E-liquid review:  Caramel Affogato – French Press line (Rope Cut) 30 ml

Batch: n.d.

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: max VG

Expiry date: n.d.

Devices: Hcigar VT inbox + Maze V2 RDA dual coil 0.35 ohm (SS316L 26 awg 0.4 mm) with organic Japanese cotton.

Today we will review what The Flavourist for some time now has renamed a Starbucks e-liquid. In fact, Caramel Affogato, produced by the Canadian manufacturer Rope Cut, is inspired by one of the last creations of the Starbucks brand: Caramel Frappuccino affogato-style, a new beverage creation with a clear Italian inspiration, proposed by the famous US coffeehouse chain.

Curious and mysterious the manufacturer’s choice to brand this liquid with the French Press brand: a Canadian creation, clearly inspired by an Italian style product, with a name that recalls France, overseas oddities…

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The product packaging includes a cardboard box containing the 30 ml e-liquid bottle. The information on the package are insufficient for the European regulations, as we have extensively discussed in other articles. However it is not surprising, since this Canadian product is not currently sold in Europe. As we have said on several occasions, if and when they will arrive in the Old continent, we have no doubt that the Canadian friends will adapt with extreme diligence their products to our market.

On the manufacturer’s website Caramel Affogato is presented as follows:

Indulge in a rich and creamy coffee frappe, perfectly blended with a touch of caramel.

On the nose there are notes of an ice-cream with caramel nuances, framed by clear scents of coffee. Light alcoholic notes are perceived, but everything is more than pleasing and excellently made.

The soft features of this coffee macchiato ice cream leads me with curiosity and a lot of hope to the vape test. I say a lot of hope because, a coffee-based recipe, especially for the Italian standards, brings high risks. But keeping in mind that it is a Starbucks-style creation can change everything. In the analysis of an e-liquid it’s important to have a point of view that is as neutral as possible.


For the vaping test I entrusted a configuration that I’m using a lot in the last times, because I find it very fulfilling: a bottom feeder with Hcigar VT inbox and Maze V2 with flavor cap.

The mix is pleasant but in my opinion less convincing that on the smell. If during the smell test the fragrance remembered with a high degree of fidelity the features and taste of a typical Starbucks frappuccino, on vaping the similarities with that dessert are slightly lower. The aromatic structure is well built and calibrated, so that all the main ingredients emerge almost simultaneously. On the inhale are mainly perceived the notes of an ice cream with a very fine vanilla hint. In the core of the puff subtle nuances of coffee and caramel join the head notes. The coffee, as might be expected, doesn’t have the characteristics and the timbre of a classic Italian espresso, but it is faithful to espresso of the famous American brand and it’s really pleasant. Finally the caramel takes us gently into the exhalation phase and appears as the main scent in the post vaping, with a good aromatic persistence.


The puff in general is rich and full-bodied but it maybe lacks in sweetness. The coffee timbre emerges and inevitably subtracts sweetness and roundness to this e-liquid that, although still very pleasant, doesn’t charm as the Canadian manufacturer’s masterful recipe: I Scream Tacos (Haven’t you tried it yet? You have to!). The creaminess that is expected from a coffee milkshake is sufficient but not completely satisfying.

hcigar maze 24mm rda

While we can say that on the nose the e-liquid loyalty to the Caramel Frappuccino affogato in Starbucks-style is excellent, on vaping our rate is just “good”. The milkshake note is provided by a clear taste of whipped cream that perfectly embodies the creative idea of Rope Cut.


Caramel Affogato is undoubtedly a good e-liquid, it is intelligently constructed with Rope Cut well known elegance, that offers us his version of one of the newest beverage of the US coffeehouse chain. The mix perhaps deserved more roundness and creaminess, it appears broken by the strong coffee note instead. The Flavourist still gives a positive assessment of Caramel Affogato by French Press for its loyalty to the Starbucks beverage.

ico 3

Pro: Pleasant and not cloying recipe.

Cons: The strong coffee note subtracts softness and roundness to the milkshake.