Name e Format: CDXX (Officine Svapo) – Concentrated aroma 20 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch:  OS6001

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 50 PG / 50 VG

Expiry date: 12-2020

Devices: Uwell Nuchaku 80 W + eXvape Expromizer V3 single coil 0.95 ohm (Ni80 28 AWG 0,32 mm) with Fiber N’ Cotton.

It’s undeniable that since a couple of years to now, the advent of cannabis light in Italy, has had an irrepressible domino effect also on the e-cig world, and so in recent times we have witnessed an incredible proliferation of -liquid and flavoring for electronic cigarette based on light hemp.

Today, for the first time, the Flavourist will try a product of this kind, not because until now there has not been an opportunity, but because our team was waiting for a product that went beyond a simple light hemp extract. The occasion has come with a new aroma manufactured by one of the leading Italian brands for tobacco extracts ejuices: Officine Svapo.

CDXX or “Quattrocentoventi” is a 20 ml aroma in a 60 ml chubby gorilla, to be added with 40 ml of base (we recommend a 50/50 base) with or without nicotine, as always at the discretion of the vaper. The bottle, contained in a classic cardboard package is very well taken care of, with a fine satin label that gives the product a very refined and elegant appearance. On the back of the label there are also the usual danger warnings, information on the composition and the personal data of the manufacturer.

Officine Svapo describes its CDXX aroma in this simple way:

Unico e innovativo, questo prodotto celebra l’incontro perfetto tra tabacco e canapa.

Unique and innovative, this product celebrates the perfect match between tobacco and hemp.


The smell analysis does not give us exhaustive indications on what we are going to test, because the only notes that emerge by putting pressure on the bottle are only timid and bland shades of hemp which, with difficulty, make their way, detaching themselves from a light vegetable background, in turn not without some alcoholic tips. The light scent that is released from the bottle gives us a feeling of freshness as if we were struggling with a freshly made extract.

We are going to start the vape after loading our Expromizer V3, an RTA atomizer with unquestionable qualities for this kind of e-liquids. By clicking on the image above, you can, if you do not yet have it, buy it at an advantageous price, using our “theflavourist” discount code.


The almost excessive delicacy emerged on the nose, makes us approach the vape test a certain hesitation and with some doubt. And instead … From the first puff, in inspiration, the decidedly mild hints of smell, turn into a refined and elegant blend.

The puff starts with a delicate but equally convincing taste of marijuana that takes the scene during the inhalation phase. Net of a phase of combustion that, in our beloved e-cig world, we know (fortunately) not to be, what we perceive is the same perfume that can be perceived after having rubbed some cannabis inflorescences in the hands. And it is in our opinion a feeling more than ever valuable. The resinous nuances of the grass lead the dance and the slow rhythm of the puff, without offering particular aromatic deviations. Lightly nuances of pine and incense crossed by almost imperceptible lemon tips.

In the heart of the puff this penetrating, sweet and resinous stamp lets itself be infiltrated by light and delicate tobacco cues which, only in part, soften the aromaticity of the cannabinoid terpenes. Although Officine Svapo not making any mention of it, chooses to include in the mix a non-invasive tobacco, with the function of supporting the leading role of cannabis.

A Virginia, a Burley or an Oriental, we believe that the choice of the manufacturer has fallen on one of these tobaccos or maybe on a blend of these, to achieve an effective and harmonious combination with the herb extract. The final result, in our opinion, rewards the choice of the italian manufacturer, as the tobacco blend with its dry, linear and vaguely earthy tones blends perfectly with the protagonist of this e-liquid, leaving the vape appears on the palate every puff so sweet and so elegant.

And even if our tastes would have liked a hint of tobacco a little more present, we can not but admire and appreciate CDXX in all its magnificent nobility.

Suggested dilution: 33%

Stepping time: Immediately ready, suggested 5/8 days

Pro: Elegant combination of light cannabis and tobacco.

Cons: The presence of tobacco appears a little shy.