snowwolf 200w plus + Recoil RDA dual coil 0.35 ohm (Kanthal A1 24 awg 0.50 mm ) with japanese organic cotton

After having spoken earlier this year of Positano in his new version “Mix Series”, today we continue our journey through the Mix Series creations by Vitruviano’s Juice, telling you about the e-liquid Capri.

From the words of the manufacturer, a brief explanation of the new Mix Series line: it is a semi-finished product, the package contains 50 ml of liquid with a high concentration of aroma and requires the addition of 10 ml of the base (supplied separately) to obtain a liquid ready finished 60 ml. Vitruviano’s has provided for three different concentrations of nicotine that will provide a final product, respectively, with nicotine at 3 mg / ml, or 1.5 mg / ml or more in 0 mg / ml.

The bottle containing the e-liquid is transparent PET with closure plug to “screw”, very convenient for the operations of refill or dripping. The broad label extends over almost the entire surface of the bottle, is very clear and rich in all the necessary information starting from the composition of the product, the information on the dangers of the same, up to information relating to the producer; nothing is missing.


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Capri is officially described as follows:

Soft Caprese cake made of tasty and fragrant almond and chocolate. Get caught by the warm notes of brandy and the fragrance of a typical Neapolitan dessert.

To smell Capri denotes an alcohol substrate with enough pronounced notes of chocolate and almonds. It’s good, warm and strong, I expect, therefore, more character and a more masculine tone than to Positano and especially, of course, I expect that the liquid memories with good fidelity the great taste of an original Neapolitan Capri cake, the traditional cake which is Capri inspires itself. For those who were not aware, the caprese cake is a cake with a long history that is lost in the mists of time when, in the early twentieth century, in 1920 the chef Carmine Di Fiore created this cake by mistake (as often happens in the kitchen) forgetting to add to its mix the flour. The result was a low cake and crisp on the outside, but with a softness and a degree of internal humidity that make it unique, and certainly among the most popular sweets of our entire peninsula.


For the vape test I decided to try the liquid in dripping with a Recoil RDA with 0.35 ohm coil. Thereby, the clouds thanks to the new composition of the Vitruviano’s Mix Series! A 70/30 that deserves adequate, warm to steaming aromatic.

To vape Capri although it is immediately pleasant, managing to convey in his notes a sufficient memory of a caprese cake, however, seems a bit less convincing, I would say more incomplete than smell. In the inhalation phase taste not overly sweet almond paste seems to invade the composition of the mix, confining a bit in the rear of the icing hints of chocolate and sugar therefore struggling a little bit to emerge. The breath is hot and tasty but not enough creamy; perhaps a bit more sweet and soft nuances on the palate would transfer a greater feeling of cake. Certainly the Capri cake is not among the softer of the Italian confectionery scene but in this circumstance speaking about an e-liquid, I have to say that the vaporization of Capri would have deserved a little less drying.

The exhalation encloses and summarizes the characteristics of this creation highlighting on the one hand ingredients which individually appear to be very good, natural and well dosed, on the other hand the lack of a much more creamy amalgam which would have given the right link to the whole. Notice is slight angular shades that take roundness to the overall structure of the e-liquid.


The liquid is tested with pleasure without getting bored and holds well throughout the day and with any configuration (advise you to vape it with good airiness and wattages average high for a softer yield) but to the considerations above, the Flavourist team releases a final evaluation of “only” three drops of merit.

ico 3

Pro: the ingredients used are perceived absolute quality.

Cons: lacking a bit of creaminess to the mix.