Pensiero Stupendo (DKS)

Pensiero Stupendo (DKS)

Name and Format: Pensiero Stupendo (DKS) Con Garbo line – Propylene glycol aroma 20 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: D0054

Nico: 3 mg/ml

VPG composition: 50 PG / 50 VG

Expiry date: 10/2021

Devices: Flash e-Vapor 4.5 S RTA single coil 1.05 ohm (Kanthal A1 26 AWG) + Innokin Ares 2 RTA 24 mm single coil 0.9 ohm (Khantal A1 27 AWG) with Cotton Bacon Prime.

Today I’m back to tell you about a flavored tobacco manufactured by DKS in collaboration with my friend Filippo Garbo, creator and administrator of the youtube channel and facebook group “Svapo e Musica Club”. DKS and Filippo have created a line of flavored tobacco with a simple but very effective name: “Con Garbo”. So after having praised Bitter Fruit, today I will test for you Pensiero Stupendo, the second of the four tobacco extracts that make up the “Con Garbo” line, all with a common denominator of Kentucky tobacco and baptized, but it could not be otherwise (knowing Filippo’s passion for music) with names of musical songs.

The four “Con Garbo” are offered in the popular shot format of 20 ml of propylene glycol flavoring inside a 60 ml chubby gorilla. To obtain a ready to vape e-liquid in VPG 50/50 concentration, you hate to add to the aroma, 30 ml of vegetable glycerol and a further 10 ml of propylene glycol .

Here’s how Pensiero Stupendo is described on the manufacturer’s official website:

Come cercare di descrivere qualcosa che non si può spiegare? Cosa può donare di così speciale il Kentucky mixato alla meringa, alla vaniglia e al miele millefiori?  Come l’omonima canzone e la sua interprete, questo complesso blend si svela poco a poco visionario, psichedelico, aggressivo, soave… con un bouquet di aromi che vi lascerà bramosi di un’altra suggestiva svapata!

How to try to describe something that cannot be explained? What can Kentucky mixed with meringue, vanilla and wildflower honey give so special? Like the homonymous song and its interpreter, this complex blend is revealed little by little visionary, psychedelic, aggressive, sweet … with a bouquet of aromas that will leave you yearning for another suggestive vape!


On the smell Pensiero Stupendo appears elegantly perfumed and very aromatic, and shows in the foreground an unmistakable and lively honeyed hint garnished with a soft vanilla trail. The general sensation is that of a sinuous, caressing and sophisticated e-liquid, although I cannot fail to remember that the aroma, declared as a flavored tobacco, does not allow its tobacco component to emerge in any way and moment. Pensiero Stupendo to the smell test it ultimately seems an elegant and sophisticated creamy aroma, able to leave pleasant sensations to the nose, and I must say that it could not be otherwise given that it bears the name of the famous 1978 song by the Italian artist Patty Pravo.

I quickly prepare for the vape test to understand if the flavoring component, so dominant in the smell test, will leave space during the vaporization with Kentucky tobacco, which is known by its nature to be a tobacco with rather striking characteristics.

For the vape test I decided to use the 4.5 S version of the famous German atom Flash e-Vapor and the eclectic and versatile Ares 2 by Innokin.



On vape Pensiero Stupendo pleases and convinces from the first moment, although it does not radically modify the olfactory perceptions. A commendable honey is immediately protagonist in inspiration and faces the palate with great naturalness and refinement. The honey ingredient in vaping is a component as coveted by vapers as it is difficult to manage due to its innate tendency to cover and dominate, most of the time even excessively, the recipes in which it is inserted. In this formulation instead, honey dictates the rhythms of the vape, but it does so in an incredibly refined and balanced way; it lovingly embraces a subtle vanilla trail and other aromatic hints which, in fact, recall quite well, even if not immediately, the fine flavor of a meringue.

In the heart of the puff, slight hints of wood peek out inside the bouquet, even if they essentially remain relegated to a secondary role. I alternate slow and deep puffs with others that are closer and compulsive, and I realize how changeable and at the same time hypnotic is Pensiero Stupendo. How many analogies with the eclectic Piper girl!

A more energetic vape further enhances the qualities of Kentucky which, however, cannot completely free itself from the rest of the bouquet, as it would have liked or as it would have deserved. The tobacco ambitions of Kentucky …

The mix, substantially stingy with Kentucky for almost the whole vape, however, has a brief gasp in exhalation, when a thin thread with a manure flavor joins the massive creamy aroma. It is absolutely not easy to grasp the tobacco cues (however minimal) of Pensiero Stupendo, but I discovered that the longer and in religious meditation you vape and taste it, than easier it will be to discover its variations and its more hidden aromatic insertions.

It is true I would have preferred an aromatic structure with a more present Kentucky but overall this Pensiero Stupendo by DKS and Filippo Garbo deserves a lot for its richness of taste associated with a sophisticated sense of elegance and high quality.

Suggested dilution: 33%

Steeping time: ready to vape, recommended 7-10 days

Pro: Recipe of great elegance and personality with a very high quality raw materials

Cons: The tobacco component is too much in the background, despite being Kentucky tobacco

Cigarette (Black Note)

Cigarette (Black Note)

Name and Format: Cigarette (Black Note) – Longfill aroma 10 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: BNH10072020

Nico: 3 mg/ml

VPG composition: 50 PG / 50 VG

Expiry date: 07/2023

Devices: Kizoku Limit RTA single coil 0.95 ohm (Kanthal A1 28 AWG) + Innokin Ares 2 RTA 24 mm single coil 0.9 ohm (Khantal A1 27 AWG) with Cotton Bacon Prime.

If there is one thing I have learned in ten years of vaping, it is that vaping is the best and least harmful alternative to the traditional cigarette. However, the world of vape has always tried with a certain systematicity to emulate analogue smoke, periodically offering e-liquids on the market that promised to restore the “flavor” and sensations of a traditional cigarette. In all honesty, the numerous attempts in this direction by the various manufacturing companies have never completely succeeded in their intent. This is because, it should be clarified once and for all, it is not possible to reproduce what distinguishes an analog cigarette, and which is certainly not the taste of tobacco but the effect of the burning paper. If we start from this necessary premise, it is easier to face the tasting and the consequent evaluation of all e-liquids that want to simulate the effect of a traditional cigarette.

Today I am examining the latest addition to Black Note, a company that I believe can be defined in all respects by now Italian-American and which over the years has earned the scepter of the most famous brand in the world in terms of naturally extracted tobacco e-liquids.

The liquid that I am about to review is called “Cigarette” and is marketed in the longfill format, that is 10 ml of concentrated aroma inside an elegant 30 ml glass bottle, which is in turn kept inside a valuable cardboard tube. A base of 20 ml will be added to the aroma following the instructions on the dilution table included in the packaging. In this way you will get an e-juice ready to vape in a 50/50 ratio.

Black Note describes its longfill Cigarette aroma as follows:

Il Cigarette Blend NON è per tutti. Mentre la maggior parte dei liquidi al tabacco Black Note sono famosi per il loro sapore morbido e raffinato, il nostro Cigarette Blend non lo è certamente. Questa miscela americana contiene un mix di Virginia, Burley e tabacco turco che è stato fermentato e invecchiato in botte. Il risultato è un sapore audace, affumicato e amaro, molto simile a una vera sigaretta. Ottimo per chi vuole smettere di fumare.

The Cigarette Blend is NOT for everyone. While most Black Note real tobacco blends are known for their smooth and refined flavor, our Cigarette Blend is certainly not. This American blend contains a mix of Virginia, burley and Turkish leaf tobacco that’s been fermented and aged in oak barrels. The result is a bold, smoky, bitter flavor that some have likened to smoked trout.


On the smell Cigarette manages very well to convey that sensation typical of a smoking cigarette resting on an ashtray, an ashy sensation that acts as an important background to more classic notes of tobacco leaf. The tobacco tone, rich in fruity-grassy nuances, is quite marked, but it certainly does not present those characteristics that in the environment of tobacco extracts are defined as dark and smoky and which are usually attributed to fire-cured tobaccos.

So how did the manufacturer manage to simulate the aromatic effect of an analog cigarette so well, using only light tobaccos? What kind of extraction, processing or treatment has been implemented to arrive, olfactively speaking, to such a commendable result? Will Cigarette be able to maintain even in the vaporization phase that ashy trail that accompanies the tobacco imprint of Virginia, Burley and Oriental?

I will find out with the vape test using two cheap atomizers but with top-level aromatic performances: the Limit by Kizoku and the Ares 2 by Innokin. Dear friends, always remember that to vape well and with satisfaction you do not need very expensive high-end devices and anyone who says the opposite I guarantee you that shamelessly lies and would also be easily unmasked.


I start the tasting of Cigarette and immediately discover a masculine aroma that rests firmly on the palate, presenting in inspiration toasted hints of blond dry tobacco that direct the vape towards analog-like sensations. Slight bitter hints are gradually added to the puff and combine to create a clear tobacco bouquet with a rather evident aromatic impact. In the central phases of the puff it is the floral delicacy of Virginia that emerges and accompanies the decisive notes of Burley, providing a more vegetal contribution to the entire aromatic structure. Virginia itself seems to advance with more shadowy and murky shades or perhaps in reality it only manages to highlight the smoking of Cigarette in the best possible way; I would almost like to label it without hesitation as a Virginia fire cured or Virginia smoked.

It is precisely in these situations, therefore, that Cigarette has good assonances with the effect of a burnt cigarette, revealing smoky notes that in effect smell of extinguished embers or ashtray, while from the back timid hints of spice complete the typical American blend of a cigarette pack.

Cigarette is a very dry tobacco extract with a rough and decisive impact. It has the indisputable merit of having been created with criteria and has a perfect balance between the tobaccos that make up the blend. Although, as widely predictable, it is not able to reproduce the combustion effect of the analog cigarette at 100%, it still manages to remember the sensations of a traditional smoke with good fidelity. Great for new vapers who want to keep alive the memory of burnt smoke.

Suggested dilution: 33%

Steeping time: ready to vape, recommended 2-3 days

Pro: Tobacco blend with no frills and good analog sensations

Cons: Like many of its predecessors it can’t transfer at 100% the effect of cigarette paper burning

Bitter Fruit (DKS)

Bitter Fruit (DKS)

Name and Format: Bitter Fruit (DKS) Con Garbo line – Propylene glycol aroma 20 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: D0052

Nico: 3 mg/ml

VPG composition: 50 PG / 50 VG

Expiry date: 10/2021

Devices: Kizoku Limit RTA single coil 0.95 ohm (Kanthal A1 28 AWG) + Innokin Ares 2 RTA 24 mm single coil 0.9 ohm (Khantal A1 27 AWG) with Cotton Bacon Prime.

A few weeks ago my friend Filippo Garbo, the creator and the administrator of the youtube channel and facebook group “Svapo e Musica Club”, during a long and pleasant chat, told me about his collaboration with the historic e-liquid manufacturing company DKS, revealing the birth of a line of tobacco flavored aromas with a simple but very effective name: “Con Garbo”. Filippo is one of the most genuine and outspoken characters I know within the increasingly talked panorama of italian vaping, actually in my view, more and more stuffed with real official testimonials of production brands under lies spoils of vape youtubers and influencers expert and absolutely intact. I would like the Italian vape system to be richer in personalities like Filippo Garbo, a sincere vape enthusiast and a great lover of extracted tobaccos. And since among lovers of extracted tobaccos we understand each other with closed eyes, when Filippo asked me to taste its creations, I accepted with great pleasure, quite intrigued by its aromas.

The “Con Garbo” line consists of four flavored tobacco extracts that all share a Kentucky tobacco base and have been baptized, but it could not be otherwise, with names of musical tracks: Bitter Fruit, Sweet Dreams, Pensiero stupendo and Romeo & Juliet. The four “Con Garbo” are offered in the popular shot format of 20 ml of propylene glycol flavoring inside a 60 ml chubby gorilla. To obtain a ready to vape e-liquid in VPG 50/50 concentration, you hate to add to the aroma, 30 ml of vegetable glycerol and a further 10 ml of propylene glycol .

The first of the four flavors I have decided to try for you is Bitter Fruit, officially described as follows:

Scoprirete, con la maturazione, due aromi ben distinti. Dopo pochi minuti dalla miscelazione, sono i sentori erbosi e balsamici ad arricchire un Kentucky rafforzato dalla potenza del Latakya. Trascorse circa due settimane, invece, lo storico amaro fernét sarà il sottofondo dell’esplosione dei due tabacchi e l’aroma godrà di note di spezie, di legno e di cenere. Un blend che sarà il vostro miglior alleato dopo i pasti più goderecci!

You will discover, with the maturation, two very distinct aromas. A few minutes after mixing, it is the grassy and balsamic scents that enrich a Kentucky strengthened by the power of Latakya. After about two weeks, however, the historic amaro fernét will be the background of the explosion of the two tobaccos and the aroma will enjoy notes of spices, wood and ash. A blend that will be your best ally after the most enjoyable meals!


On the smell Bitter Fruit, with a truly unparalleled fidelity, indisputably smells of Fernet Branca; it is identical to Fernet, it is Fernet. I care about what has just been said, because I don’t want this total loyalty to the well-known Italian liqueur to take second place in the analysis and evaluation of this aroma. Perhaps many of you do not know that today the recipe of Fernet Branca (produced since 1845) is only partially revealed and not all the 27 herbs, spices and roots that compose it are known. So how is it possible that DKS and Garbo managed to return exactly the smell so intensely stimulating that characterizes the famous Italian digestive? Obviously I could not fail to ask this question to Filippo who, sly and with a more eloquent smile than ever said to me: “we will reveal it when Fratelli Branca Distillerie makes its recipe public”.

I continue with the smell analysis of Bitter Fruit (for curiosity lovers, the name is taken from the song of the same name by the artist Little Steven) and I realize that the intemperance of herbal smells attributable to Fernet, rightfully dominates the tobacco component mentioned in the description that in this test is practically absent.

I trust in the vape test to be able to perceive the tobacco elements inside the large bouquet and therefore for the vape test I decided to use two very good atomizer for this kind of e-juice: the Kizoku Limit RTA and the Ares 2 by Innokin.


Tell the truth, how many of you have counted DKS to date among the top tobacco extracts manufacturers? I honestly believe few and I certainly wasn’t among them, at least until I started vaping this Bitter Fruit… Bewitching and effervescent from the first puff, in inspiration Bitter Fruit presents in the foreground an infusion of spicy and medicinal herbs that capture the palate. Gentian, lime, cinnamon, chamomile, orange, rhubarb, cardamom, aloe, saffron and even myrrh are just some of the ingredients that contribute to forming what has been considered a real healing elixir for 175 years.

In the same way, Bitter Fruit has top notes that are very reminiscent of Fernet Branca and conquers me precisely for its decisive and bitter taste, deeply dark and spicy, with an almost scorched flavor that is combined with subtle licorice-based inserts. The sensation is that of vaping a decoction of medicinal herbs that seem to intersect under the common denominator of an overbearing aromatic charge. In the central phases of the puff, hints of wood and barrel appear inside the bouquet, and seem to support it making it even more robust. Leather glazes and a discreet smoky scent reveal the tobacco presence of Kentucky at first, and later of Latakia, whose incensed nuances are lost or rather blend with the herbal extracts of the liqueur.

The tobacco value of Bitter Fruit is directly proportional to the steeping period that will be granted to the aroma after being diluted: more Fernet Branca if vaped immediately, more tobacco if tasted after about ten days. Still great. To you the choice.

In the tail and precisely in exhalation, the score of the creation signed by DKS and Garbo returns to veer towards a more complex melody, re-proposing as protagonists the most herbaceous hints of the mix, which however are able to expertly drag that barrel wood flavor oak that has received all the ingredients, leaving them to rest and ferment. An aromatic gem to be appreciated with your eyes closed at the end of each puff.

Intense, decisive, deep and sophisticated, created with care, quality, mastery and above all with Garbo…

Suggested dilution: 33%

Steeping time: ready to vape, recommended 7-10 days

Pro: DKS gives us an aromatic pearl, an adamantine e-juice.


Double Tobacco (Bandz)

Double Tobacco (Bandz)

Name and Format: Double Tobacco – Prestige Riserva line (Bandz) – E-liquid 10 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: 250220/27

Nico: 4 mg/ml

VPG composition: 50 PG / 40 VG / 10 H2O

Expiry date: 02/25/2022

Devices: Kizoku Limit RTA single coil 1.05 ohm (Kanthal A1 28 AWG) + Innokin Ares 2 RTA 24 mm single coil 1.0 ohm (Khantal A1 27 AWG) with Cotton Bacon Prime.

Today I return to talk about the Italian company Bandz that I have already had the opportunity to welcome here on the blog, talking about some of its e-liquids and above all, which I was lucky enough to know thanks to a long visit to the company with an attached interview. Bandz is a company that does not target the niche segment of hardcore vaper, but that on the contrary focuses on products intended primarily for the general public of novice people with little knowledge of vaping. Addressing such a large audience, Bandz knows that contextually with the manufacturing activity, it is very important to make and spread the vape culture, keeping in mind that this is still a simple tool to quit smoking, the best to easily abandon analogue smoke and definitely the least harmful.

Having established in exceptional circumstances that in this particular 2020, the blog would have focused only on reviews of tobacco products, the Bandz product I am about to present to you is obviously a tobacco e-juice. I’m going to tell you about the Double Tobacco by the Tuscan manufacturer’s Prestige Riserva line, a line of tobacco extracts extremely clean, so as to be easily usable by any type of user, especially by the less experienced .

In this sense, the manufacturer declares that the tobaccos of the Prestige Riserva line after being briefly macerated, are ultrasonic extracted and then treated with a sophisticated filtering and distillation technique that separates and eliminates all the insoluble parts and those considered potentially harmful.

The manufacturing company thus describes its Double Tobacco:

(Samson tobacco) Molto intenso, tabacco allo stato puro con nota di passito in coda

(Samson tobacco) Very intense, pure tobacco with a note of passito in the tail

Before focusing on the Double Tobacco tasting, I remember that this product is marketed in the 10 ml ready to vape e-liquid format (TPD notified).


On the smell Double Tobacco offers few points of evaluation as it is substantially odorless and is therefore unable to reveal, which is typical for the majority of extracted tobaccos, hints and aromatic notes sufficient to give it a specific address and connotation. Never as in this circumstance does the smell test refer me directly to the vape test to understand the peculiarities of the Bandz product.

So here I am ready for the vape test that I decided to face with the Kizoku Limit RTA and with the new Ares 2 by Innokin.


The Samson tobacco indicated by the manufacturer in the description is notoriously a rolling tobacco which, in its different forms, has different degrees of intensity. Double Tobacco from the first puff shows an enviable body and above all is particularly dry and direct on the palate. The guidelines are drawn: a no-frills vape, very linear and never tiring.

In inspiration, the tobacco base is typical of a Burley tobacco without specific aromatic hints but deeply clean and dry. On this tobacco background, creep with good strength the dark notes of a Kentucky fire cured that gives structure and body to the blend, without showing the tipical manure notes of a strong Kentucky tobacco. The puff is light but well perceptible and leaves the field in the heart of the vape at the entrance of more amiable stamps even if only barely mentioned.

In this phase, the blend appears definitively complete and jointly presents all its characteristics: the dryness of Burley, the robustness of the Kentucky and the roundness of Virginia, very important to close a circle within which the balance between the three tobaccos is perfect. The vape of Double Tobacco closes with a slight nuance of vin santo in the tail with a pleasant hints of barrel wood, a peculiarity that unites all the extracts of the Bandz Prestige Riserva line.

The vape closes with a modest aromatic persistence which, precisely because it does so, gives Double Tobacco the label of perfect all day e-juice.

Double Tobacco is a blend that is almost subdued and silent when compared to more full-bodied and vigorous organic tobacco extracts, to be understood those designed and created for the small market share of tobacco e-liquids purists; in reality it is a blend that has the great advantage of allowing all users who use e-cig simply as a deterrent from traditional cigarettes to get in touch with the world of extracted tobacco. Do you think it is a few thousand people? I assure you that we are talking about over 90% of users in the sector and we would do well everyone (including me) to remind us more often.

Pro: Very linear clean and intense all day tobacco. You forget to rebuild your atomizer or change the headcoil.

Cons: The extreme cleaning of the mixture inevitably removes tobacco cues and aromatic nuances.

Hassasin (Dinamo Pure)

Hassasin (Dinamo Pure)

Name and Format: Hassasin (Dinamo Pure) – Concentrated flavour 5 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: IDA3D0220

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Used Base: 50 PG / 50 VG

Expiry date: 02/2023

Devices: The Golden Greek Cybrillion V3 tube mod + Luca Creations Alpha RTA single coil 1.0 ohm (Kanthal A1 28 AWG) with Cotton Bacon Prime

Dinamo Pure is the brand with which Idea Vape, a distribution company born from a joint venture between Vaporificio and Officine Svapo, markets its line of hemp extracts. The Dinamo Pure line consists of four 5 ml glycol flavors to be diluted with 5 ml of vegetable glycerol (supplied by the manufacturer), to obtain the 10 ml ready-to-vape e-liquid in VPG 50/50 composition. All the aromas by DInamo Pure are full spectrum and contain 300 mg of CBD. As illustrated in the photo below, the four aromas are: Skywalker, Orange, Pineapple and Hassasin.

Particularly attracted by the name and its characteristics, I decided to start my journey within this promising line with Hassasin.

Here is the description of Hassasin taken from the official website of Officine Svapo:

Questo estratto si rivolge agli amanti del sapore Hash, e non solo, che apprezzano i nostri estratti completamente naturali e sempre di grande impatto.

This extract is aimed at lovers of the Hash flavor, and not only that, who appreciate our completely natural and always impactful extracts.

Hassasin is an aroma completely extracted from the legal hemp Coni Cream hash, already winner of the Canapa Cup 2017 and Canapa Mundi 2018 award. It is a legal hash dry harvested with a sieve from different varieties of certified hemp, of which the main one is Futura75, a quality of hemp that has a high terpene charge.


On the smell Hassasin immediately gives off a good perfume, something which is not obvious in terms of intensity, when there is a legal hash. My nose perceives a slight spicy scent within a delicately aromatic and resinous frame. Hassasin’s aromatic fidelity to a real hash, and consequently to the raw material from which it is made, is really high, indeed I would say absolute. This smell test is undoubtedly the best viaticum for the vape test that I am going to face with very high expectations.

For a new brand and aroma to test, it seemed right to me to grant the vape test to the new and flaming Alpha RTA by Luca Creations, a 22 mm atomizer made entirely of stainless steel and especially made in Italy. On the other hand, in the high end vaping segment, Luca Creations is a name that certainly needs no introduction.


The expectations of the smell test are not neglected by the vape test, because from the first puff Hassasin reveals itself with a truly enviable aromatic intensity. Full of resinous nuances that manifest themselves clearly during inspiration, Hassasin transports me without hesitation into an atmosphere with deeply meditative outlines. The initial notes of resin are paired with the more grassy hints of the central phase of the puff, supported by a light but clear earthy background.

The palate is filled with all the richness of the aromatic range of this Coni Cream hash extract, and is enraptured by the size of its bouquet. Hassasin shows off all its intemperance by showing a hit in the throat domineering and uncompromising.

The scenography designed by this aroma is clear: the taste buds are teased and kidnapped by deep flavors of incense and resin that seem to rise from a carpet of dry grass; at the same time the palate is tickled with decision and vehemence by a very vigorous and penetrating aroma, which induces to delay a little between one puff and another. The tingling sensation in the throat is in fact verye accentuated if you take closer and compulsive puffs. An undoubtedly stinging aroma.

Even in exhalation Hassasin has a persistent and incredibly broad, rich and multifaceted taste; it is the confirmation of the quality of the extraction work done and the raw material used.

No doubt about it, with Hassasin you get into a powerful vape both by strength and by aromatic charge, but above all you breathe an air of deep and intense relaxation. Meditation and total self-surrender…

Suggested dilution: 50%

Steeping time: ready to vape, recommended 2 days

Pro: From the internationally renowned legal hash Coni Cream, a domineering and very relaxing extract

Cons: It tastes sharp on the palate especially with close-up puffing sequences

Ivory Gold Reserve (Iron Vaper)

Ivory Gold Reserve (Iron Vaper)

Name e Format: Ivory Gold Reserve (Iron Vaper) – Concentrated flavor 20 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: 2001015

Nico: 2 mg/ml

Declared base: 50 PG / 50 VG

Expiry date: 01/2022

Devices: Vaporesso Swag II 80W + Damn Vape Fresia RTA single coil 1,0 ohm (Kanthal A1 27 awg) with Cotton Bacon Prime.

Iron Vaper, a young and dynamic company from Southern Italy, made its appearance here on our blog only towards the end of 2019, enough to deserve thanks to the e-liquid Sharm, the title of Best Creamy E-juice of 2019 at the Italian Vape E-liquid Awards by The Flavourist.

Today we will examine the Ivory Gold Reserve aroma, the enriched version of one of the most famous products by the italian manufacturer, Ivory. Thanks to the precious collaboration with Azhad’s Elixirs, the synthetic tobacco component in the Ivory liquid has been replaced by a blend of extracted tobaccos.

Ivory Gold Reserve is offered in the usual shot format (20 + 40 ml) inside an elegant purple cardboard box decorated with drawings of gold-colored tobacco leaves. I would like to point out how accurate and more comprehensive than ever are the information reported both on the cardboard package and on the bottle itself; nothing is missing, from the manufacturer’s references, to the product info to end with the various hazard pictograms.

I report from the official website of the manufacturer the official description of Ivory Gold Reserve:

Da una selezione di tabacchi organici by Azhad’s Elixirs sapientemente miscelati con il gustoso cioccolato bianco by Iron Vaper nasce Ivory Gold Reserve: il liquido perfetto per chi ama svapare tabacchi senza rinunciare a un po’ di dolcezza.

From a selection of organic tobaccos by Azhad’s Elixirs expertly mixed with the tasty white chocolate by Iron Vaper comes Ivory Gold Reserve: the perfect e-liquid for those who love to vape tobaccos without giving up a little sweetness.


The smell picture of Ivory Gold reserve is dominated by the creamy elements of the bouquet and specifically by white chocolate, which takes the stage with its sweet and enveloping scent. Secondly, it is possible to perceive an equally sweet and convincing almond note that goes perfectly with the chocolate cream.

Overall, from the nasal test emerges an e-liquid with a significant aromatic load, which contributes in no uncertain terms to completely hide, even if this does not surprise me, the natural tobacco component of the mix. The vape test will reveal the noble presence of the tobacco elements signed by Azhad’s Elixirs in a more or less clear way.

The atomizer chosen for the vape test is the Damn Vape Fresia RTA, for the occasion built with a spaced coil Kanthal A1 27 awg on a 2.5 mm tip. The Fresia RTA is an atomizer that had some success but perhaps slightly less than its merits; in our opinion it remains at the moment among the best low cost atomizers for MTL vape.


On vape Ivory Gold Reserve shows immediately the aromatic strength and the undoubted quality of white chocolate, not by chance the ingredient that more than any other characterizes the production of Iron Vaper: a winning trademark for this italian brand. Sinuous, voluptuous and enveloping and inevitably sweet, this is how white chocolate appears on the palate during inspiration, carving out a front row seat within the bouquet of Ivory Gold reserve and inevitably attracting the attention of mine taste buds, enraptured by such sweetness of taste.

White chocolate is a creamy, even almost buttery wave that asserts itself with decision but which, thanks to the meticulous work of the chief Iron Vaper flavourist, leaves the right space at the entrance of a soft and very pleasant almond sensation; this combination, as already perceived in the smell test, is of great value, an embroidery of pastry art. The white chocolate-almond combination crosses the whole aromatic system of the e-liquid, overcomes the heart notes of the puff and reaches the tail with a more modest impact; it is here that subtle tobacco infiltrations make their appearance with the difficult task of faithful companions of the protagonist of the recipe: white chocolate.

The tobaccos chosen by Azhad, in order to compose and close the aromatic picture of the e-liquid, have been entrusted with a specific role even if apparently “ungrateful”: to emphasize the roundness of the mix and in the second instance to spread a delicate tobacco background. In my opinion, Azhad has chosen for this work a skilful mixture of Virginia and Black Cavendish which with their vegetal nuances and their soft tones, support the creamy conduct of the e-liquid with great naturalness.

The organic tobaccos close the vape with great elegance and during the exhalation it is possible to recognize the light fiery shades of Virginia and the sweet vegetable tones of the Black Cavendish. Finally, the modest aromatic persistence is perfect to prevent the vape in the long run from becoming cloying despite the bouquet having a deeply sweet and sugary mold.

Suggested dilution: 33%

Steeping time: ready to vape; recommended 5-7 days

Pro: A sinuous and tasty white chocolate with a splash of elegant natural tobacco

Cons: Slightly excessive sugar component