Flavour concentrate review: Cave N Fruit 3 (Vapor Cave) 10 ml
Batch: N.D.
Expiry date: N.D.

Declared Base: 49% PG – 49% VG – 2% H2O
Nico: 3 mg/ml

Devices: iStick TC60W +  Hobo 3.1 RDA atomizer single coil (Kantal A1 0,32 mm) 0.8 ohm with japanese organic cotton.

After telling you over the last few weeks about some natural extracted tobacco of the product line Air Natural Flavors by Vapor Cave, let’s stay within the great family of the tobacco concentrates produced by the famous Italian manufacturer: the aroma Cave N Fruit 3.

Cave Fruit N 3 is one of three fruit flavoured tobacco concentrates recently produced by Vapor Cave. This particular flavour concentrates still contain natural tobacco extract, but are characterized by the presence of extracts of fruits which, as the producer wishes to point out, are made by an important French company and come from organic crops.

The subject of today’s review is described as follows:

Blend of Burley, Virginia and Oriental tobaccos with the addition of apricot aroma. A sweet, delicate and delicious mix ….. where the “soft” component of the tobacco leaves room for the marked but elegant aromatic sweetness of the fruit. Given to the delicate aromatic configuration of the apricot and the tobaccos, we recommend vaping after a short steeping.


The amber glass bottle, as the fans of the brand already know, contains 11 ml of aroma.

The Flavourist tested this flavour concentrate at different stages of steeping, because, as reported by the manufacturer, the combination of tobacco extracts and organic fruit aromas has a natural variability over time.

A shorter steeping tends to enhance the fruity component, that, on the contrary, will be dampened by tobacco in case of longer steeping time. Differently from what happens for the pure tobacco aromas, in this case there is no ideal steeping time; each vaper can choose its favorite.

At the nose Cave N Fruit 3 appears an extremely delicate and refined flavour concentrate. The apricot is sharply felt and stands out fragrant and sweet. The tobacco note remains in the background, for it’s clear that tobacco is not the main actor of this mix. It’s evident that Vapor Cave wants to bring out the quality of the fruit been used, while never forgetting the importance and the dosage of the tobacco chosen for the mix. Knowledge, sensitivity and precision are essential for an excellent final result.

The vape test enhances the apricot but does not hinder the tabacco blend.


On the inhale arises the dry and slightly sour underground of the Burley tobacco (certainly the more present and distinguishable) and accompaines a delicious apricot with a rather linear and clean note.

Believe me, the compliments for this apricot extract are surely not waisted. Sweet, soft, tasty and delicious, what else? It’s a ripe apricot and the pulp has a perfect degree of consistency. And this is the feeling that we get: exciting aromaticity and natural sweetness, a delicacy with every puff.

At the initial stages of steeping Cave N Fruit 3 will surprise you even if you slightly and gradually increase the airiness of your atom; in fact, the velvety texture of the apricot extract will be enhanced and thus making the vaping pleasantly fatter.

As I said before, extending the steeping time considerably varies the aromatic structure of the product and consequently the vaping. The flow of time enhances the tobacco blend and particularly the dry notes of Burley, only partly supported by a discreet grassy background of Oriental, while Virginia seems to fade out in the apricot fragrance.

I invite you to enjoy this aromatic change with curiosity and to appreciate the evolution of the taste perception on your palate. The puffs are always graceful because the gentle elegance of the fruity is the trademark of this flavor, despite the border between tobacco and fruity flavor concentrate is shifted with each passing day. On the exhale the harmony and softness of the apricot taste is always perceived and fills with flavour the puff.

In this new brilliant project, constructed and directed by Vapor Cave, the tobaccos get a supporting roles, but we know how important is the choice and the script of the “actors in a supporting role“. Even the best extract of apricot could not have give its best without the direction of Vapor Cave that brings it together with Burley, a sort of “filler” tobacco, which is crucial in completing this aromatic masterpiece.

Burley at first and secondly Oriental have been tasked with giving the mixture that timbre of moderate and green dryness, so that we must never forget that this flavor concentrate, even if flavored, is always an extracted tobacco by Vapor Cave.

As we have said in the Cavendish Peach Black review, it is true that it is not a novelty. The extracted tobaccos mixed with fruit have long existed, but here we cannot but place emphasis on the quality of work carried out during the maceration of tobacco (which is already known, as we are talking about Vapor Cave), the choice of the natural extracts of organic fruit up to the refining and the final mix.

Recommended dilution: 10-11%

Steeping time: 5-20 gg (according to personal taste).

ico 5

Pro: masterly conceived and structured.

Cons: perhaps not suited for the “latakia vapers”.