Mixture n.1 – La Tabaccheria

Mixture n.1 – La Tabaccheria

Mixture n.1 La Tabaccheria – Review


We are in 2018 and the italian company La Tabaccheria, adds another arrow to the arch of the historic line “Le Miscele Barrique”, adding to the well-known English Mixture, Balkan Mixture and American Blend, the aroma Mixture n.1, with the goal of adding a new and complex blend to the line, with refined aromatic scents that recall the zware and halfzware chopped tobaccos. The line, in its purest essence, aims to rediscover and bring to light ancient almost forgotten aromas, combining the most classic notes of tobacco with enveloping shades of oak barriques.

 La Tabaccheria Mixture n.1

Daughter of the well known motto “shake and vape”, the Mixture n.1 also maintains all the organoleptic characteristics of the products by La Tabaccheria, and so within a few minutes of its mixing, you will get a product chemically ready to be vape. Before starting with our review of Mixture n.1, we would like to report the words of the manufacturer about this much sought after, as much appreciated line: “The Blends are real recipes, each with its own soul, where, a slight variation in the percentages of the ingredients used is enough to alter the balance between body and aroma, between sweet and bitter, between dry and sweet.

With the creation of this line, we wanted to open the doors to the great classics of the slow vape world, proceeding over time to the creation of the most modern and elaborate blends. The blends are embellished and enriched with Barrique notes, conferred by precious oak woods, which give an edge toour Blends. Barrique notes not intrusive, which like a musical background will accompany the taste of the blends, the true protagonist of the Aromatic Bouquet.”


The Flavourist in its transversality could not miss its opinion on this product, and therefore let’s start from what are the general lines and the mission of the same. As anticipated, Mixture n.1 is a 10ml concentrated flavour that wants to emulate all the complexities of the finest halfz-ware blends for shredded, as well as the most popular Kentucky-based pipe blends, typical of italian cigars, with strong hints of fire-cured tobacco.

La Tabaccheria Mixture n.1 con pipa

On the manufacturer’s official website, Mixture n.1 is described as follows:

Questa miscela è il Blend che realmente mancava all’appello, dove uno dei nostri “cavalli di battaglia”, il sig. Kentucky, dirige un’orchestra di gusto, corpo ed aromi data da una complessa miscela di diversi tabacchi e dalle note barrique. Una Mixture che saprà mettere tutti d’accordo, anche chi si affaccia ai fire cured per la prima volta, in quanto abbiamo studiato una formula complessa, rotonda e piena di sfaccettature, ma al contempo non invadente e rivolta a tutti gli amanti dei tabacchi dolci, equilibrati o affumicati.

This mixture is the Blend that really lacked the appeal, where one of our “workhorses”, Mr. Kentucky, conducts an orchestra of taste, body and aromas given by a complex blend of many tobaccos and barriques nuances. A Mixture that will be able to put everyone in agreement, even those who approach the fire cured for the first time, as we have studied a complex formula, round and full of facets, but at the same time not intrusive and aimed at all lovers of sweet, balanced or smoked tobaccos.


Mixture n.1 on the smell it tangibly releases dark hints of leather, certainly due to the presence of one or more qualities of Kentucky tobacco, all seasoned with a slight sweet note, probably resulting from the mix of the same fire cured tobacco with some fermented tobacco, such as an old-fashioned Cavendish. These aromas are structured and very pleasant, dark but at the same time almost floral, clear aromatic tones but also particularly rich in nuances.

Tabacco kentucky tra le mani

On the smell, in fact, I can only find strong similarities with the well known tobacco for cutting such as Black Mc Baren or its blue version, all blends containing Kentucky, Burley, Oriental and Virginia. There is also a reference to that category of rather strong cigars and with a thick fire-cured wrap to give body to the whole structure.

To accompany this interesting olfactory experience, I cannot fail to notice a constant but intriguing woody note, well balanced and never intrusive. Hints of old shrubs and leaves furrowed by time…


Devices: Flash e Vapor V4.5 S+ single coil, NiFe48 28 AWG 0.32mm TC, 190°, on Dicodes Dani Mini.

     Flash E Vapor V 4.5 S  Dicodes Dani Mini box mod

For the review of this complex blend, I trusted on the old but very good FeV V4.5 S+ atomizer with standard tank and 1.2mm single airflow. Despite having tried it on different devices, I find that this one is able to best enhance the aroma object of our review.

From the first puffs, when the tank is still cold, a noticeable and marked top note is perceived, extremely smoky but never too intrusive. Kentucky is the absolute master, with clear references to the classic Kentucky extract by La Tabaccheria, but perhaps with something more. It almost seems that, in addition to the well-known Kentucky extract from the Tobacco Extracts line, there are some other Kentucky tobacco with some notes reminiscent of the more classic and bitter Scandinavian and Dutch. Will there be more than two at this point? What a mess, but maybe it’s better this way!

The heart of the vape, on the other hand, is on the one hand almost floral, on the other dry and strongly structured in its essence. The base notes recall that final part of the smell test described above, in which distinctly woody hints immediately refer to an old fireplace in an old Scandinavian baronial house. As the heat increases, this aroma returns with more complex and structured nuances.

Tabacco Kentucky sminuzzato

I perceive sweet nuances of a good Cavendish, but at the same time I am sure that the whole bouquet goes far beyond my simple perceptions in richness. I think of some other condiment, I imagine a Burley tobacco, or Virginia or even a Maryland tobacco… I let my imagination run wild in the aromatic understanding of this blend that is so deeply intriguing as well as secret.

The top note, charged, bitter and smoky, remains very constant and tangible throughout the entire vape, as does the Barrique note, which makes the blend lovable and more pleasant than ever for an absolutely all day vape. With the heating of the chimney, and thanks also to the constant correctness and surgical management of the heat in TC by Dicodes, this blend gives an aromatic experience that is always rich and never banal.

The manufacturer recommends a dilution between 5 and 15% and I, in order not to be mistaken, I tried it at 8%, 10% and 12%. The 10% diluted aroma is never particularly intrusive on our coils, allowing us to better savor all the rich nuances of the blend, without having to proceed with a new build not before 8-10ml of vaped e-liquid.


Mixture n.1 by La Tabaccheria is an ideal link between what was before the electronic cigarette and what began with the spread of this alternative system to traditional smoking. A skillful blend that merges sweet and floral flavors, with dark and woody notes. An aromatic structure that allows us to savor, puff after puff, every subtlest nuance of this blend, so well thought out as to bring together lovers of all kinds of tobaccos, skillfully varying between its different facets and bringing the vaper to an ever-changing vape experience.

Suggested dilution: 10%

Steeping time: ready to vape

The Flavourist voto 5

Pro: A rich fire cured blend, well structured and with lovable barrique notes. A treat for lovers of complex blends.

Cons: – 

La Tabaccheria Logo sfondo vintage

Name and Format: Mitxture n.1 (La Tabaccheria) – Concentrated flavour 10 ml

Batch: P0418 – 24

Used Base: 50 PG / 50 VG

Expiry date: 06/2020

Il Moro – Vaporificio

Il Moro – Vaporificio

Il Moro Vaporificio – Review


A dip in the past, a jump back in time of over six years which, for the electronic cigarette sector, represents a geological era. We are in September 2014 and the electronic cigarette, after taking its first steps in our country with a phase of incredible momentum between 2012 and 2013 followed, due to our institutions, by a strong setback, is looking for a more precise identity and consolidation for the years to come.

From abroad arrived the first rebuildable atomizers, making the sector a decisive leap in quality. Looking at our country, appear on the market the first productions of artisanal devices (there is still no talk of modders and high end), and on the e-liquid side, the company Vaporificio, launches the first three organic tobacco e-liquids, e-liquids coming from natural raw material and presents them in an elegant box called “Selezione”.

Vaporificio Selezione cofanetto anno 2014

In truth the extracted tobacco e-liquids are not an absolute novelty because in Europe, the English manufacturing company House of Liquid, had already started marketing its first organic tobacco e-liquids a few months ago (do you remember the name El Toro?), but it is to Vaporificio that must be attributed the indisputable merit of having started what would soon become a real school of thought and an all-Italian peculiarity.

With the Selezione box and with the three e-liquids Cumberland, Izmir and Il Moro, begins officially the industrial manufacturing of organic tobacco e-liquids, a variety of liquids which, especially in Italy, is still enjoying unprecedented success. Since that September 2014, the growth and spread of organic tobaccos in our country and, to a lesser extent also abroad, has been impressive and unstoppable with an offer of new products and manufacturers that has multiplied over time. Meanwhile The Selezione e-liquids by Vaporificio are no longer produced and slowly end up in oblivion, at least yes to today…

Yes, because instead with great surprise, last December, six years after their first release, Vaporificio, which in the meantime has continued to reap success with many other quality products (The One Orange, Barrique, Vanilla Bourbon etc) brings to light the three progenitors of this much appreciated category of e-juices. This is the second life of Cumberland, Izmir and Il Moro.


And The Flavourist, as always sensitive to e-cig industry news, today will deal with the review of the Il Moro aroma, probably the most appreciated of the Selezione line, which can rightly be considered the father of all Kentucky tobacco extracts. Il Moro is back on the market in the 10 ml concentrated aroma format inside an amber glass bottle; the product, according to what is indicated by the manufacturer itself, is to be diluted at 10% within a base as close as possible to VPG 50/50.

Being a tobacco macerate, as indicated on the product label itself, it is an aroma that requires a minimum period of steeping (not less than 15 days), a period necessary for the base and aroma to blend in the best possible way, up to giving the e-liquid the right aromatic consistency.

Vaporificio Il Moro Selezione anno 2014

On the manufacturer’s official website, Il Moro is described as follows:

Realizzato con foglie di tabacco Kentucky fire-cured è un parente del classico sigaro italiano. L’affumicatura delle foglie conferisce al tabacco un sapore tostato, forte e deciso, quasi analogico. Mantiene inalterate le caratteristiche della foglia, chiaramente percepibili durante l’espirazione in un gusto dolciastro quasi caramellato.

Made with fire-cured Kentucky tobacco leaves it is a relative of the classic Italian cigar. The smoking of the leaves gives the tobacco a toasted, strong and decisive, almost analogue flavor. It maintains the characteristics of the leaf unaltered, clearly perceptible during exhalation in a sweetish almost caramelized taste.


Il Moro has a lively caramel color and on the smell it immediately shows the typical features and aromas of a Kentucky extract. I stop for a moment, thinking and reflecting on the fact that today is all too easy and obvious to assert what I have just said about the smell test of Il Moro, considering the infinite variety of tobacco extracts available on the market. But if I imagine myself again in that late summer of 2014, then surely I can guess all the amazement that arose at the time from the nasal test of Il Moro, and from having smelled for the first time the smell of Kentucky tobacco in shape liquid; that intense and decisive scent and that mix of notes of treated leather and smoked wood.

Il Moro SIgaro Toscano

The amazement and disbelief of the first time are transformed today into awareness of the qualities of a product that, after a long time, retains intact all its charm.


Devices: ExVape Expromizer V3 Fire RTA single coil 1.10 ohm (Kanthal A1 28 AWG) + Kizoku Limit RTA single coil 0.95 ohm (Kanthal A1 28 AWG) with Fiber N’ Cotton.


For the review of Il Moro I decided to rely on two very valid and performing atomizers especially with dark organic tobacco e-juices: the ExVape Expromizer V3 Fire and the Limit RTA by Kizoku.

The puff of Il Moro is immediately deep and enveloping and I feel great pleasure in savoring the nuances of this e-liquid after so many years. Vape amarcord? Not even for a dream because the quality of the creation by Vaporificio proves to be more relevant than ever even after so long after the first release. The top notes, woody and slightly smoky, take me inside a rather intense and dark tobacco frame; not without a hint of surprise, however, I notice that Il Moro turns out to be less rude than suggested by the smell test.

Kentucky Tabacco foglia

In fact there is not much to be surprised because, a macerated Kentucky is always a little less strong than an extracted Kentucky (I am thinking of the mechanical extraction processes currently used to obtain most of the organic tobacco flavors) and aromatically speaking, on the palate a Kentucky macerated is perceived softer but at the same time also delicately more elegant. This is also the case for Il Moro which, alongside the more incisive and dry timbres of inspiration, combines sinuous caramel shades, perceptible in the heart of the vape together with vivid notes of leather.

Vaporificio Liquidi Selezione locandina anno 2014

Il Moro is not in the least comparable in strength to the most recent Kentucky extracts on the market, but among the Kentucky tobaccos it is the most refined and noble one I can imagine. A long maturation can undoubtedly help to give it more strength, but it will always remain without that hit in the throat and that sharpness typical of a modern Kentucky extract. Its bouquet, while maintaining a dark and shady background, develops around a score in which hints of toasted caramel blend with the taste of raw tobacco. And they are puffs of absolute pleasure …

Even at the end of the vape a sweet note persists on the palate and “dirty” the woody and raw roughness of Kentucky that resurface at the end of the puff on exhalation. Finally, the post-vaping aromatic persistence is moderate but incredibly pleasant.


The return of Il Moro by Vaporificio after more than six years from the first release, is very useful to understand how in this period of time, thanks also to a truly massive offer, the tastes of vaper lovers of extracted tobaccos have changed; today people who vape a Kentucky fire cured extract are basically looking for a strong, smoky product with deep notes of manure. At the same time, however, the aroma of the italian company, although to be considered an “old style” product, still shows all its value, showing itself in tasting with a quality of the raw material and an aromatic class to sell. The Vaporificio has a lot to teach …

Suggested dilution: 10%

Steeping time: min 15-20 days

Pro: The father of all the Kentucky extracted that for elegance puts many of its successors in line

Cons: By current standards it is a little too soft

Name and Format: Il Moro (Vaporificio) – Aroma concentrato 10 ml

Batch: n.d

Used Base: 50 PG / 50 VG

Expiry Date: n.d

Fuoco – Angolo della Guancia

Fuoco – Angolo della Guancia

Fuoco Angolo della Guancia – Review


The Reggio Emilia company Angolo della Guancia, very well known in Italy for its tobacco distillates (Syrian H2O and Quintaessenza above all), presented at the end of 2020 a new line of concentrated aromas called “Element”. The names chosen for the four aromas are simple but very evocative: Aria, Fuoco, Terra and Acqua, or the four natural elements from which every substance of which matter is made originates. The line consists of three microfiltered tobacco extracts (Aria, Terra and Fuoco) and a whiskey aroma obtained through a distillation process (Acqua).

Although there is a lot of curiosity about the latter aroma, I will begin to test one of the three tobacco flavors and in this case I will deal with the review of “Fuoco” aroma.

Angolo della Guancia Fuoco Aroma boccetta 10 ml


The concentrated Fuoco aroma is marketed like all the products of the Element line in a 10 ml amber glass bottle to be diluted, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, at 10%. A final composition as close as possible to VPG 50/50 is also recommended. The aromas of the Element line do not need to steep, although I do not hide the fact that a few days of steeping in my opinion improve the aromatic result.

Going to the official website of the manufacturer, I realize that there is no official description of Fuoco and the product is presented simply by listing the tobaccos that make up the blend:

Isfahani Samsun Virginia (microfiltered)


The pale straw yellow color and the tobaccos used to create this blend let me understand that I probably won’t receive any particular input from the smell test of Fuoco. Yet when I start to smell the e-liquid ready to vape from the bottle, not without surprise, I smell a tobacco footprint that is anything but negligible, nothing particularly strong is clear, but certainly more marked than I expected.

The olfactory examination of Fuoco brings out a clear vegetable base with classic shades of leather, but there is more and it is immediately perceived. The impact is unusually robust, or rather, more robust than my expectations; the vegetal bed is enriched by light but penetrating acidulous inserts with a distinctly oriental character. An inviting, delicately elegant but not elusive perfume. Fuoco on the nose arouses all my attention and curiosity as, despite being a mix of oriental tobaccos that can be classified as a light blend, it appears decidedly more impertinent and lively than a classic Oriental tobacco.

Tabacco Samsun


Devices: ExVape Expromizer V3 Fire RTA single coil 1.10 ohm (Kanthal A1 28 AWG) + Flash e-Vapor 4.5s RTA single coil 0.9 ohm (Kanthal A1 27 AWG) with Fiber N’ Cotton.


For the review of Fuoco I decided to confirm the pair of German atomizers that has become at home in my vaping tests: the ExVape Expromizer V3 Fire and the 4.5 S version of the Flash e-Vapor.

From the first puff I feel a certain pleasure in savoring the scents of this aroma. The puff of Fuoco immediately brings to the fore during inhalation the vegetal notes felt during the smell test, but also highlights an incisiveness and an analogue timbre that is truly unsuspected and beyond more than appreciable. The raw taste of tobacco is always pleasant to perceive but if, as in this case, it is supported by nuances capable of breaking up its excessive “monotony”, in my opinion it is even better.

Isfahani tabacco per narghilè


Isfahani tobacco (or Asfahani or Asfahini) is the author of these perceptions so intriguing as to awaken in me the extreme appreciation for a bouquet that does not use fire cured tobaccos to be robust. Because if it is true that in the collective imagination of vapers, a blend is to be considered dark and strong only in the presence of a good dose of Latakia and Kentucky tobaccos, it is equally true that a tobacco extract can be penetrating even with other combinations of tobaccos. And Fuoco is, scout’s word.

In fact, in the central phases of the vape, Fuoco acquires greater body and completeness when some bitter nuances accompanied by a rather important woody trail become more evident around the vegetal frame, mainly due to Virginia and secondly to Samsun tobacco.

Angolo della Guancia Fuoco Aroma

I have no doubts in asserting that Isfahani tobacco characterizes this bouquet more than anyone else. Little known in Western culture, this tobacco with a high nicotinic content has Iranian origins and is used exclusively (or almost) on the hookah. Although devoid of a fire cure, it is a tobacco with great strength that manages to transmit beyond any reasonable doubt even within the aroma created by Angolo della Guancia.

This is the reason why, during the whole arc of the puff, Fuoco is perceived as a non-light tobacco, and although it cannot be classified as a dark tobacco, there is no doubt that the woody notes that pass through it until exhalation, make it a dry tobacco just enough to be exceptional for an all day vape. Oriental but above all, linear, dry and woody.


Angolo della Guancia with Fuoco did a job of undoubted value creating a combination and fusion of tobaccos that would have deserved at least an official description of the product rather than a simple list of ingredients. Isfahani, Samsun and Virginia come together in an absolutely special blend and although it is impossible to identify them individually, as a whole they make up a blend that is different from the usual and very captivating.

It is true, sometimes producers exaggerate in the official presentations of their products, but never as in this circumstance the vaper (potential buyer) would have deserved to learn more about Isfahani and Samsun tobaccos, very little used in the formulations of tobacco extracts. available on the market.

Suggested dilution: 10%

Steeping time: ready to vape, recommended 7-10 days

Pro: A courageous blend with an oriental structure and at the same time a very incisive blend

Cons: Perhaps Angolo della Guancia could have dared a little more with Isfahani tobacco

Name and Format: Fuoco (Angolo della Guancia) – concentrated flavour 10 ml

Batch: ELM009

Used Base: 50 PG / 47 VG / 3 H2O

Expiry Date: 12/2022

Talius Blendfeel – Review

Talius Blendfeel – Review

Name and format: Talius (Blendfeel)  – Concentrated flavour 20 ml

Batch: 20702060001

Used base: 50 PG / 50 VG

Expity date: n.d.



Today I’m going to make the last review of the year 2020, a year, as many of you know, dedicated exclusively to tobacco e-liquids and aromas. For today’s review I’m going back to talk about Blendfeel and in this case I going to test a flavored tobacco product with the signature of Daniela Talia, biologist and close collaborator of Renzo Cattaneo in the Blendfeel Lab, the place where are born all the creations by the italian company.

Ready to learn the secrets and characteristics of the shot aroma Talius? There has been a lot of talk about it on some facebook groups in recent weeks, so let’s find out what it is and if it is an aroma up to the level of previous Blendfeel flavored creations such as Irish Black, La Vie en Douce or Milano.

Talius Blendfeel Boccetta

Talius is marketed in the 20 ml shot series format inside a 60 ml bottle. To have the 60 ml of e-liquid ready to vape, it will be necessary to add a base of a total of 40 ml of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerol. We would like to underline the beauty of the label graphics even if the photo of the bottle (you see above) provided by the manufacturer does not do it the justice it deserves.

Perhaps the photo at the beginning of theis review made for The Flavourist by Photokappa photo agency, which has been actively collaborating with our team for some time, is more successful, with the aim of giving a creative and artistic touch to the products of the sector.


But let’s get back to us and read what Blendfeel officially declares on its website about Talius:

Pistachio, white chocolate, coconut and Burley tobacco. The tobacco base of Talius is our Burley Professional, with a full, particularly complex and articulated taste. The flavoring is the result of a careful balance in which the taste of pistachio has prevailed, which is rounded and softened by white chocolate and coconut.

Blendfeel goes on to add the following: “During the tasting of the product, the pistachio is initially felt to end with the tobacco sensation emphasized by the persistence of a delicate coconut that accompanies the taste, appreciable even after the vape.The pistachio that you can find has a characteristic natural imprint that highlights the care in the selection of this aroma. The harmony of taste and its perfect balance allow it to be used for a long time, gradually identifying new aromatic nuances.

The Tobacco Aroma (R) extracts are produced with the best tobacco leaves available on the market, the selection and research takes place meticulously and the products arrive in our production plant directly from the producers identified in the growing areas. This concentrated aroma is qualified as LL-LONG LIFE, characterizing its best duration before compromising the physical characteristics of coil and cotton.”


The beginning of the smell test immediately places us in front of an aroma with a clear creamy imprint. The scent of pistachio definitely stands out, bursts and stands out decisively among all the elements that make up the aromatic score of this aroma. The Talius pistachio is tasty and also quite realistic although I believe it’s a synthetic aroma; pistachio is flanked by faint hints of coconut and a subtle creamy trail that actually seems to remember the scent of a white chocolate bar quite well.

Even with a prevalence of pistachio notes, the balance between these three ingredients appears very well thought out and the balance seems absolutely impeccable to me, as long as we forget about tobacco. Oh yes, because the Burley tobacco mentioned in the description is the great absent as well as the loser of this smell test. Desperately looking for Burley…


Devices: Kizoku Limit RTA BVC single coil 0.7 ohm + Innokin Ares 2 RTA 24 mm single coil 0.9 ohm (Khantal A1 27 AWG) with Cotton Bacon Prime.


For today’s vape test I decided to rely on Kizoku Limit (with Aspire coil) and Innokin Ares 2 atomizers. At the cost of being more and more boring and unpopular, I repeat that no one will ever convince me of the fact that to vape well you don’t need to have a rigorously high-end and also quite expensive device.

On vape Talius immediately attracts my attention because it shows a very harmonious and enveloping e-liquid. It certainly has a winter soul, gives warmth and sweetness to every puff and does not disappoint the excellent expectations created with the smell test. The pistachio takes shape and takes center stage during inhalation and transfers that sense of naturalness felt during the olfactory test to my palate.

I have no doubts in asserting that it is the main ingredient of this recipe, the one to which Daniela Talia has decided to give more emphasis for Talius. Even the central phases of the puff are characterized by the presence of pistachio which continues to impose itself within the mix with all its aromaticity and intrinsic sweetness, just as if it were a real Bronte pistachio. The bouquet then arrives delicate and sinuous towards the tail notes, with an always sweet and round puff, and reveals during the exhalation graceful and almost creamy coconut glazes, which fade emerging from an imperceptible woody background.

And although pistachio is the ingredient and the main actor of this creation, I do not hesitate to tell you that in my opinion it’s the coconut, with its supporting role, to unleash an impeccable acting, with its after vape aromatic persistence that, if we were in the movie industry, I would not hesitate to define it as an Oscar interpretation.


Talius is undoubtedly an e-liquid created with great care and packaged with equal meticulousness and skill. The pistachio elements at the beginning, and coconut at the end, are what this tobacco-creamy mix revolves around; white chocolate, it’s difficult to identify but still present, provides the creamy frame within which the two main ingredients move. And the Burley tobacco? If I said that it is perceived well, within the bouquet, I would be shamelessly lying, and if I said that you can recognize a slight dry, slightly woody nuance that is typical of Burley, I would be lying the same and again.

To close I wonder: why classify an e-liquid as a flavored tobacco when in the end it is not? I think that if we consider it a creamy e-juice, we can say it’s really a high quality e-liquid…

Suggested dilution: 33%

Steeping time: 1-2 days

Pro: Lovable post vape aromatic persistence with a delicate sensation of coconut on the palate

Cons: Another tobacco flavored according to the current flavored style: very flavored and very little tobacco

759 Balkan Blend (Tabacchificio 3.0)

759 Balkan Blend (Tabacchificio 3.0)

Name and Format: 759 Balkan Blend (Tabacchificio 3.0) – Concentrated flavour 20 ml

Batch: 04-03/19

Used Base: 50 PG / 47 VG / 3 H2O

Expiry date: 03/2021


In pipe smoke a Balkan Mixture is a blend of Latakia, Oriental and Virginia tobaccos with a clear prevalence of Latakia tobacco. To tell the truth, the term “Balkan mixture” does not identify a real product category of tobaccos but is more than anything else a commercial term created to identify a whole series of pipe mixtures that want to emulate the legendary and no longer produced The Balkan Sobranie n. 759 Mixture.

Even the electronic cigarette sector, within the niche of organic tobacco flavors, soon adopted this legendary blend, and so in recent years many extracted tobacco manufacturers have create their Balkan Blend e-juices. For today’s review I will examine just one of these, the aroma 759 Balkan Blend made by the Emilian company Tabacchificio 3.0.

Of this company, founded and managed by Massimiliano Caliendo, we have already had the pleasure and the good fortune to review five aromas: Eclissi, Halfzware Shag, Kentucky Tennessee, Nova Roma and Balkan Six Leaves. If you are a lover of this kind of e-liquids and have never tried a Tabacchificio 3.0 extract, I recommend reading them, you may find some product to fall in love with.

estratti tabacchificio 759 balkan blend etichetta

The concentrated flavor 759 Balkan Blend is marketed like all the products of the brand in a 20 ml glass bottle to be diluted, according to the manufacturer’s indications, between 10% and 20%. A final composition as close as possible to VPG 50/50 is also recommended. Tabacchificio 3.0 aromas do not require maturation, although a few days of steeping undoubtedly improve the aromatic result.

Tabacchificio 3.0 describes its 759 Balkan Blend as follows:

Ricco e robusto, potente e schietto, ma allo stesso tempo, fine ed elegante. Sapori scuri di legno e cuoio si mescolano a delicati sottofondi di dolcezza e profonde note di terra.

Rich and robust, powerful and straightforward, but at the same time fine and elegant. Dark flavors of wood and leather blend with delicate undertones of sweetness and deep earthy notes.


The presence of a robust and smoky Latakia immediately characterizes the smell test of 759 Balkan Blend and I can only be pleased with it, as the dark blends are the ones I prefer most within the category of tobacco extracts. A Latakia definitely at the forefront is flanked by rich spicy scents that rest on a bed of soft vegetal notes, more timid but still present. The olfactory analysis allows us to see all the elements, and each with its weight, which one would expect to identify in a Balkan blend; the aromatic plant is essential and the three tobaccos tidy and ready to perform their function (I hope) even in the vape test.


Devices: ExVape Expromizer V3 Fire RTA single coil 1.10 ohm (Kanthal A1 28 AWG) + Flash e-Vapor 4.5s RTA single coil 0.85 ohm (Kanthal A1 27 AWG) with Cotton Bacon Prime.


For the review of 759 Balkan Blend I decided to use again the pair of German atomizers that has become at home in my vaping tests: the ExVape Expromizer V3 Fire the 4.5 S version of the Flash e-Vapor.

On vape the 759 Balkan Blend appears immediately strong but never over the top. Latakia is in the foreground in inspiration, but does not violate the taste buds making it very difficult to perceive the subtlest nuances of the whole blend. Let’s not forget that we are not in the presence of a pure Latakia and therefore it would be a big mistake to judge this aroma only by the percentage and strength of the Syrian tobacco in the blend. In this sense, this Tabacchificio 3.0 aroma plays the perfect role of a balkan mixture without playing on the clever and all too obvious expedient of “more latakia = better”.

balkan mixture con pipa

The manufacturer in creating this tobacco extract, concentrated and focused on the whole blend structure, taking care that Latakia, however the protagonist, did not obscure Oriental tobaccos and Virginia. This is why during the puff it is easy and equally valuable to be able to perceive after the dark, woody and smoky impact of Latakia, an aromatic richness and a slight spiciness that characterizes precisely the central phases of the vape, with oriental tobaccos that emerge generous throughout their sophisticated spiciness.

estratti tabacchificio 759 balkan blend

When I am about to finish the puff, I realize that the bouquet is also enriched with a sweeter and more harmonious background, and I identify in this the contribution of virginia tobacco that provides an undoubted roundness to the mix, making it with full merit lovable and enveloping. Finally, pleasant but not too marked is the aromatic persistence after vape, which leaves a slight accent of smoked wood on the palate.


I conclude this review of the 759 Balkan Blend aroma with a reflection that more generally embraces all the products by Tabacchificio 3.0 brand tested so far. The company from Reggio Emilia produces high quality tobacco aromas, like many other Italian companies; in my opinion, however, it stands out a bit from the others because Massimiliano Caliendo (Tabacchificio 3.0 creator), while keeping in mind what the market asks and desires, never renounces to add creativity and personality to his creations, in some cases even giving up a more immediate commercial success.

Just 759 Balkan Blend is a shining example of this because, although it is a classic recipe for the category of tobacco extracts, this blend proved to be orderly, at times austere and damn elegant, so much so that it probably winks only to a small circle of vapers, in short, to those who appreciate tasting tobaccos slowly and rhythmically. A meditation tobacco, a perfect balkan blend.

Suggested dilution: 15-20%

Steeping time: ready to vape, recommended 10-15 days

Pro: Quality raw materials for a blend made with great skill


Tobacco Chester (DKS)

Tobacco Chester (DKS)

Name and Format: Tobacco Chester (DKS) – concentrated flavour 10 ml

Batch: P1906000454

VPG composition: 55 PG / 45 VG / 5 H2O

Expiry date: 07/2021


Today I am happy to talk againg about a classic tobacco aroma, a category often mistreated, perhaps too much, especially by the narrow range of the more experienced vapers who, in terms of tobacco e-liquids, are decidedly more oriented towards the so-called organic tobaccos. Yet, let’s not forget it, the hard vaper group actually represents only a minimal percentage of the total number of vapers both in Italy and in the world.

The e-liquids and synthetic aromas, as strange as it may seem to many of you, I believe above all because of social media that never as in this case distort the reality of the situation, they are by far more purchased and consumed than organic products. It is therefore our job to tell you about them and give them the prominence they deserve.

DKS Tobacco Chester boccetta

The aroma that is about to pass under the magnifying glass of The Flavourist, is manufactured by the historic Italian company (now based in Germany) DKS Eliquid, managed by Alessandro Chiolini, one of the greatest and most recognized “smell experts” of our country. After having talked about two organic productions of DKS (Bitter Fruit and Pensiero Stupendo), we are going to examine the Tobacco Chester aroma that wants to be an evident reference to a well-known brand of traditional cigarettes.

Tobacco Chester belongs to the DKS Plus line aromas, marketed in 10 ml bottles and which provide a dilution that can vary between 2% and 5%. To facilitate the preparation of these aromas, the manufacturer also suggests a dilution in drops, and suggests for all DKS Plus to add 3-6 drops of aroma for every 10 ml of ready-made base.

tabacco burley foglie

Here’s how the manufacturer describes the Tobacco Chester aroma:

Tabaccoso dolce, ma dal gusto marcato e dal profumo intenso. Ideale per lo svapo dopo i pasti.

Sweet tobacco, but with a marked taste and intense aroma. Ideal for vaping after meals.


On the smell Tobacco Chester has an extremely delicate aroma, especially if you carry out the nasal test from the bottle of the mixed e-liquid (I have prepared a 10 ml bottle with 5 drops of aroma). However, it must be said that despite its delicacy, the aroma seems to have a rather dry and clean tobacco background. If, on the other hand, you proceed by smelling directly from the bottle of the aroma, the perfume is decidedly more intense and marked and it is therefore easier to identify the aromatic notes that characterize this creation by DKS. It is possible to perceive a straw-yellow background crossed by slightly floral aromas garnished with a pinch of honey within a rather sweet and marked general picture. What will happen in the fateful vape test?


Devices: Innokin Sceptre with coil MTL 1.2 ohm + Vaporesso Luxe PM40 with mesh coil 0.8 ohm

For this review I decided to take advantage of the two most popular and sold pod mods at the end of this year: the Innokin Sceptre and the Vaporesso Luxe PM40.

innokin sceptre pod mod    vaporesso luxe pm40 pod mod

On vape Tobacco Chester is a very rich and multifaceted aroma and shows its qualities in the different phases of the puff. During the inhalation the hints of Tobacco Chester are very round and delicate; intriguing and enveloping with a slightly floral trail that crosses the tobacco plant, on the contrary straw-yellow and sometimes grassy, ​​typical of the synthetic interpretations of Burley and Virginia tobaccos.

In the central phases of the puff and even in the final phase of the exhalation, Tobacco Chester turns towards more marked tobacco notes, becomes drier and woody nuances replace the soft notes of the inhalation. The bouquet acquires tone and depth and the initial floral trail seems to transform into a faint vein of incense.

It seems all and the opposite of all this Tobacco Chester: sweet but dry, delicate but incisive, sinuous but dry. Yet in this swing of aromatic and opposing emotions, Tobacco Chester never gets lost in any excess, proving in fact an extremely elegant and perhaps at times austere aroma.

DKS aroma tobacco chester


We agree that it is an “entry level” e-liquid, but I now turn to the vapers convinced that the tobacco vape is only that deriving from the use of organic e-liquids: believe me when I tell you that this synthetic e-juice exceeds, for class and cleaning, many organic productions. Personally, a great consumer of extracted tobacco e-liquids, I have a simple evaluation parameter to judge a synthetic tobacco: if in using it I do not feel the imminent need to divert me to an organic one, then it means that that product is simulating very well both an organic tobacco vape and a traditional smoke.

Tobacco Chester is just one of those synthetic tobaccos, thanks to a recipe of great prestige and quality. Its linear aromatic structure, clean and at the same time varied, not only never tires, but has the great merit of recalling with a good approximation part of the sensations of traditional cigarette smoke.

Suggested dilution: 2%-5% or 3-6 drops for a 10 ml base

Steeping time: ready to vape

Pro: A synthetic tobacco flavour superbly manufactured by DKS Eliquid

Cons: Perhaps it lacks a characterizing aromatic component that fully identifies it