Ermete (Diplomatic E-liquid)

Ermete (Diplomatic E-liquid)

Diplomatic Logo

Name and Format: Ermete (Diplomatic) – Concentrated flavour 10 ml

Batch: AR102020

Expiry date: 11/2023

Used Base: 47.5 PG / 47.5 VG / 5 H2O


Diplomatic E-liquid is a new Italian vape manufacturing company based in Taranto. Although the brand has appeared on the Italian vape scene only few months ago, the Cucci family, owner of the company, is certainly not new to the sector thanks to the long previous experience with the ToB Italia brand. Starting from today, therefore, I will begin to try the aromas of this new brand for you, starting with what is considered the diamond tip of the whole line: Ermete.

It is useless to hide it, Ermete already evokes and emulates from the name a well-known Italian aroma which, especially in the three-year period 2014-2016, was one of the top selling flavors in Italy. It must be said that precisely that aroma has changed its formulation over time, according to what was reported by the Cucci family, while with Ermete, Diplomatic promises to re-propose the original formula of the old brand’s aroma, a formula that made it one of the most popular tobaccos ever.

The range of Diplomatic products is really very wide, because there are currently over thirty aromas marketed, all in the concentrated aroma format in 10 milliliter bottles.

Ermete Diplomatic 000522

The manufacturer gives us this description of its Hermes aroma:

Ermes il messaggero degli Dei ti porta un dolce messaggio, fatto di un tabaccoso dolce che non stanca mai, le sue diverse note lo rendono speciale ed unico nel suo genere, accogli il messaggio e sentiti un “Dio”.

Ermete the messenger of the Gods brings you a sweet message, made of a sweet tobacco that never tires, its different notes make it special and unique, welcome the message and feel like a “God”.


On the smell Ermete has an important biscuit imprint, aromatically very pleasant and also quite marked. I am immediately struck by the fact that this biscuit note is very extravagant and unprecedented, in other words quite distant from the biscuit-based formulations that we are used to smell and vape in most of the recipes currently on the market. The scent of biscuit is flanked by a lovely vanilla nuance in a synergy that appears perfect. So Ermete is actually just a creamy aroma? Judging from the smell test it would seem so, but I don’t want to draw hasty conclusions, at least not before having tried it in vaporization.


Devices: Aspire Mulus 80 W with 0.7 Aspire coil + Innokin Sceptre with 1.2 ohm coil

I prepare myself for the vape test to understand if and how much tobacco there is in this recipe.

Aspire mulus pod kit    innokin sceptre pod mod

For the vape test I used two pod systems of undisputed value and excellent performance, the Aspire Mulus and the Innokin Sceptre, taking care to equip both devices with coils suitable for a classic MTL vape.

Ermete was the son of Zeus and the Pleiade Maia, he is one of the twelve Olympians and in Greek mythology he had the role of messenger of the Gods. In vaping the aroma Ermete becomes a messenger of the whole class of synthetic tobaccos and, from the first puff, any doubt emerged from the olfactory profile, revealing itself to be a priceless tobacco aroma. The creamy conjugations appear on inhalation with the same characteristics sniffed by the bottle during the olfactory test; biscuit and vanilla are perfectly combined, but I continue to “feel” all the particularity of a biscuit structure which, now I understand, evokes childish scents.

ermes dio

Among the ingredients of the biscuit, I catch the presence of powdered milk and malt extract which together flutter around a light buttery note, guaranteeing high sweetness to the whole biscuit recipe. Do any of you remember plasmon cookies? Only a strong suggestion or strong similarities? I leave the decision to you. The initial inspiration made all of sweetness and roundness is soon flanked by a relevant tobacco note, which is almost in conflict with the biscuit aroma: the first is as sweet and sugary as the second is incisive and dry. The story of a perfect dualism.


The tobacco in this mix is firm and straightforward; not smoked, nor straw yellow, nor sweet, Ermete’s tobacco component is rough and decidedly woody. The full bouquet reaches very high aromatic peaks in the central phases of the vape, letting all the components of this recipe emerge clearly. The biscuit (sweet part) faces off in an epic battle with tobacco (dry part). Legend has it that there was no winner but that from this epic clash a God was born able to gather within himself the qualities of the two earthly challengers. And he was called Ermete.

white burley


Ermete is a creation of the highest quality, it is made with care and intelligence, it is very well faceted and can boast of having a truly delicious aromatic persistence after vaping. All the aromas that are proposed on the market with bold and complex recipes should be like this. What is the point of producing a highly structured e-liquid if, in the practical act of tasting, the aromatic restitution turns out to be quite messy? Many current productions suffer from this.

Lovers of sweet tobaccos will find Ermete perfect for their palates, as well as those who are looking for a more dry tobacco e-juice, will live with this aroma a stimulating and intriguing sensory experience.

Here today the myth of Hermes was born, and his deeds are destined to be handed down over time …

Suggested dilution: 10%

Steeping time: ready to vape

ico 5

Pro: Here we are in the Olympus of classic or if you prefer, synthetic tobaccos.


Ermete Diplomatic E-liquid The Flavourist premio 2020

Cigar Club 13.5 (Officine Svapo)

Cigar Club 13.5 (Officine Svapo)


Name and Format: Cigar Club 13.5 – Concentrated flavour 10 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: n.a.

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Used Base: 50 PG / 47 VG / 3 H2O

Expiry date: n.a.

Devices: Innokin Ares 2 24 mm RTA single coil 0.95 ohm (Kanthal A1 28 AWG) + Kizoku Limit RTA single coil 1.0 ohm (Kanthal A1 28 AWG) with Cotton Bacon Prime.

For today’s review I am going to talk about the Officine Svapo brand which, after having created the Italian Western Collection line, inspired by Sergio Leone movies “The dollar trilogy”, now is going to present a new tobacco extract on the market: Cigar Club 13.5 which is the first of a new and rich line of flavors dedicated to lovers of extracted cigars. The name of the aroma 13.5 quite clearly evokes the diameter of the cigar it is inspired by, although Officine Svapo does not reveal which cigar is.

OfficineSvapo CigarClub135 000452 boccetta

I remind you that this product is marketed in the format of 10 ml concentrated flavour and must be diluted to 10%, as suggested by the manufacturer. The final recommended composition is VPG 50/50 and the manufacturer also recommends a few days of steeping even if in my opinion, following the tests carried out by me, I believe at least a week of steeping is better to obtain a perfect aromatic restitution.

Officine Svapo provides this description of Cigar Club 13.5:

È un pregiato sigaro dal gusto caldo e avvolgente dove il tabacco viene arricchito attraverso un complesso processo di fermentazione in chicchi di caffè che gli conferisce una ricercata nota di tostatura. Il gusto rotondo dei tabacchi scuri associato a una discreta persistenza di piacevoli sensazioni.

It is a fine cigar with a warm and enveloping taste where the tobacco is enriched through a complex fermentation process in coffee beans which gives it a refined note of roasting. The round taste of dark tobaccos associated with a discreet persistence of pleasant sensations.


Cigar Club 13.5 on the smell expresses a clear vegetal matrix which, unlike what I had imagined, opens up to a rather light and delicate aromatic scenario, not an Italian cigar to be clear; in fact, those dark tones that unmistakably identify the typical traits of a Tuscan are not perceived.

innokin ares 2 mtl rta 24mm 4ml limit mtl rta gunmetal

Vegetable nuances with noble and tasty scented timbres even though apparently quite distant from what Officine Svapo announced in its official description. How will Cigar Club 13.5 present itself on vape?

For the vape test, despite the incredible proliferation of MTL atomizers, all apparently incredibly performing and “definitive” (but then how many definitive atomizers are there at the moment on the market?), I will limit myself to using two RTAs that I have already reviewed on the blog and that in my opinion have very little to envy to many and more famous high end products: the Ares 2 by Innokin and the Limit by Kizoku.

Kentucky rolling tobacco


I begin to test Cigar Club 13.5 and the vape goes, hearing people praise her, benignly dressed in humility, and it seems she’s something that’s come from sky to Earth to show a miracle… The vape is just the Beatrice that Dante sings in his sonnet “So kind and so honest she looks”, because never were aromatic tones more noble and graceful to me. From the inhalation, the aroma shows a very round and delicate nuances and has the appearance of a medium-intensity Caribbean cigar, rich in sweet and with persuasive tones.

Sigaro toscano

But despite its underlying sweetness, the puff of 13.5 has some uniqueness that make it an absolute novelty in the national and international panorama of tobacco extracts. If the first impact is sweet and lovable, I soon realize that the vape in its central phases acquires intensity revealing hints of a clean, dry and linear tobacco. Sweet and dry, without earthy, grassy trails or even less vegetable shades, this is where resides most of the goodness of Officine Svapo’s creation.

caffe tostato legno

And then … and then there is the grand finale … At the end, thanks to a fermentation treatment of the tobacco leaves in coffee beans, in my opinion strictly roasted in wood, and above all thanks to the skilful hand of Andrea Carlesso, flavourist of Officine Svapo, Cigar Club 13.5 presents a light but at the same time bewitching roasting with light veils in the exhalation of coffee and wood. Andrea is a flavourist who not only has an innate passion for the world of extracted tobaccos, but in particular has an unmistakable style that makes him in my opinion one of the most refined and elegant flavourist in his sector.

At the end of such an unspeakable puff, a satisfying sensation of cigar smoke persists, a slight tickle and “rasp” in the throat that adds to the vape of Cigar Club 13.5, already incredibly innovative and aristocratic in itself, an analog sensory note very appreciable and realistic. And the big question remains: Kentucky or Pure Habano?

A tip: vape it as a faithful friend for a good winter reading because I assure you that it is enlightening, prophetic and divine like the great italian vate.

Suggested dilution: 10%

Steeping time: 5-10 days

ico 5

Pro: A touching cigar with a whole new and absolutely unique taste. A must have!


Cigar Club 13.5 Officine Svapo The Flavourist premio 2020

Kentucky Tennessee (Tabacchificio 3.0)

Kentucky Tennessee (Tabacchificio 3.0)

Tabacchificio logo

Name and Format: Kentucky Tennessee – Single tobacco line (Tabacchificio 3.0) – Concentrated flavour 20 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: 05-01/20

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Used Base: 50 PG / 47 VG / 3 H2O

Expiry date: 01/2022

Devices: Innokin Ares 2 24 mm RTA single coil 0.95 ohm (Kanthal A1 28 AWG) + Kizoku Limit RTA single coil 1.0 ohm (Kanthal A1 28 AWG) with Cotton Bacon Prime.

I have been vaping for ten years now and I learned as I’m a good consumer of tobacco e-liquids that Kentucky is, almost certainly together with Virginia and Latakia, the most used tobacco in vaping. In Italy above all, the Kentucky extracts perhaps also for historical and cultural reasons (in our country there are the Tuscans cigars, well known all over the world), have become, especially in recent years, a real cult for the vast majority of lovers of extracted tobaccos. All the main Italian real tobacco extracts manufacturers have their own pure Kentucky in their catalog and in many cases even blends of two or more Kentucky varieties; the offer is certainly high precisely because the demand from vapers is high for this fire-cured tobacco so masculine and with undoubted analogue qualities.

Tabacchificio kentucky

In almost six years of activity, The Flavourist had the opportunity to tell you about many Kentucky e-liquids and today, to continue and enrich this appreciated type of tobacco, I will tell you about the Kentucky signed Tabacchificio 3.0, Kentucky Tennessee.

Before starting, I remember that Tabacchificio 3.0 products are marketed in the format of concentrated flavors in 20 ml glass bottles and must be diluted between 10% and 20%, for a final composition as close as possible to VPG 50/50. The manufacturer informed me that they do not require maturation, they are immediately vapable even if a few steeping days are always advisable.

The manufacturer gives us this description of Kentucky Tennessee:

Estratto di Kentucky coltivato nell’omonimo stato. Le foglie sono sottoposte al trattamento fire cured nel quale viene utilizzato legno di noce bianco, quercia e acero, che conferiscono alle foglie sentori davvero unici.

Kentucky extract grown in the homonymous state. The leaves are subjected to the fire cured treatment in which white walnut, oak and maple wood are used, which give the leaves truly unique scents.


Wild and strong like a heavyweight boxer with strong offensive characteristics. Who remembers Mike Tyson? Well, this Kentucky Tennessee by Tabacchificio 3.0 smells like a Mike Tyson who attacks my nostrils from the first gong, putting them to the test and inexorably forcing them to the corner. Dark, strong and overbearing, with a smoky note that combines with the classic hints of “raw” tobacco and treated leather. Kentucky Tennessee is asphyxiating.

innokin ares 2 mtl rta 24mm 4ml limit mtl rta gunmetal

A warning for you: around the net, between facebook groups and youtube channels, you will find self-styled influencers who will charm you with their irrefutable theories on how to best vape a Kentucky fire cured, thanks to the fundamental use of a “definitive” and strictly high end atomizer. I have been hearing about “definitive” atomizers since 2012, you can draw the appropriate conclusions. For this review I chose two simple and low cost atomizers: Ares 2  by Innokin and Limit by Kizoku.


In vaping the assonances of Kentucky Tennessee with some of the strongest Tuscans cigars are quite evident and, if we exclude the combustion effect, it is not difficult to imagine being struggling with a sort of liquid version of an Antico Toscano or even of Il Moro. Dry and woody in inspiration, with bitter nuances that highlight all the frankness of this extract with decidedly gruff but at the same time genuine tones.

Kentucky rolling tobacco

The vape of Kentucky Tennesse, which the manufacturer reminds us of coming from the fire cured treatment made with white walnut, oak and maple woods, is staged in a dramatic way in the heart of the puff, helping to reinforce the dark tones of the e-juice; it seems to be in the immediate vicinity of a medieval forge where a muscular farrier is intent on striking the hot iron. The fiery furnace releases an intertwining of strong and penetrating smells, and among these I perceive evident tanning notes which, due to the proximity of the fire and the high temperatures, release an incisive smell of barbecue. The atmosphere is hot, I imagine myself in the sixth circle of Dante’s hell where the punishment for heretics is a sepulcher enveloped in flames, even if the scents of “roasted” leather seem in a certain sense to sweeten the puff making it a bit more round.

This similar sweet note, but please do not mistake it for a “lovable” tobacco, tends to be more accentuated on the Ares 2 atomizer, which is predictable because it is an atom equipped with a wide and rounded bell although quite low; on the Limit otherwise the Kentucky Tennessee takes on more virile connotations, emphasizing the woody and smoky component, while maintaining a rather balanced structure overall. Vigorous, rude but not demonic.

Kentucky tobacco Tennessee

At the tail, the bouquet releases a powerful earthy-manure trail that blends perfectly with its woody and smoky base. I have tried many of Kentucky extracts and the Tennessee by Tabacchificio 3.0 is for fullness, intensity and vigor, among the best ever in interpreting the deeply dark and gruff tones of a “stinky” Tuscan cigars, of those that remain in the memory, forever.

Suggested dilution: 15-20%

Steeping time: ready to vape, recommended 5-7 days

ico 5

Pro: One of the best three pure Kentucky tobacco ever vaped. Need to add more?


Kentucky Tennessee Tabacchificio 3.0 premio 2020

Halfzware Shag (Tabacchificio 3.0)

Halfzware Shag (Tabacchificio 3.0)

Tabacchificio logo

Name and Format: Halfzware Shag – Classic blends line (Tabacchificio 3.0) – Concentrated flavour 20 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: 01/20

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Used Base: 50 PG / 47 VG / 3 H2O

Expiry date: 01/2022

Devices:Svoemesto Kayfun Lite 2019 24 mm RTA single coil 0.9 ohm (Kanthal A1 28 AWG) + Kizoku Limit RTA single coil 0.9 ohm (Kanthal A1 28 AWG) with Cotton Bacon Prime.

I can’t deny it, today I’m going to talk with great curiosity about the Tabacchificio 3.0 company that made its debut here on our pages only a few weeks ago. The approach with this Emilian manufacturer has been absolutely positive, therefore I cannot hide the incredible expectations on the new product that I am going to test, after the more than good impressions received from the test of Eclissi aroma.

So are you ready for the Halfzware Shag test?

Tabacchificio Halfzware Shag

Before starting, I remember that Tabacchificio 3.0 products are marketed in the format of concentrated flavors in 20 ml glass bottles and must be diluted between 10% and 20%, for a final composition as close as possible to VPG 50/50. The manufacturer informed me that they do not require maturation, they are immediately vapable even if a few steeping days are always advisable.

The manufacturer provides us with this description of its Halfzware Shag:

Una classica miscela da rolling, caratterizzata dalla presenza di Kentucky fire cured, Virginia e Burley. Per non essere scontati, abbiamo voluto dare la nostra interpretazione a questo classico, utilizzando tre diversi tipi di Virginia ed aggiungendo una giusta misura di Maryland. Un aroma duro, ma allo stesso tempo,complesso e ricco di sfaccettature.

A classic rolling blend, characterized by the presence of Kentucky fire cured, Virginia and Burley. In order not to be taken for granted, we wanted to give our interpretation to this classic blend, using three different types of Virginia and adding the right mixture Maryland. A hard aroma, but at the same time, complex and rich in facets.


Although this blend, as stated by the manufacturer itself, is strongly characterized by a Kentucky fire cured, the olfactory evidence of this aroma does not offer such high aromatic load, or at least less consistent than what could be expected; on the nose the mixture is of medium intensity with a light vegetal undertone and above all a lively note of leather. The feeling that Halfzware Shag transfers to me after on the smell is that of a very balanced and not excessively Kentucky oriented blend, and in this sense it would reflect exactly what its name tells us: a medium strength rolling (shag) blend (halfzware).

I am preparing for the vape test which, after several tests, I decided to officially carry out with the Kayfun Lite 2019 and the Kizoku Limit atomizers.

kayfun lite 24 mm svoemesto limit mtl rta gunmetal


When I start vaping Halfzware Shag I immediately realize how complex and refined this mixture is, and not even easy to describe. A challenging aroma to vape and tell…

Kentucky is immediately on the front line at the start of the vape, showing its dark tones with a certain swagger even if it does not prove excessively smoked; a Kentucky that contributes to creating a very full-bodied aromatic setting on which the light tobaccos of the blend are soon inserted, not at all intimidated by the strong stage presence of fire-cured tobacco.

In the heart of the puff, in fact, the scene is completed and the exchange of “jokes” between the different protagonists of the mix becomes the main and peculiar characteristic of Halfzware Shag. A very articulated and multifaceted aromatic dialogue; the stony and woody hints of Kentucky are flanked by the lovely vegetable facets of Virginia and an unexpected dry note.

Kentucky rolling tobacco

This dry note on the Limit RTA tends to take over a bit with a consequent minimal reduction of the noble nuances of the whole mixture; on the other hand with the Kayfun Lite 2019 I can perceive a greater exaltation of light tobaccos that play the fundamental role of skilled flavorers for the whole mixture. The aromatic picture shows greater balance, is a little less strong but certainly more harmonious.

On a shiny and vivid leather bed, the Virginia, Burley and Maryland perform a ballet of rare intensity and refinement, alternating grassy and sweet notes with drier points, topped with imperceptible acid shades. A ballet with joyful tones that ends in exhalation again with Kentucky, peremptory in closing the dances as it had opened with a fine earthy-stable trail.

Tobacco Maryland

The liquid interpretation of a classic rolling blend turns out to be richer and more complex than I could have imagined. Very skilled and worthy of praise is the flavourist ability to make a mixture that I can perceive dark despite the Kentucky is well stuffed with light air cured tobaccos.

Halfzware Shag is not an all day tobacco, but neither it’s a typical “after coffee” dark blend; this aroma needs time and “listening” to be better picked and appreciated. Know it if you decide to try it!

Suggested dilution: 15-20%

Steeping time: ready to vape, recommended 5-7 days

ico 4.5

Pro: innovative and surprising blend for its richness and complexity

Cons: this aroma is not so easy to be interpreted and grasped in its fullness

Halfzware Shag Tabacchificio 3.0 The Flavourist premio 2020

Blonde – TNT Vape

Blonde – TNT Vape

TNT Logo

Name and Format: Blonde (TNT Vape) – concentrated flavour 10 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: 20022002

Nico: 2 mg/ml

Declared base: 50 PG / 50 VG

Expiry date: 02/2022

Devices: Vaporesso Swag II + Aspire Nautilus 2s with 0.7 ohm coil

The Lombard company TNT Vape, market leader in the synthetic tobaccos segment, thanks to some unforgettable products with a big commercial success, in 2019 it was surprisingly, but with full merit, imposed on the Italian Vape E-liquids Awards with the tobacco organic aroma Sioux, elected as the best all day tobacco e-juice according to the jury by The Flavourist team.

Today our blog is ready to deal with the latest TNT Vape creation Blonde, a synthetic aroma which, in the manufacturer’s intentions, intends to emulate the analog sensations of a classic “blonde”. In a phase of vaping in which the spread of entry level and MTL systems covers the majority of th vaping devices, tobacco e-liquids, specifically designed for these types of devices, are increasingly in demand by the public. These products are able to facilitate, with their taste, the transition from traditional cigarettes to electronic smoking, transmitting a faithful memory of the sensations of burning smoke.

tnt vape blonde mini shot

Blonde is a 10 ml minishot aroma marketed in a 30 ml PET bottle. To the aroma will be added 10 ml of vegetable glycerol plus an additional 10 ml base in the recommended composition 50/50.

The manufacturer reports the following official product description:

Un tabaccoso unico e dal profumo inconfondibile, sapore pieno e corposo con una nota speziata caratteristica. La complessità aromatica del prodotto è in grado di soddisfare ad ogni tiro: impossibile da descrivere, irrinunciabile una volta provato. Non è un semplice tabaccoso…ma un’esperienza di gusto!

A unique tobacco with an unmistakable aroma, full and full-bodied flavor with a characteristic spicy note. The aromatic complexity of the product is able to satisfy every puff: impossible to describe, essential once tried. It is not a simple tobacco e-juice… but a taste experience!

I start by examining this aroma with curiosity, starting as usual from a brief but hopefully significant smell test.


On the smell Blonde shows a vaguely alcoholic base note that frames a clearly dry and racy tobacco picture. The nostrils are constantly tickled by Blonde’s aromatic prowess, but also by its fullness, thanks to a delicate and lovable caramel nuance that softens the whole e-liquid system. Finally, almost imperceptible spicy sensations appear and complete my intense and convincing smell examination.

Although I don’t think we can talk about 100% loyalty, the smell that comes out of Blonde bottle reminds us with good approximation what we can perceive when we discard a new pack of cigarettes, the only real moment in which with analogue smoke manages to have the perception of the scent of real tobacco.

Aspire Nautilus 2s e1583231984196

For the vape test I chose to use one of the best MTL tank atomizers on the market, Aspire Nautilus 2s with a 0.7 ohm head coil.


On vape Blonde immediately shows its muscles and during the inhalation phase it gives a dry, penetrating and very convincing draw. A light but fascinating spiciness accompanies the dry and woody tone of the vaping, outlining the features of an e-liquid that is anything but linear, on the contrary rather complex and articulated. In these initial moments, the taste experience brings with good faith the olfactory sensations of opening a real pack of cigarettes, re-proposing the sweet but at the same time dry and straw taste of a good blonde tobacco.

tabacco biondo03

In the central phases of the puff the vibrant dryness perceived on inspiration is enriched with an elegant sweet and caramelized note. The aromatic structure now appears definitely fuller and the taste takes on a truly enviable and even little imaginable roundness if we consider that the leitmotiv of this e-liquid has its main characteristic in the dry and clean nuances.

The caramel nuances expand and slide on the palate with spicy essences of oriental shrubs, an experience to be envied even by certain organic extracts. The spicy hints find greater emphasis thanks to the sweet component and the whole aromatic spectrum of Blonde is thus particularly wide and multifaceted. Quite unusual for a synthetic tobacco. Generally accustomed to e-liquids with a simple aromatic base, sometimes enriched with some flavoring ingredient, here I find myself struggling with a product whose simple and generic name, certainly dictated and justified by commercial choices, deceives a lot; Blonde is a structured synthetic tobacco blend with a refined and very open aromatic score.

tobacco caramel

A very subtle but equally effective smoky puff completes Blonde’s vaping with incredible satisfaction, offering the experience of a robust but at the same time highly complex and balanced aromatic bouquet. It is not a “blonde”, luckily it is Blonde …

Suggested dilution: 33%

Steeping time: ready to vape, recommended 5-7 days

ico 5

Pro: Synthetic tobacco with an incredible taste and a very complex and multifaceted aromatic bouquet.


Blonde TNT Vape The Flavourist premio 2020

Pepper Farm (Blendfeel)

Pepper Farm (Blendfeel)

blendfeel newlogo

Name and Format: Pepper Farm (Blendfeel) – Concentrated flavour 10 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: 19441265100002

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Used Base: 50 PG / 45 VG / 5 H2O

Expiry date: 11/28/2021

Devices: Kizoku Kirin tube mod + Kizoku Limit MTL RTA single coil 0.85 ohm (Kanthal A1 27 AWG) with Cotton Bacon Prime.

When a few months ago I discovered that Blendfeel, one of the most active and creative brands in the real tobacco extracts manufacturing, created a tobacco flavored e-liquid with pepper, I was particularly enthusiastic because, believe it or not, it was from the end of 2018 that I thought and tried to imagine how it could have been a tobacco formulation with the presence of the most common of the spices.

That’s why today I’m very curious and extremely anxious to try Pepper Farm, one of the latest creations by Blendfeel.


Below you can find the description of Pepper Farm aroma:

Usciamo dagli schemi, immaginiamo un aroma con caratteristiche uniche, una miscela nella quale il kentucky è la nota portante e il perique ne completa il gusto come il sale in una ricetta. Non poteva mancare il pepe nero estratto da noi naturalmente, ed ecco che una miscela che diventa fantastica per essere gustata nei momenti più gourmand della vita. Provatelo accompagnando le vostre esperienze al BBQ: vi stupirà!

Let’s get out of the box, imagine an aroma with unique characteristics, a mixture in which kentucky is the main note and the perique completes its taste like salt in a recipe. The black pepper extracted from us naturally could not be missing, and here is a mixture that becomes fantastic to be enjoyed in the most gourmet moments of life. Try it accompanying your BBQ experiences: it will amaze you!

Pepper Farm is a 10 ml concentrated aroma to be mixed at 10% in a recommended base 40 PG / 50 VG / 10 H2O or in a base 50/50.

Blendfeel Pepper Farm bottle


The smell test which, as usual, anticipates the vape test, presents me with an e-liquid with an evident preponderance of Kentucky tobacco followed by lighter shades of Perique. The hints of raw tobacco and tanning, with a remarkable aromatic impact, typical of Kentucky, and secondly, the delicate fruity-like fragrances typical of Perique are irrefutable proof of this. The general picture of this mix is vigorous but with sweet tendencies, although my nostrils manage to catch some elusive vaguely acidic and bitter notes. Although the blend provides for a couple of rather unpublished tobaccos, in turn combined with a very unusual third ingredient, the smell test cannot fully convey this sense of novelty of the mix.

KIZOKU Limit MTL RTA colors

For the vape test I decided to use the Kizoku eclectic and versatile Limit MTL RTA, for the occasion with a 0.85 ohm coil of Kanthal A1 27 awg on a 2.5 mm tip.


It is only in the vape test that Pepper Farm allows to emerge all its aromatic atypicalities. It is like being inside a completely new and undiscovered setting, puff after puff. It is the Kentucky tobacco that opens the dances in inspiration and the tones immediately appear rough and grumpy already tried with the Kentucky Reserve aroma, awarded as the Best 2018 Single Tobacco e-juice. The puff is somewhat dry and woody, the taste is intense, worthy of a particularly smoked and strong Kentucky tobacco. The halo of sweetness “felt” on the nose, and which in most of the Kentucky extracts persists even in vape, in Pepper Farm vanishes completely.

Kentucky tobacco

This is partly due to the accentuated woodiness of this Kentucky, but also to the fundamental contribution of the Perique, which makes itself “felt” in the heart of the puff by cloaking Kentucky with its acidic nuances and its notes of fermented fruit. The result is a strong vape, further enriched by the spicy, penetrating and pungent black pepper nuances (also naturally extracted like tobaccos) that creep on the palate and nostrils without too many frills. The pepper, from the heart of the puff, expands up to the tail notes, strengthening the whole aromatic system and accentuating the feeling of strength of the blend with a really pronounced hit in the throat.

perique tobacco leaf

I had already said it for Kentucky Reserve and I repeat it also for this aroma: vaping Pepper Farm means putting yourself at your mercy because, once inside a tank, it leads the game, arranging our taste buds at will, with all its spicy intemperances.

If vaped after an appropriate maturation, which I recommend not less than 7 days but also more (without the right steeping time the e-liquid is a bit too mixed and the pepper too hidden), Pepper Farm is an extravagant and exciting tobacco, but at the same time demanding and difficult to understand. With this creation, Blendfeel takes on the role of a contemporary abstract artist who creates a work that is not really within everyone’s reach.

pepe nero 02

It is not easy to decipher the complex aromatic language behind this bouquet; in fact, I do not exclude that many vaper could find Pepper Farm an absolutely inadmissible aroma, just as another good slice of users could elect it as an aroma of absolute prestige. Needless to say, I am proudly part of this second group.

This Blendfeel creation is characterized by its incredibly multifaceted aromatic score, composed of deeply different elements but able to coexist perfectly within the bouquet. Innovative, ambitious and daring.

Suggested dilution: 10%

Steeping time: ready to vape, recommended 7/10 days

ico 5

Pro: Blendfeel offers an essay of its abilities: a refined and strong flavored tobacco. Vaping anthology.


Pepper Farm Blendfeel The Flavourist premio 2020