McFLAVORS – Top Sellers E-liquids

McFLAVORS – Top Sellers E-liquids

The natural alternative to cigarettes! An innovative liquid for electronic cigarettes, which favors your health. The truly free alternative to propylene glycol! Do not just take our word … Taste the difference!

Our experts have worked tirelessly to offer a natural alternative to what is currently on the market. When we say that our product is without Propylene Glycol, we mean that each ingredient, used for the composition of the final mixture, it is free. Do not just believe our word, but read testimonials and certificates of experts below, before you try for yourself the difference!

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Ulica Zagrebacka 5 Rijeka
Tel.: (+385) 91 60 39 152

E-liquids type: 10 ml
Base composition: VPG 50/50
Nicotine: 0-4-8-16 mg/ml

TheFlavourist provadei9 sfondo


    The sweet and subtle flavor Oak Tree will get you in a relaxed, sunny afternoon in the southern United States. Its traditional flavor will leave you satisfied with every breath.

    Virginia by McFlavors is one of those tobacco e-liquids that apparently seems a bit banal and impersonal, but that in the long run turns into an all day that is hardly given up. The e-liquid is characterized by its straw-colored and slightly woody tones able to tease the palate at every puff and to win it for its graceful and lovable background frame.
    ico 4


    Take a firm stand with this traditional mixture and strong flavor that will bring you back to the years when you could appreciate the real tobacco! A primitive mixture and masculine, with its thick aroma will fill of flavor.

    A firm, full and absolutely surprising tobacco! It strikes from the smell test releasing the classic “perfume” of the opening of a pack of cigarettes and then conquers at the vape because it provides a realistic tobacco experience and worthy of the best tobacco extracts. It has everything a good tobacco e-liquid should have: body, character, aroma, woody and sweet notes that follow and balance each other very well. Unique!
    ico 5


    The pungent sweetness of black licorice has been a favorite flavor for generations. Try this strong and deliciously sweet aroma!

    In inspiring Ritzia presents the elegant strength of black liquorice, which with extreme aromatic cleanliness takes the scene without hesitation. In the heart of the puff, a fresh and vigorous breath enriches the bouquet together with a pleasant and unexpected sensation of sweetness. The vape offers an alternation of incisive and delicately soft cues that give the sensation of biting real and fresh gummy liquorice!
    ico 4

  • RITA

    An exquisite blend of the sparkling flavor of fresh mint that stimulates all the senses with every breath. This refreshing and bittersweet flavor, with a slightly bitter tip, is a must for lovers of menthol!

    Rita is a light mint, refined and at the same time spicy. Its lively taste penetrates the palate from the first puff, maintaining a calibrated freshness throughout the vape. The aromatic persistence is medium intense and satisfying. The flavor is very reminiscent of the lively taste of mint “confetti” from a well-known Italian brand. Soft awakening of the morning senses. A must for who loves this kind of e-liquid.
    ico 4


    The slim and elegant flavor of the vanilla flower is the true essence of this aroma. His nuanced flavor will ensure you a pleasant feeling of lightness.

    Orchid is an unusual vanilla e-liquid. Those who expect the classic sweet, creamy and soft liquid will be disappointed. In this circumstance, McFlavors’ flavourists wanted to explore other aromatic dimensions deriving from the extraction of real vanilla berries. Orchid has a more raw and unexpectedly sweet taste in vaping. Only in the expiration phase and in the post vape aromatic persistence emerge all the universally recognized roundnesses of this wonderful Mexican orchid.
    ico 3


    A mixture of classic and traditional flavors carefully selected, the perfect taste for smokers who enjoy the strong flavor of tobacco.

    Dry, firm, sometimes rough and strong. National is the tobacco for those who want to receive analog tobacco sensations with no-frills. Even without the combustion of traditional smoke, this e-liquid is the most faithful thing that can be to a real and traditional tobacco smoke. Domineering in all the phases of the puff, it preserves an irreproachable aromatic constancy and above all, the lack of particular aromatic deviations, makes it the perfect all day for all those who prefer to vape strong tobacco tastes.
    ico 5


    Aroma coffee-flavored, rich and enveloping, it will delight you with its heavenly flavor. The sweet and velvety texture gives every svapata the same feeling the first morning coffee.

    Kikko shows an unmistakable and very realistic smell of roasted coffee bean. At the vaping species during the inspiration and the central phases of the puff, the pleasant olfactory sensations are lost a little, in favor of a dry but not well defined aromatic timbre. The tail notes instead find a more recognizable aromatic profile and leave at first a pleasant toasted sensation with evident notes of hazelnut shell, and in the aromatic persistence at the end of vaping, the feeling of having just finished sipping a bitter espresso coffee.
    ico 3


    This sweet and carefree aroma will tickle your senses and take you back to nature. Its light texture ensures relaxing and enjoyable experience.

    With Dolcezza you get lost in a timeless aromatic fairy tale. Its sweet taste, although probably not suitable for long sessions of vaping, charms at every puff, overwhelming the papillae that seem literally immersed in a sea of ripe strawberries. Moreover, during the body notes up to exhalation, the flavor of the strawberry is flanked by the evident slightly spicy and spicy nuances of cinnamon, for an aromatic combination to say the least sensual.
    ico 4


    Here is the full taste of the sea! A nice mixture of tobacco and liquor in barrels is what you need to release your more adventurous side!

    In this tobacco mixture the rum is the true protagonist of the bouquet, and manages to take the scene from the first puff with its vaguely sweet but equally penetrating scents. The tobacco in our opinion suffers a bit from the boldness of the liqueur component, thus remaining slightly hidden in the rear areas. The result is a mix with connotations that are still tasty and very summer, always delicate but with a more than good post aromatic persistence on the palate. Blond and bland tobacco, ideal for vaping on modern entry level systems.
    ico 3

BANDZ – Top Sellers E-liquids

BANDZ – Top Sellers E-liquids

Bandz is a fully independent Italian who has extensive experience in the industry knowing Vaping impose on innovative products and excellent quality market.

Expert because the desire to undertake, the energies and resources invested to grow and improve in this innovative sector, has been joined by the entrepreneurial experience in the field of food, flavors and international trading by its founding members.

Bandz, after having developed the production system with conspicuous investments, thus guaranteeing total control over quality, obtained ISO 9001 certifications. All this attention to product quality becomes attention to consumer health and makes Bandz a unique company in the field.

BandZ logo

Via Ettore Majorana, 9/15 
56020 Montopoli Val d’Arno (PI)
Tel.: (+39) 0571.467307

E-liquids type: 20-60 ml
Base composition: VPG 60/40
Nicotine: 0-3-4,5 mg/ml

TheFlavourist provadei9 sfondo


    All the flavor of lemon, intense and bitter … cold!

    Limone Ice is one of the most representative e-liquid by Bandz Artic line. On vaping the liquid is pleasantly fresh from the first puff and has a brilliant balance between the sour notes of the lemon with sweet and aromatic anise veils. The balance between the two ingredients appears admirable and winning, as well as the aromatic combination chosen by the manufacturer. A vigorous e-liquid of great character capable of releasing energy with each puff. Bewitching …

    ico 4


    The full flavor of ripe melon and tasty, enriched with a pleasant balsamic effect.

    On the smell it is impossible not to recognize the intense fragrance of melon that is released with force and decision with every single pressure of the bottle. The aromatic level is overpowering and this ripe melon on vape is very reminiscent of the aromatization of some known alcoholic drinks flavored with this fruit.
    For example, if you love iced melon vodka, this is the summer liquid for you! Perhaps a bit too sweet to be considered an all-day e-liquid.
    A very light balsamic effect completes this mix so overwhelming.
    ico 3


    A sweet and ripe peach, very nice, suitable for freshening the most sunny days.

    Pesca Fresh of the Artic line is one of the most appreciated liquids of Bandz, because it manages with extreme simplicity to propose an extremely natural and appetizing vaping to the vaper. Since the smell we are struck by the aromatic fidelity of the fruit, which is sweet and ripe at the right point. Also during the vape, framed by a fresh and very intense background, the peach is expressed with great vivacity and releases the sensation of sipping a peach with ice.

    ico 4


    Blueberry, raspberry and blackcurrant with a light touch of freshness

    Composta Blu is a very delicate and harmonious mix that stands out for its being extremely gentle and elegant in vaping. The fusion between the three components of the mix is worthy of absolute appreciation and the sweet nuances of the blueberry very well mitigate the greater aromatic presence of raspberry and currant. In all stages of vape it shows a vaguely floral and graceful timbre. A tireless all day vape.

    ico 4

    [themoneytizer id=27282-23]

    All the aroma of berries, black cherry and a touch of freshness

    Lively, energetic and revitalizing: this is Composta Rossa! A very penetrating e-liquid with an important aromatic charge; able to capture the taste buds of the vaper right from the first puffs. A fresh light and never intrusive frame is the background for an intense mix of red fruits, with the role of first actor entrusted to the sour cherry.
    The bouquet is rich and full-bodied with a pleasant alternation between sweet and acidulous tones. In our opinion one of  most successful creations by Bandz.
    ico 5


    The exotic taste of mango mixed with the sweet passion fruit, and a frosted assured.

    Mango Passion is a triumph of exotic flavors perfect for the summer season. A masterful mix structured on the mango-maracujà binomial, in which the slightly acidic mango stamps blend with the sweet caresses of maracujà, enhanced by a slight refreshing touch. In inspiration the soft nuances of passion fruit appear in the foreground, but are soon reached in second place by the vital energy of the mango, while at the end of the puff a slight refreshing sensation pervades the palate pleasantly. Perfect exotic mix especially for those who do not like a strong ice effect.

    ico 5


    On a balsamic basis, a note of sweet licorice.

    In spite of its name, Bandz’s Menta Glaciale is anything but an exasperated liquid. On the contrary, here we are faced with a creation that is surprising for its delicacy. On a slightly balsamic (eucalyptus) aromatic base, a pleasant sweet hint of licorice gum is taken into inspiration. A soft and winking impact on the palate of the vaper, which can only be seen a pleasant and almost refreshing halo of coolness. The amalgam between the various ingredients is excellent for a clean and satisfying vape. Which of you remembers the Mentos licorice mint candies?
    ico 3


    The classic Italian espresso coffee laced with anise that softens slightly. And now scecheratelo!

    Right from the first “sip”, Caffè Corretto wins for its aromatic elegance. Delicious recipe in which the toasted and vigorous notes of coffee alternate with the softness of light shades of anise. An apparently simple aromatic structure that instead releases unexpected and commendable aromatic facings just like in a correct coffee with “Sambuca” liqueur.
    The puff is always intense and full-bodied and Caffè Corretto turns out to be a generous all-day vape suitable even for those who don’t like coffee e-liquids. A superb creation by Bandz.
    ico 5


    Blend of blond tobaccos, mainly Virginia, with a non-tiring cooling effect in the tail.

    A simple tobacco recipe that can satisfy the needs of a wide audience. The tobacco component is pleasant, light and delicately sweet. This Valkiria is the ideal companion for a long and lasting vape especially during the summer season, as it perfectly matches a pleasantly refreshing touch that is able to enhance the tobacco-like perception of the vaper. Absolutely perfect blond tobacco on modern entry level systems.

    ico 3

TOB ITALIA – Top Sellers E-liquids

TOB ITALIA – Top Sellers E-liquids

ToB is an Italian brand of liquids for electronic cigarette, now on the market for more than 10 years.
We produce high quality e-liquids with pharmaceutical grade raw materials and certified flavorings for food use.
To Be (intended as a verb of the verb being in English) carries the message of our slogan … “to be free … be yourself”.

The ability to be oneself and “free” from the slavery of the traditional cigarette.

tob italy logo e1555493381205

Via Vibrata, 127
64016 S. Egidio alla Vibrata (TE)
Tel.: (+39) 0861.1723024

E-liquids type: 10 ml
Base composition: VPG 50/50
Nicotine: 0,4,9,12,18 mg/ml 

TheFlavourist provadei9 sfondo


    Short pastry, vanilla custard and lemon. The typical grandma’s cake.

    Lempiè, or perhaps better, Lemon Pie, the name used at the beginning of its commercialization, is perhaps the most well-known e-liquid by the manufacturer, a classic recipe that manages to satisfy even the most demanding vapers. The base of the lemon cake is very reminiscent of a delicate pastry, with light, but more than ever delicious sweet notes of vanilla custard. The lemon is certainly the outstanding characteristic of this e-liquid and offers “acidulous” and slightly sweetened emotions. A buttery and vanilla note persists on the palate, accompanied by a delicate acidity. Indispensable!

    ico 5


    Soft and warm tobacco flavored with hazelnut cream.

    Another workhorse of the line is Ermes an e-liquid that in the field of synthetic tobaccos has managed to make space dominating the national scene. It is a delicate tobacco enriched with a delicious biscuit with intense notes of vanilla and hazelnut. The aromatic range is very wide and immediately we come across a delicious biscuit accompanied by a present vanilla note; the tobacco remains in the background, trying to adequately balance the great sugar values of this e-liquid and its intense flavor of hazelnut cream. The tobacco presence allows to perceive an intriguing dry aftertaste at the end of the puff. A must have.
    ico 5


    Premium Tobacco Blend with a little hints of toasted almond and wood.

    If you are looking for a recipe a little different from the classic RY4 tobacco, this is the liquid for you. The ingredients are the classic ones of a RY4 but with different proportions. The main component is a dark tobacco, which is expressed in a decisive and dry tone assisted by a dry toasted almond note. The notes of caramel and licorice remain in the background and balance, with their slightly sweet notes, the strong character of tobacco. It’s an all day e-liquid par excellence, never excessive and always pleasant in all circumstances.

    ico 4

  • RED

    Tobacco blend with caramel.

    From the manufacturer’s description it is clear the intention to create his own version of the classic RY4 recipe, this time increasing the percentage of caramel in it. The aromatic charge is certainly good, but fails to emerge with arrogance. The aromatic structure is surrounded by a slightly scorched halo due to the tobacco note that limits the caramelized hints a bit.
    ico 3


    Transylvania’s tobacco Blend with herbs and hints of incense.

    An e-liquid with good body and structure, with an intriguing and enveloping taste. It has initial nutty and toasted notes with hints of a fusion of coffee and chocolate. The slightly sweet flavors are immediately wrapped in the final phase of spicy and dry aromas which makes it “bad” at the right point. Tabac also has an important persistence on the palate which increases its strength together with timid smoky lashes that reach the end of the puff, turning towards almost spicy tones.
    ico 3

  • ZEUS

    Tropical fruit blend with star anise aftertaste.

    The protagonist of this recipe is certainly the anise that is decidedly clear from the first puff. If you do not like its strong and enveloping characteristics it is certainly not a liquid for you. The mix of tropical fruit and red fruit succeeds, puff by mouth, to carve out a small space adding to the firm base of anise, sour and sweet hints rich in a good dose of sugar. Among the fruity components, pineapple and mango are clearly distinguished with fairly faithful and natural characteristics. But it is the anise that remains the undisputed ruler of this recipe, such as to result in some situations being a little excessive in its dosage.

    ico 4


    Refreshing cocktail with blend of tropical fruit.

    A good aromatic charge is the basis of this e-liquid, a real mix of tropical fruits. The individual components are difficult to recognize within the mix, but on the whole they are able to transmit sensations to us from real tropical paradises. Sweet and well blended sensations contrast with harsh and slightly pungent notes. A very relaxing and clean vape that is hardly boring.
    ico 4

  • R&B TYPE

    A cocktail with the most famous energy drink of all the time.

    Recipe freely inspired by the well-known energizing drink, those that give us wings! The result is a moderately intense puff with at the same time acidulous and sweet nuances that make the inspiring drink look like the R&B Type. Great credit must be given to the sparkling component that wraps around the puff that manages to convey a pleasant strawberry flavor even if a little synthetic.
    ico 3


    Intense Strawberry Grape flavor, sweet and harsh at the same time.

    A simple recipe that has always met the favor of the public. The very sweet strawberry grapes combine with a refreshing ice splash creating a vortex of taste and sweetness. A winning combination for a simple but always high impact type of e-liquid, especially if supported by aromas of undoubted quality.

    ico 3

DECIMA E-LIQUID – Top Sellers E-liquids

DECIMA E-LIQUID – Top Sellers E-liquids

A selection of accurate raw materials, production processes that combine innovation, research and application, DECIMA is the production Atelier committed to producing liquids for electronic cigarettes, which are easily recognizable in taste, guaranteed and safe.

Great importance is given to the pleasure and refinement of sensorial perceptions required by a careful and sophisticated consumer who, in vaping, wants to relive the sensations of the past, but with a new satisfaction, clean and above all healthier. Research, competence and production experience. DECIMA is the made in Italy of liquids for electronic cigarettes that best interprets the evolution of taste. With an approach to the electronic cigarette as natural and balanced as possible.

decima liquid logo

Via Resuttana, 360 – Palermo (PA)
90146 Palermo (PA)
Tel.: (+39) 091.518074

E-liquids type: 10 ml
Base composition: VPG 50/50
Nicotine: 0,4,9,16 mg/ml 

TheFlavourist provadei9 sfondo


    A unique aroma, it comes from a sophisticated mix of natural extracts with compatible profiles designed to engage the entire palate. Each puff you can enjoy the full-bodied dark tobacco mixed with the sweetness and intensity of rustic honey with an immediate reminder of a slight fragrance of dried fruit.

    Dakar is among all of Decima’s tobaccos, in our opinion its most exciting creation. An e-liquid that combines intensity and strength with a refined elegance. The merit? It is all of Decima’s flavourists that have been able to blend together, a dark and penetrating tobacco base, with enveloping shades of honey. Dakar manages to be both strong and aromatic at the same time, but never overdoing excessive flavorings. A sense of naturalness pervades this e-liquid at every puff, and its perception on the palate is more than ever lovable, although accompanied by a rather strong tobacco background. Wonderful creature…

    ico 5


    Dry, intense and not very sweet aroma derives from the wise mix of natural extracts that create a texture with complex nuances with rich hints of toasted nuts. A tobacco flavor that generates a fairly lasting and pleasant persistence.

    Intense, dry, decisive and vigorous: in a few words, Ghibli. A tobacco e-liquid for those who love a rough and penetrating smack-mouth vaping. The hints of dried fruit come together with great balance at the tobacco base and an energetic e-liquid comes out, which leaves no escape for any sweet type insertion. Its sharp-edged tones make it perfect when paired with a good and full-bodied craft beer. Another masterful creation of Decima.
    ico 5


    The thrill of polar mint, fresh, clean, like the icy expanses of the Arctic. Every puff is an invigorating feeling of freshness. Powerful and with a strong throat shot, it is ideal for an energizing vape.

    Like all fresh e-liquids, Polar also presents itself on the palate of the vaper with great intensity and strength. But we must be particularly fond of this kind of e-liquid to fully appreciate it. Since the inspiration Polar has an unprecedented arrogance, equal to the feeling of freshness that it releases after each puff. A true glacial mint ready to literally invade the taste buds without any kind of compromise.

    ico 4


    Sweet, fruity and fresh liquid manufactured by combining the unique flavor of the red fruits and menthol. The aromas come together in a magical marriage where the clear and decisive mentholated component does not oppress, but enhances the aroma of red fruits: a harmonious mix that offers the palate a fresh and very pleasant vape.

    Red Fairy combines the aromatic charge of wild berries with the freshness of a clean and decisive mint flavor. The bouquet is well balanced and penetrates inside the palate of the vaper showing in inspiration immediately a component of red berries (currant and raspberry), to which is added a few moments after all the vitality of the mint. At the end of the vape it leaves a pleasant blueberry aftertaste.
    ico 3

    [themoneytizer id=27282-23]

    It develops a complex and harmonious aromatic profile, while Virginia, which is the basis of the mix, is accompanied by hints of smoke, spices and resinous wood. Its taste is basically sweet and sour, with a bitter undertone, its body important but not excessive, it immediately catches the attention. It is a tobacco never annoying or banal, so good for an all day vape.

    In inspiration Red Tobacco shows a slightly sweet aromatic base, but very soon this tobacco grows on more woody and dry tracks, from which intriguing bitter and vaguely smoky tips emerge. Red Tobacco is a linear tobacco, clean and never too intrusive, the emblem of the all day tobacco e-liquid. Its aromatic facets appear minimal and imperceptible and this is why it is the ideal companion for a prolonged and satisfying vape.
    ico 3


    Rich and mellow aroma of tobacco that is combined with the velvety taste of natural vanilla cream, for an intense flavor and not purely sweet. It creates a refined balance that woos another taste. A “must” for vanilla lovers.

    Tobacco with vanilla is a winning combination to which e-liquid companies rarely give up. Tabacco Vanilla by Decima is a soft and round e-liquid in which the vanilla, sweet and tasty is particularly pronounced. The tobacco component frames the vanilla ingredient and remains in the background for most of the puff, only to emerge with greater incisiveness at the end of the vape.

    ico 4


    Extraordinary harmony between the strong essence of menthol and the delicate flavor of licorice. The skilful blending of natural extracts condenses into an extraordinary balance where the singular union, enhancing each other’s aromas, takes them to the extreme of their scent. The puff is fresh, leaving the palate with a particular flavor that distinguishes this exceptional combination.

    With Tabooh you enter the realm of fresh liquids that always had many admirers in the e-cig world. Tabooh is a fresh e-liquid but by no means invasive and overbearing. During the vaporization, both the taste of mint and that of licorice are perceived with extreme delicacy and the balance between the two components is truly enviable. Surprisingly round above all thanks to the calibrated sweetness of licorice, and particularly tasty due to its pleasant post-vape aromatic persistence.
    ico 4


    The term that best fits this tobacco is “balance”: its refinement leaves one amazed because the blend, flawlessly formulated, is as elegant as few. The aromatic bouquet, satisfying and peculiar, is counterbalanced by a sustained strength, but not excessive is never aggressive in the mouth and leaves in the environment a pleasant scent of cotton candy.

    Decima is a manufacturer that offers a wide selection of tobacco e-liquids. To those seen so far, we must add Virginia which, based on information received from the manufacturer, is by far the most sold e-liquid of the Sicilian company. The reason is easy to say: Virginia is a “classic” tobacco with a harmonious and balanced blend, with very slight floral and vaguely sweet nuances, especially in inspiration. The secret of its success in our opinion lies in its round and particularly gentle aromatic structure. Satisfying at all times of the day.
    ico 4


    Freshness and loveliness are the olfactory notes of the citrus prince. Green and sparkling notes, in a solo that evolves in hints of verdello and lime. Every shot evokes the memory and pleasantness of the Mediterranean gardens.

    Yellow Sun is a sensory journey through the sunny fields of Sicily, where a typical species of lemon, the verdello, grows. From the first puff on the elegant strength of the verdello with its harsh and green notes, it manifests itself in all its naturalness, giving us an e-liquid with a lively character, which iintrigues the taste buds for its incredible aromatic fidelity to the real fruit. Unique and fascinating.

    ico 5

DECADENT VAPOURS – Gli E-liquid Top Sellers –

DECADENT VAPOURS – Gli E-liquid Top Sellers –

We have been producing our premium e-liquids right here in Great Britain since 2009, adhering to our award-winning formula of using only the finest ingredients and observing the highest manufacturing standards. We never compromise on quality.
Whether it’s a fanfare of flavoursome e-liquids, a plethora of artisan concentrates together with all the ingredients required to mix your own, or a counter full of handpicked hardware, you will find everything you need for one of the best vaping experiences right here.
And as we were the first e-liquid flavour house and manufacturer in the UK – opening our doors way back in 2009, when this now boisterous industry was in its infancy, we have had many years of experience in discovering only the best production processes and using only the finest of ingredients to ensure we offer the very highest quality products.

decadent vapours logo

Unit 12 Llwyn y Graig, Garngoch Industrial Estate,
Gorseinon, Swansea, SA4 9WG – UNITED KINGDOM
Tel.: +44 (0)1792 897103

Il Brucaliffo Srl
Via Scarabelli Zunti, 15
43123 Parma
Tel.: +39 0521 1756768


E-liquid type: 10 ml
Base composition: VPG 50/50 – VPG 60/40 (Djinni series)
Nicotine: 0,3,6,12,18 mg/ml 

TheFlavourist provadei9 sfondo


    Absinthe contains over 20 herbs and spices that are carefully blended to recreate the luxurious aniseed and wormwood flavour.

    Unlike most absinthe e-liquids in which the flavour of anise is predominant and often almost only that, this e-liquid is much more complex and multifaceted. The Flavourist team founded Absinthe very intriguing from an aromatic point of view and particularly suitable for those in search of refined and sophisticated flavors. It is a lively e-liquid with a complex aromatic structure. Very appreciable all day long. Never get tired!
    ico 5


    Our smoothest pre-mixed tobacco e-liquid. Rich dry tobacco on the inhale with soft vanilla and subtle coconut undertones.

    In Italy it is almost certainly the Decadent Vapours e-liquid better known by the vapers of the old course. Sweet and dry intertwine themselves in this timeless tobacco mix. Fascinating creation suitable for anyone looking for a clean and never too intrusive tobacco taste. Timeless e-liquid…
    ico 5


    American Red is one of our most popular tobacco e-liquids; comforting, familiar and delightfully moreish. It’s an authentic American tobacco vape with a softer nutty flavour, with smooth smokey notes.

    Slight hints of dried fruit give this e-liquid a vaguely dry tone for a linear and no-frills vape. It’s less particular than the American Gold, but pleasant in its simplicity and in being able to evoke with a certain fidelity the sensations of an analogical smoke of medium intensity.
    ico 4


    A tantalising vape juice blend of sweet banana and creamy caramel.
    Our Banoffee vape juice has been an all-day steam for dessert fans around the world since 2014. With its 60/40 base, it’s well suited to all types of drippers and tanks.

    In e-cig e-liquids, the banana ingredient has always been in great demand and used by the manufacturers all over the world. But a necessary premise must be made: the taste of the banana in the form of e-liquid is loved or hated. Banoffee is a surprisingly very balanced and scented banana e-liquid. The banana notes are gentle and do not show the aromatic arrogance expected of this fruit; on the contrary, here the banana blends harmoniously with light shades of caramel. The result is a graceful, sweet but not cloying e-juice. Great job of Decadent Vapors.
    ico 4

    [themoneytizer id=27282-23]

    A sumptuous, smooth custard e-liquid with a full vanilla flavour that is sweetened with brown sugar and a hint of caramel. An absolute must for custard fans and winner of best flavour in the 2015 Ecigclick awards.

    In 2015, when Decadent Vapors was awarded at the Ecigclick Awards thanks to this e-juice, the complex and articulated recipes for e-liquids were only in its infancy, yet there was already someone like the British company who anticipated the times to come. Creme Anglaise is an e-liquid that presents delicate vanilla nuances caressed by a sprinkling of caramelized cane sugar. Sweet but not cloying. Even today, after five years (a great deal for the vaping sector), it is an absolutely current and tasty e-liquid.
    ico 5


    Sweet, mellow, mint taste. Delightfully refreshing.

    Did you know that in the world there are over a hundred types of mint? Decadent Vapours has chosen, for the realization of its cooler e-liquid, to use probably the most well-known mint together with peppermint: the green mint or garden mint. The result is a pleasantly refreshing liquid able to seduce even the most demanding palates. From the first puff you are gently hit by a measured sense of coolness, while a lively taste of wet and freshly picked mint gently tickles the taste buds. Ideal for resetting the taste buds after long sessions with very sweet e-liquids.

    ico 3


    A vaping classic and made from the finest European Tobacco Absolute, our Tobacco E-liquid a truly authentic tobacco flavour, woody, sweet, rich with treacle notes -just like rolling tobacco.
    As well as being a mainstay for tobacco fans since 2009, this well-rounded, familiar flavour is a good place to start when making the switch from smoking to vaping.

    The tobacco e-liquids manufactured with Tobacco Absolute are in terms of flavour the most faithful to the taste of natural tobacco, except of course the organic tobacco extracts. The advantage of an e-liquid manufactured with Tobacco Absolute compared to natural tobacco extracts is that they are much cleaner and coil friendly. This Tobacco is a sweet and aromatic e-liquid with more than ever perfumed peaks, perhaps in some situations even too much. Sometimes the perfumed notes seem to evolve towards definite floral nuances which together with its innate sweetness, hide well the most woody tobacco  characteristics. During the puff Tobacco evokes a Cavendish style aromatic pipe shear rather well.
    ico 3


    DV’s Toffy e-liquid is a Rich, sweet and smooth toffee vape with notes of burnt brown sugar and butterscotch, ideal for anyone that possesses a sweet tooth!

    Toffee is a type of candy typical of the United Kingdom, generally soft, made of sugar, molasses, butter and milk. In Italy Toffee is often identified with milk toffee candies and in fact they are very similar although not exactly identical. In our opinion, Toffy from Decadent Vapours is a warm and rich e-liquid, with a typically autumnal tone. The nuances of burnt brown sugar give this e-juice a tasty toasted scent that balances with the typical and caramelized sweetness of a milk toffee. Full-bodied and enveloping.
    ico 3


    A favourite with tobacco fans for many a year, this golden, cured e-liquid with a light, sweet taste of Virginia is everything you could ever want from a Virginia vape.

    The producer reminds us that Virginia is one of the most appreciated liquids of the brand. Our taste makes us immediately perceive a pleasant presence of straw-colored notes accompanied by woody tones and a final vaguely sweetish aftertaste. Very pleasant e-liquid but at the same time also quite intense, with penetrating aromatic nuances of not easy understanding. A tasty and noble weave between softer tones and more acidulous tobacco tips.
    ico 4