Caput Mundi – Review


Today I have in my hands the latest creation of the Italian company La Tabaccheria as well as the first 10 ml concentrated aroma in the “white” or “extreme for pod” version, if you prefer: I’m talking about the Caput Mundi aroma that has the great particularity of combining the characteristics of two well-known lines of the Roman company, the “white” line and the more recent “Gran Riserva” line.

Everything is already known about the White Extreme 4Pod Line, but for those who were not yet aware of it, I remember that it is tobacco organic aromas that thanks to the selective purification technology, manages to maintain all the taste characteristics of the reference tobacco without deteriorating quickly the coil of an atomizer. The Extreme 4Pod vaping liquids are soft and velvety and become the perfect product for those who love the taste of tobacco and want to use it on entry level systems.

With regard to the Gran Riserva aromas, on the other hand, it must be said that they are pure tobacco extracts in the classic La Tabaccheria style, but with a refining process in oak barrels. In short, it is a line of extracts designed mainly for long-term vapers that use almost exclusively regenerable devices.

La Tabaccheria Caput Mundi colosseo

The Caput Mundi aroma is therefore a synthesis between the lines just mentioned, a product that promises to satisfy both the needs of less experienced vapers and users of pre-made coil systems, and those of expert vapers used to vaping with regenerable systems.


Below is the official description of the Caput Mundi aroma:

The first concentrated flavour where the features of our Gran Riserva products meet the properties of our Extreme 4Pod – White!

A novel “white”, the first one to have been refined by exquisite durmast woods which endow the taste-aromatic spectrum of tobacco with a new dimension, juxtaposing its notes with the smooth and mellow ones obtained from the durmast woods. A tobacco characterized by a superb taste equilibrium, which denotes an extremely-hard-to-balance integrity, when analysing its “mellowness” together with its robust and strong structure.

The perfect balance between sweetishness and bitterness leaves a “clean” palate; the enveloping woodenness, the optimization of the flavour of tobacco, elevate this White to the Olympus of Gran Riserva. This time we used a peculiar kind of selective purification, where we maintain a great body and a good persistency, making it worth of being tasted not only on entry-level systems but also using rebuildable atomizers!

La Tabaccheria Caput Mundi boccetta ed etichetta


On the smell, Caput Mundi presents itself as a decidedly full-bodied and strong aroma, with no ifs and buts. From the first press on the bottle, an intense woodiness and smoke pervades my nostrils making me recognize the presence of Latakia tobacco in the first place and probably Kentucky tobacco, due to a slight note of manure that accompanies the smoky scents of the aroma. From the rear, softer and more spicy shades peep out, they are only hinted at but just enough to make the blend round and as a whole less angular than imagined in the very first moments of the olfactory examination.

La Tabaccheria Caput Mundi SPQR


Ultimately, the smell test of Caput Mundi showed me a tobacco aroma with marked hints of wood and an evident smoky notes; a decisive and sometimes angular aromatic score due to the swagger of two strong tobaccos such as Latakia and Kentucky. What will happen in the vape test?


Devices: Ambition Mods Bishop MTL RTA 0,95 ohm (Kanthal A1 27 AWG) + BD Vape Precisio MTL RTA 1,00 ohm (Kanthal A1 28 AWG) with Fiber N’ Cotton.

    Bishop RTA by Ambition Mods e The Vaping Gentlemen Club    BD Vape Precisio RTA MTL

The devices adopted for this test are the Bishop by Ambition Mods created in collaboration with The Vaping Gentlemen Club and the Precisio by BD Vape.

On vape Caput Mundi does not betray the expectations and the excellent premises of the olfactory test, but in a certain sense it changes clothes and takes on the role of an English mixture with a noble and at the same time modern appearance. The e-liquid is homogeneous and very structured from the first puff and the Latakia, so dominant during the nasal test, now becomes one of the characterizing elements of the blend but never completely takes over.

Latakia is easily perceived in inspiration but almost stripped of its spicier notes, to leave room for deep and alluring hints of wood, with a delicately round effect, completely unsuspected in my view after the overbearing olfactory test.

To the initial cues of Latakia enriched and ennobled by the refinement in oak woods typical of the Gran Riserva line aromas, a dark smoke is added which will be more or less intense according to the atomizer used; in my case it is the Precisio that most exalts these smoky scents, while on the Bishop the whole aromatic structure is more amalgamated and velvety.

Miscela Englis Blend per pipa

Caput Mundi is a “white” aroma that releases a great aromatic complexity and shows a truly enviable “analog” character. In the heart of the puff, the aromatic perceptions turn slightly towards a blend with softer and sweeter characteristics, even if the background of Caput Mundi is always persistently woody and dark.

Finally, at the end a light and persuasive spiciness introduces the delicate aromatic persistence after vaping, which makes this liquid perfect for those who want to vape all day long a medium strong tobacco e-liquids, savory and characterized by a vibrant and dry aroma.


Caput Mundi is a crossroads of two extraction technologies developed by the most important Italian company in terms of extraction of tobaccos for inhalation e-liquids. Caput Mundi is the perfect synthesis between the Gran Riserva extracts and the Extreme 4 Pods of La Tabaccheria. The result is an aroma completely similar to a classic organic tobacco extract with the surplus of being extremely coil friendly (the overall 65 ml obtained from mixing the aroma can be easily vape with a single coil). Trust me: no vaper, if properly blindfolded, would be able to recognize that it is a “purified” organic tobacco …

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Suggested dilution: 15%

Steeping time: ready to vape, recommended 1-2 days

The Flavourist voto 4,5

Pro: The “white” blend by La Tabaccheria very complex and closer to a classic tobacco extract. And also the best one…

Cons: More expensive than the market average for 10ml concentrates

La Tabaccheria Logo sfondo vintage

Name and Format: Caput Mundi (La Tabaccheria) – Concentrated flavour 10 ml

Batch: 753 a.C. / 0721

Expiry date: n.d.