Primo K Flavour Company

Primo K Flavour Company

Primo K Flavour Company – Review


A few months ago we learned about the Italian brand K Flavour Company, specialized in the creation of synthetic tobacco aromas and e-liquids that have received many appreciations in Italy. The K Flavour Company aromas are able to combine bold and rather complex recipes with the tobacco element, without wanting at all costs to emulate or imitate an organic tobacco product.

So today let’s talk again about the “I Dieci” line by K Flavour Company, of which we have already reviewed the Quarto and Secondo aromas.

Primo K Flavour Company Aroma boccetta con descrizione

We remind you that all the aromas of this line are sold in 10ml amber glass bottles and are to be diluted to 20%. Before focusing on our aroma, we cannot fail to highlight the beauty, elegance and care of the packaging of the products of this line. Sincere congratulations!


The Primo K Flavor Company aroma is described as follows on the manufacturer’s website:

Tobacco, coconut, bourbon cream, brown sugar.


On the smell, the aroma Primo shows a clear and intense alcoholic note, almost liqueur I would say, which tends to dominate the scene a little, aromatically overwhelming all the other elements of the blend. It takes a few minutes for the nostrils to get used to the alcoholic impact, and are able to trace an intriguing coconut glaze and light vanilla hints, which however come out with difficulty from the alcoholic “fumes” of the bottle.

Without delay I prepare myself for the vape test and for the tasting of what promises to be most likely a tobacco recipe with a typically summer aromatic stamp. Will it really be like this?

Crema al Bourbon marca Buffalo Trace Distillery


Devices: Quawins Vstick Pro + Kizoku Techmod con Limit MTL RTA single coil (Kanthal A1 28 AWG) with Cotton Bacon Prime

For the review of this aroma, I decided to rely on two very different systems: the Vstick Pro pod mod and the Kizoku kit with Techmod box and Limit atomizer.

  Vstick Pro sigaretta elettronica con filtro     Kizoku Techmod 80 watt e Limit MTL RTA Kit

On vape the incisiveness of the alcoholic element perceived during the smell test, it is attenuated and balanced within a bouquet on the contrary very balanced, even if as already seen in the previous products of this line, always much more oriented towards the flavoring component than the tobacco one. The Primo K Flavor Company aroma from this point of view does not differ from the previous reviewed aromas of this line, and presents the tobacco ingredient in a way that is always perhaps a little (too) marginal.

Noce di cocco aperta

From the inhalation phase, the puff appears very aromatic and enveloping, with a fine note of coconut that actually gives the aroma a typically summer address, even in the absence of those freshness tips typical for all e-liquids created for the summer. The coconut and immediately following the perception of pleasant notes of vanilla liqueur, give me the feeling of being struggling with a coconut-based alcoholic drink, perhaps not really a cocktail (the “ice” element is missing as I said), but something more like some kind of flavored rum.

Tabacco biondo

The bouquet of Primo K Flavor Company enjoys a truly enviable roundness, it is sweet but not too much, and on the palate it is quite sweet. I do not hide the fact that I have a hard time finding both the tobacco ingredient and the cane sugar within the aromatic score of this recipe; I have no doubts that they really exist, indeed I am sure of their presence, and I imagine them to support and complete a very bold and courageous blend.

Tobacco binds well to the coconut and while not perceiving it clearly, it gives an extra pinch of woodiness to the tropical fruit; in the same way the cane sugar makes the flavor of the bourbon cream more lively and savory, softening the sweeter and potentially cloying note.

Zucchero di canna grezzo

The aromatic balance of Primo K Flavor is impeccable, the recipe is refined and quite unusual and not tired at all, but honestly I would have tried to dare more with the tobacco element making it more easily recognizable.


Primo K Flavor Company confirms the sensations and perceptions already traced in the previous reviewed aromas of the “I Dieci” line of the Campania manufacturer; it is certainly a pleasant and tasty product but, exactly as in the case of the Secondo and Quarto aromas, here too the tobacco ingredient is in my humble opinion too muted. Tobacco is certainly not the main ingredient of this aromatic composition. Roundness of taste and undisputed aromatic qualities but very little tobacco hints.

If you think you might like this aroma from K Flavor Company, then I think you should seriously consider THIS AROMA so interesting and very aromatic.

Suggested dilution: 20%

Steeping time: ready to vape, recommended 3-5 days

The Flavourist voto 4

Pro: Amiable combination of coconut and bourbon cream

Cons: The tobacco component is a little too much in the background

K Flavour Company Logo

Name and Format: Primo (K Flavour Company) – Concentrated flavour 10 ml

Batch: PTC2004N1

Used Base: 40 PG / 60 VG

Expiry Date: 05/2023

Protector Decima Eliquid

Protector Decima Eliquid

Protector Decima Eliquid Elite line – Review


Today I come back and I’m ready to talk you again about the Italian manufacturer Decima Eliquid who has been operating in the inhalation liquid sector for several years and has been able to conquer the palate of many vapers thanks to some creations of absolute value. How can we forget, for example, the Abduction and Cannolo di Sicilia e-liquids awarded between 2017 and 2018 respectively as the best fruity e-liquid and the best creamy of our peninsula.

Thanks to these two e-juices and many other excellent products, the Sicilian company has gained in recent years the reputation of a company specializing in gourmand e-liquids with highly sought-after recipes and an intense taste, ideal for the palates of vaper lovers of flavor chasing and more generally of tasty creamy and fruity blends.

But perhaps not everyone knows that Decima has always manufactured classic tobacco e-liquids since its inception. And just recently the Sicilian manufacturer has created a new line called Elite, characterized by five aromas, four of which are tobacco-based and designed to be used mainly on user-friendly and non-rebuildable systems.

Decima Eliquid Protector linea Elite packaging


The Elite line is marketed in the 10 + 10 format, i.e. inside 20 ml PET bottles containing 10 ml of aroma to be completed with a base of 10 ml of vegetable glycerol. At the discretion of the customer the possibility to choose his preferred concentration of nicotine which, according to the laws in force, cannot in any case exceed 10 mg/ml.

Let’s start to discover the products of the Decima Elite line by reviewing today for you the Protector aroma, as described on the official website of the manufacturer:

Blend with a rich and important aromatic bouquet, it is a blend of tobaccos whose hints of caramel, vanilla, hay, spices blend with admirably harmony.


I begin Protector smell examination and immediately discover an aroma with an unmistakably tobacco tone and an intense and marked perfume. To my nose Protector denotes a very penetrating scent and also quite articulate and complex, in short, not easy to decipher. Precisely for this reason I delay several minutes before trying to summarize my personal perceptions relating to Protector.

In my opinion, it is the scents of hay that characterize this smell test more than any other, flanked and supported by spicy insertions and probably by a hint of caramel, which however tends to get lost among the meanders of the massive tobacco component and also inside of a slightly alcoholic background.

With a smell test so rich in inputs, I just have to discover the characteristics of Protector while vaping.

caramello in pentola


Devices: Quawins Vstick Pro DS coil 1.35 ohm + Svoëmesto Kayfun Lite 2019 RTA 24 mm single coil 0,9 ohm (Kanthal A1 28 AWG) with Fiber N’ Cotton.

Vstick Pro sigaretta elettronica con filtro    Kayfun Lite 2019 diametro 24 mm

For the Protector review we decided to use one of the most popular entry level pod mods of the moment, the Vstick Pro by Quawins and the German rebuildable atomizer from Svoëmesto, the Kayfun Lite 2019 in the 24 mm version.

On vape Protector shows without hesitation its status as a true tobacco product, but I do not hide from you that, as intuited by the smell, it is not an easy to understand this product. In fact, it is not easy to identify all the individual components of its bouquet, which appears very amalgamated right from the inspiration. The dominant aromatic note of Protector, however, is undoubtedly that attributable to straw and dry hay; this is the leitmotif of Decima’s new creation.

Balle di fieno

The puff is dry and firm, I am in front of an almost old-fashioned tobacco e-juice. Why do I say so? Because it is increasingly common in the field of tobacco e-liquids (whether extracted or synthetic) to find so-called “flavored” products on the market that very often have a very little tobacco component. Market needs? An expedient to address the tobacco lovers on creamy e-liquids?

In the case of Protector there is no doubt about it, it is a real tobacco aroma, built on a dry and hay base, enriched with other interesting aromatic components. In fact, in the central phases of the puff, the liquid tends to appear slightly rounder and is enriched with vaguely spicy nuances that drag on to the final phase of the puff, during the exhalation together with a woody background that never leaves your palate.

Tabacco red Virginia e Cavendish

Protector is certainly a very rich blend but in my opinion not very multifaceted; it is a very well blended e-liquid, perhaps too much, and for this characteristic it is never easy to be able to identify and clearly perceive all the ingredients within it, except for the hay base.

And if it is true that at times the mix may seem a bit confused and perhaps overly ambitious, it is equally true that it does not lose its deeply tobacco character, and is more than ever satisfying on the palate of all those who are looking for a product that can bring to mind the sensations of the true taste of tobacco. Dry, penetrating and analogic, that’s Protector.


The great advantage of Protector is that it does not hide, as on the contrary many of its competitors’ products do, in tobacco disguise. He is a true classic tobacco aroma and although its bouquet appeared to me in some moments too rich in aromatic inputs, it proved to be a valid and satisfying all day with a medium intense and strong taste.

Would you like to know more about Decima? Do you want to know its TOP SELLER E-LIQUIDS?

Suggested dilution: 50%

Steeping time: ready to vape

The Flavourist voto 3.5

Pro: Uncompromising tobacco e-juice with an intense and satisfying flavor 

Cons: Complex tobacco blend that is not easy to understand

Decima Eliquid logo

Name and Format: Protector (Decima) – Concentrated flavor 10 ml

Batch: n.d

Used Base: 50 PG / 50 VG

Expiry Date: n.d

Classic Tobacco Terpy

Classic Tobacco Terpy

Classic Tobacco Terpy – Review


In over six years of e-liquids vape testing, no one better than The Flavourist has managed to combine e-liquid reviews of well-known and established brands so well, with new products and previews by new brands. In this period of time, whenever the opportunity arises to talk to you about a new and unpublished product, and perhaps little known, we have never pulled back, and it is precisely for this reason that today we can proudly boast to have the most varied and largest e-cigarette liquid review archive in Italy.

Deepening the knowledge of the Italian market of liquids for electronic cigarettes has always been our main mission, and periodically we have brought reviews of interesting new products on the pages of our blog, with a particular eye to that class of users less accustomed to constantly follow the daily dynamics of this sector. With this in mind, therefore, today we will talk about Terpy, a new made in Italy brand and based in Milan.

The range of Terpy products is very wide, over thirty between fruity, tobacco and creamy aromas and above all available both as ready to vape e-juices and as decomposed liquids or mix and vape. In short, everything is designed and studied to best meet the customer’s needs.

Terpy Classic Tobacco boccetta 30 ml


Today The Flavourist will review for you one of the most appreciated and sold aromas of the Terpy brand, the Classic Tobacco, supplied for the occasion in the shot series format inside a 30 ml PET bottle. Inside the aroma bottle (10 ml) it will be necessary to add a base of 20 ml (propylene glycol and vegetable glycerol) to reach a final recommended composition VPG 50/50.

From the Terpy website we report the official description of Classic Tobacco:

Our Classic Tobacco is the most widespread and most appreciated flavour by ex cigarette smokers, who seek to recreate the experience of smoking with electronic cigarettes. The tobacco taste is soft but decisive, very balanced for the palate and its notes of wood and alcohol combine very well with the aroma of burnt tobacco leaf.


Classic Tobacco is a synthetic tobacco e-liquid that immediately strikes the nose for its surprising temper. The perfume that comes out of the bottle is intense and very inviting and not at all pungent liqueur notes emerge from a tobacco background with clear hints of wood. Incredible how such a transparent e-liquid can give the nostrils so many cues and stimuli. The liqueur notes appear very round and enveloping and recall the scent of an expensive and precious vintage brandy.

Although a little more in the background, the tobacco component seems to represent the scenography within which all the other components of this aroma will be staged. A smell test undoubtedly quite inviting that immediately pushes us towards the vape test.

Brandy liquore


Devices: Quawins Vstick Pro DS coil 1.35 ohm + Svoëmesto Kayfun Lite 2019 RTA 24 mm single coil 0.9 ohm (Kanthal A1 28 AWG) with Fiber N’ Cotton.

Vstick Pro sigaretta elettronica con filtro    Kayfun Lite 2019 diametro 24 mm

For the Classic Tobacco review we decided to use one of the most popular entry level pod mod of the moment, the Vstick Pro by Quawins and the German RTA atomizer by Svoëmesto, the Kayfun Lite 2019 in the 24 mm version.

What we intuited during the smell test, is confirmed on vape and Classic Tobacco proves to be a surprising e-liquid from the first puffs. Why did you hide it from us for so long? The aroma is not only very full-bodied but manages to convey a sense of harmony like few others. The aromatic charge is undoubtedly commendable and during the inhalation warm and caressing liqueur notes immediately envelop the palate making the vape lovable but absolutely never too sweet.

caffè tostato arabica

The Classic Tobacco bouquet opens itself in the central phases of the vape, showing an aromatic range of absolute excellence; the intriguing liqueur glazes are flanked without hesitation by all the tobacco scents of this aroma. The taste on the palate is now drier and woody and light but easily recognizable notes of roasted coffee enrich the whole and create an aromatic complex that is more engaging than ever.

The intertwining of the almost honeyed nuances of brandy with the tobacco structure gives us an extremely lively and balanced score. A real tobacco mix that in vaping is appreciated for its many facets without ever losing its incisiveness. On the palate a pleasant earthy trail accompanies the vaper towards the end of the puff.

Tabacco red Virginia e Cavendish

Classic Tobacco vaped on the Vstick Pro device results in a more delicate and rounded taste and gives greater emphasis to the alcoholic component; on the Svoëmesto atomizer, on the other hand, all the complexity of the aromatic structure of the liquid is better enhanced and on the taste buds the aroma results in a complete, dry and rather decisive tobacco flavor. The post vape aromatic persistence is quite modest and this allows the liquid to never be cloying but to appear as an ideal product to vape all day long.


Classic Tobacco by Terpy is a tobacco e-liquid that has deeply amazed us for its complexity and for its being a real tobacco at 360 degrees. An excellent e-juice for a user at the beginning of his experience as a vaper but equally good also for vapers with long vaping experience and used to systematically taste both synthetic and extracted tobacco flavors.

What if we told you that this Classic Tobacco Terpy took us back in time to the glories of THIS MYTHICAL FRENCH TOBACCO E-JUICE?

Suggested dilution: 33%

Steeping time: ready to vape

The Flavourist voto 4,5

Pro: Surprisingly enveloping and multifaceted tobacco blend

Cons: The packaging of the product does not do justice to the goodness of this e-liquid

Terpy Logo

Name and Format: Classic Tobacco (Terpy) – Concentrated flavour 10 ml

Batch: 20220

Used Base: 50 PG / 50 VG

Expiry Date: 02/2023

Secondo K Flavour Company

Secondo K Flavour Company

Secondo K Flavour Company – Review


For today we are going back to talking about synthetic tobaccos and we do it by continuing the adventure we started recently with the tobaccos from the “I Dieci” line by K Flavour Company. The italian company has the indisputable merit of having managed in a very short time, to conquer the palates of a more than large group of vapers who love tobacco-flavored e-liquids.

The tobaccos by K Flavour Company are characterized by being on the one hand synthetic aromas, and on the other hand for being flavored tobaccos, specifically very complex recipes within which the tobacco element appears to be one of the ingredients together with the creamy, fruity components and so on.

Secondo K Flavour Company boccetta aroma

We started talking to you about the aroma Quarto K Flavor Company and today we will taste and analyze for you the aroma Secondo.

We remind you that all the aromas of this line are sold in 10ml amber glass bottles and are to be diluted to 20%. Before focusing on our aroma, we cannot fail to highlight the beauty, elegance and care of the packaging of the products of this line. Sincere congratulations!


Secondo by K Flavour Company is described as follows on the manufacturer’s website:

Tobacco, the butter, cookie, peanuts.


On the smell this aroma immediately reveals a very sweet and captivating aromatic structure, showing at the forefront a complex of buttery and cookie notes that are the envy of the most renowned baked confectionery preparations typical of the Italian tradition. It is “the butter” that stands as the protagonist of the smell test, supported by light and pleasant fragrant cookie notes. Not by chance, in the official description of the product, the manufacturer addresses it with an article and does not write generically “butter”; in fact, what is most surprising in this nasal test is the quality and the aromatic fidelity of this aroma to the scent of a real stick of butter. Heady scent.

The aroma Secondo on the smel is simply amazing and bewitching, even if it must be said to be honest, that it has remarkable similarities with the aroma Ermete reviewed in the second half of 2020 and awarded as Best Tobacco Flavored of 2020 in the classic tobaccos category.

Burro panetto

Now we just have to find out what this creation of K Flavor will reserve for us on vape, and above all we are anxious to understand if its vaporization will be able to carry on the palate, among the various components, even the tobacco element, frankly absent during the smell test.


Devices: Quawins Vstick Pro + Kizoku Techmod with Limit MTL RTA single coil (Kanthal A1 28 AWG) with Cotton Bacon Prime

For the review of this aroma, after numerous tests we decided to rely on two very different systems: the Vstick Pro pod mod, one of the best entry level devices on the market, and the Kizoku kit with Techmod and Limit atomizer.

  Vstick Pro sigaretta elettronica con filtro     Kizoku Techmod 80 watt e Limit MTL RTA Kit

The excellent perceptions and sensations received from the smell test find ample confirmation on vape, and from the first puff we realize how rich, enveloping and soft this aroma is. If you like flavored tobaccos or to be more precise tobaccos in which the tobacco element simply plays a condiment role within a creamy base recipe, well this is an aroma that is definitely for you.

On inhalation, “the butter” immediately dictates the rhythms of the vape, and it does so in a hypnotic way. A true seducer of taste buds! That of butter is a note, a long and persistent trail that goes through all the phases of the vape, but which is however admirably contained by some drier elements, both in the central phases of the puff and in the tail during exhalation.

Arachidi salate

Crunchy and never too sweet hints flank the bulky body of the butter and create a sophisticated amalgam of rare intensity. The fragrance of the cookie carries with it a minimal sensation of woodiness, a tobacco hint that, in truth, tends to mix a little and get lost among the most evident cookie nuances.

The same goes for the peanut ingredient which, despite several attempts with numerous devices and different vaping conditions, never manages to reveal itself in all its fullness, and remains perpetually alien to our perceptions. Too bad because as mentioned in the official description, in all honesty we would not have been sorry to be able to grasp some aromatic hints typical of this lovely fruit.

To be honest, however, we believe that it is a deliberate choice of K Flavour; the use of the peanut ingredient seems to be aimed simply at mitigating and interrupting the oily and powerful trail imposed by the butter aroma. So everything in this blend works very well, everything is in balance, but the fact remains that in this articulated and complex mix, the flavor of the peanuts is a little missing…

Tabacco biondo


Undoubtedly the bouquet of Secondo by K Flavour is beyond any doubt, more pleasant and tasty than ever; we are in the presence of a very multifaceted blend, suitable for both less experienced vapers, who will appreciate its roundness of taste and the presence of a realistic butter like few others, and at the same time for the finest palates of vapers with many years of experience and with a lot of taste and e-liquid tests on their shoulders. A flavored tobacco recipe able to please everyone, we at The Flavourist first and foremost.

Yet you would never imagine how much similarity this aroma has to a French aroma tried several years ago … FIND OUT HERE.

Suggested dilution: 20%

Steeping time: ready to vape, recommended min 3-5 days

The Flavourist voto 4,5

Pro: Delicious synthetic tobacco flavored with a spectacular butter aroma

Cons: We would have appreciated a greater aromatic presence of peanuts

K Flavour Company Logo

Name and Format: Secondo (K Flavour Company) – Concentrated flavour 10 ml

Batch: PTC2004N1

Used base: 40 PG / 60 VG

Expiry date: 05/2023

Quarto K Flavour

Quarto K Flavour

Quarto K Flavour – Review


In last few years the Italian vaping market has increasingly turned towards the manufacturing of aromas made with high quality organic tobaccos, so much so that it is recognized – even internationally – as the spearhead of Italian vaping. Many companies have focused their interest on the path of experimentation in extractions, macerations or simply looking for new types of tobaccos. In doing so, however, the category of old “synthetics” has had a marked decline in interest, often leading even the most recognized manufacturers of this kind of aromas to turn towards the extraction of tobacco, with more or less success.

In the last year, however, some manufacturers reintroduced the old creamy aromas and classic tobaccos, if you prefer, with which the longest-lived vapers have started their vape journey. Many of the tobaccos recently proposed are a clear reference to “what has already been”, but in some cases we observed the birth of real aromatic novelties. This is the case, for example, of the K Flavour Company brand, born in mid-2019 and quickly established itself within the italian vaper community for its expertly balanced and flavored classic tobaccos.

Quarto K Flavour company aroma Linea I Dieci

Our first approach with the K Flavour brand starts from here, officially debuting on the pages of The Flavourist, and our attention will focus on the latest line of the brand called “I Dieci”; they are complex and creative aromas, with a clear sweet imprint and with quite rare and refined combinations. The aromas are offered in a concentrated version in a 10ml amber glass bottle and have to be diluted to 20%.


Certainly, as mentioned several times, in the last year our blog has reserved big space for the organic tobacco market, in this case, however, we are talking about a series of aromas composed of a part of synthetic tobacco, enriched with other notes, with references to the old American creamy aromas of the past, but in a more aristocratic and “Italian” guise.

In particular, Quarto K Flavour is officially described as follows:

Tobacco, hazelnut cream, arabica coffee, in barrique.


On the smell, the blend turns out to be very faithful to the description. The hazelnut cream note is very marked, with strong references to those nutty hints that we all know. The coffee, on the other hand, seems to blend in an excellent way with some hints of wood, offering a well-calibrated and very particular scale of scents. Tobacco finally, like other many synthetics aromas, does not have a particular distinctive trait at an olfactory level. Ultimately, a very light and pleasant alcoholic note is perceived which we will find throughout the whole vape.

Nocciole caramellate

It would be all too simple in this case and “on the smell” to confuse this aroma with a classic creamy based on hazelnuts, but from the beginning, my nature led me to imagine that it is something more complex. If I had to try to briefly summarize my smell sensations, I would tell you that during the nasal test I found olfactory analogies with the well-known Baileys liqueur.


Devices: Flash e Vapor V4.5 S+ single coil NiFe48 0.32mm in TC, 190°, on Dicodes Dani Mini.

For the review of this aroma, I relied as always on my old but faithful FeV V4.5 S+ with nano Steam Tuners tank and double 1mm airflow, which gives an airy MTL vape. I just have to put the cotton, wet it and it is immediately an epic of hazelnuts! Well, I’ll be biased, but I’ve been looking for such a creamy and flavorful nut in a synthetic tobacco for a long time.

  Quarto K Flavour Company aroma Linea I Dieci    Dicodes Dani Mini box mod

From the very first puff, I perceive a slightly sweet hazelnut, but which does not lose the characteristics of the classic dried fruit we all know, and which certainly stands as the blend protagonist. For the first puffs, however, it almost appears to be the one and only protagonist of this aroma which, I do not deny, at least initially surprised me on the one hand for its goodness, on the other it left a little stunned by the apparent lack of other notes listed by the manufacturer.

My perplexities, however, were immediately dispelled as soon as the FeV began to fuel and heat up. That’s right because, as the vaporization chamber warms up, the woody and coffee notes begin to appear more strong at the hazelnut door, perhaps a little timidly, but just enough to recognize the official description by K Flavor. During the various vaping sessions, I noticed a constant aromatic upgrade, which reminded me of the hints of a great must in world vaping, the Phillip Rocke Grand Reserve e-liquid, a very famous blend with hazelnut cream and coffee.

caffè tostato arabica

Puff after puff, the analogy of Quarto K Flavour with the famous american e-liquid has become, to my pleasant surprise, more and more concrete, leading me to appreciate the K Flavor e-liquid for its interpretation and the desire to improve and personalize flavors already known in the past. Tobacco, as I imagined, is very shy throughout the vape, but I really think that the intent of the manufacturer was to make it an excellent dressing, rather than an absolute protagonist. In conclusion, we find a very light alcoholic note, very pleasant, which accompanies us from the first moment of the vape. Soft, round and very tasty!

Tabacco biondo


Quarto K Flavour turns out to be a real surprise for the market of classic tobacco flavors tending to creamy, and gives a beautiful and complex vape session. The hazelnut turns out to be truly of excellent quality, perhaps second only to very few products. Coffee appears as an excellent friend, but its slight dosage keeps it in the background compared to the irrepressible and sweet hazelnut and, for this reason, I think K Flavour could have dared a little more with coffee. On the other hand, the choice of making tobacco a “simple” dressing is excellent, as it manages to give that pinch of dryness and fantasy to all the blend.
I strongly hope that the flavourists of K Flavour decide to settle on this type of e-liquid, specializing even more in this market segment, to offer a valid complemen and, why not, a real alternative to real tobacco extract.

Suggested dilution: 20%

Steeping time: ready to vape, recommended 3 days

The Flavourist voto 4,5

Pro: Excellent synthetic tobacco flavored with strongly creamy and refined scents. Excellent vaping experience.

Cons: K Flavour could have dared the coffee a little more, giving the blend even more character.

K Flavour Company Logo

Name and Format: Quarto (K Flavour Company) – Concentrated flavour 10 ml

Batch: PTC2004N1

Used base: 30 PG / 70 VG

Expiry date: 05/2023

Tobacco Chester (DKS)

Tobacco Chester (DKS)

DKS logo

Name and Format: Tobacco Chester (DKS) – concentrated flavour 10 ml

Batch: P1906000454

VPG composition: 55 PG / 45 VG / 5 H2O

Expiry date: 07/2021


Today I am happy to talk againg about a classic tobacco aroma, a category often mistreated, perhaps too much, especially by the narrow range of the more experienced vapers who, in terms of tobacco e-liquids, are decidedly more oriented towards the so-called organic tobaccos. Yet, let’s not forget it, the hard vaper group actually represents only a minimal percentage of the total number of vapers both in Italy and in the world.

The e-liquids and synthetic aromas, as strange as it may seem to many of you, I believe above all because of social media that never as in this case distort the reality of the situation, they are by far more purchased and consumed than organic products. It is therefore our job to tell you about them and give them the prominence they deserve.

DKS Tobacco Chester boccetta

The aroma that is about to pass under the magnifying glass of The Flavourist, is manufactured by the historic Italian company (now based in Germany) DKS Eliquid, managed by Alessandro Chiolini, one of the greatest and most recognized “smell experts” of our country. After having talked about two organic productions of DKS (Bitter Fruit and Pensiero Stupendo), we are going to examine the Tobacco Chester aroma that wants to be an evident reference to a well-known brand of traditional cigarettes.

Tobacco Chester belongs to the DKS Plus line aromas, marketed in 10 ml bottles and which provide a dilution that can vary between 2% and 5%. To facilitate the preparation of these aromas, the manufacturer also suggests a dilution in drops, and suggests for all DKS Plus to add 3-6 drops of aroma for every 10 ml of ready-made base.

tabacco burley foglie

Here’s how the manufacturer describes the Tobacco Chester aroma:

Tabaccoso dolce, ma dal gusto marcato e dal profumo intenso. Ideale per lo svapo dopo i pasti.

Sweet tobacco, but with a marked taste and intense aroma. Ideal for vaping after meals.


On the smell Tobacco Chester has an extremely delicate aroma, especially if you carry out the nasal test from the bottle of the mixed e-liquid (I have prepared a 10 ml bottle with 5 drops of aroma). However, it must be said that despite its delicacy, the aroma seems to have a rather dry and clean tobacco background. If, on the other hand, you proceed by smelling directly from the bottle of the aroma, the perfume is decidedly more intense and marked and it is therefore easier to identify the aromatic notes that characterize this creation by DKS. It is possible to perceive a straw-yellow background crossed by slightly floral aromas garnished with a pinch of honey within a rather sweet and marked general picture. What will happen in the fateful vape test?


Devices: Innokin Sceptre with coil MTL 1.2 ohm + Vaporesso Luxe PM40 with mesh coil 0.8 ohm

For this review I decided to take advantage of the two most popular and sold pod mods at the end of this year: the Innokin Sceptre and the Vaporesso Luxe PM40.

innokin sceptre pod mod    vaporesso luxe pm40 pod mod

On vape Tobacco Chester is a very rich and multifaceted aroma and shows its qualities in the different phases of the puff. During the inhalation the hints of Tobacco Chester are very round and delicate; intriguing and enveloping with a slightly floral trail that crosses the tobacco plant, on the contrary straw-yellow and sometimes grassy, ​​typical of the synthetic interpretations of Burley and Virginia tobaccos.

In the central phases of the puff and even in the final phase of the exhalation, Tobacco Chester turns towards more marked tobacco notes, becomes drier and woody nuances replace the soft notes of the inhalation. The bouquet acquires tone and depth and the initial floral trail seems to transform into a faint vein of incense.

It seems all and the opposite of all this Tobacco Chester: sweet but dry, delicate but incisive, sinuous but dry. Yet in this swing of aromatic and opposing emotions, Tobacco Chester never gets lost in any excess, proving in fact an extremely elegant and perhaps at times austere aroma.

DKS aroma tobacco chester


We agree that it is an “entry level” e-liquid, but I now turn to the vapers convinced that the tobacco vape is only that deriving from the use of organic e-liquids: believe me when I tell you that this synthetic e-juice exceeds, for class and cleaning, many organic productions. Personally, a great consumer of extracted tobacco e-liquids, I have a simple evaluation parameter to judge a synthetic tobacco: if in using it I do not feel the imminent need to divert me to an organic one, then it means that that product is simulating very well both an organic tobacco vape and a traditional smoke.

Tobacco Chester is just one of those synthetic tobaccos, thanks to a recipe of great prestige and quality. Its linear aromatic structure, clean and at the same time varied, not only never tires, but has the great merit of recalling with a good approximation part of the sensations of traditional cigarette smoke.

Suggested dilution: 2%-5% or 3-6 drops for a 10 ml base

Steeping time: ready to vape

ico 4.5

Pro: A synthetic tobacco flavour superbly manufactured by DKS Eliquid

Cons: Perhaps it lacks a characterizing aromatic component that fully identifies it