Name e Format: Charlie Delta (BangJuice) – Aroma scomposto 15 ml – ricevuto dal produttore


Nico: 0 mg/ml

Declared Base: 70 PG / 30 VG

Expiried Date: 01/2021

Devices: iJoy Capo Squonk 80w + Wotofo Profile mesh coill 0.18 ohm con Cotton Bacon V 2.0.


Vapitaly 2019 was not just an event dedicated to the manufacturers of liquids and hardware in our area, in the 3 days of Verona, recently concluded, producers from all over the world participated. Our team has always had a “mission” to know and analyze this sector far and wide and therefore without delay we approached new brands that are not based in our area.

A stand that surely struck and intrigued us belonged to the boys of BangJuice. A new liquid producers, which has its headquarters in Germany. The boys with whom we exchanged a few words at the fair wanted to clarify how, each aroma was created through a meticulous care of the raw materials, of which they ensure a meticulous processing, typical German, and have put the accent on their maturation process innovative that allows the aroma once mixed and “shaken” to be really ready immediately. Intrigued by all these promises and by a very quick taste made at the fair, we decided to bring you today a more detailed review of the liquids with which this new producer faces the Italian market!

Let’s start by talking about the sales format, another point on which these guys pushed a lot during our presentation, the classic 60 ml bottle of liquid but instead of containing the canonical 20 ml of concentrated aroma, we find within it 15ml. BangJuice assured us that he found the right concentration and the right aromatic balance by lowering the amount of aroma inside the bottles. The mixing will therefore be slightly different we will have to add 35 ml of VG and the rest to our liking of PG with or without nicotine. Another point on which our team wants to see clearly!

The first aroma of this line that we want to try with you is Charlie Delta. Contained in a bottle with a really fun, nice and neat graphic. Obviously everything is a clear reference to the name of the producers, the classic onomatopoeic sound Bang is represented with a cannonball with mouth and eyes that looks at us threateningly ready at any moment to an explosion of taste!

The description provided by the manufacturer is simply the list of ingredients:

Code name: Charlie Delta. Steamed sticky rice with strawberries, vanilla, fresh milk, cream & a pinch of cinnamon sugar

The description is certainly very interesting, the proposed ingredients manage to convey a great appeal, steamed rice with strawberries is certainly something different and innovative to find inside an eliquid, then accompanied by a great variety of elements with certain characters sweet and sugary that do nothing but increase our mouth water!


On the nose, Charlie Delta presents a clear creamy note that stands at the forefront, dominating, as widely predictable, the aromatic scene of e-liquid. Difficult to recognize all the list of ingredients, certainly we can perceive the strength of the strawberry that gives sweet and slightly acid sensations. Rice is not noticeable, but everything is well stored in a thin, creamy and slightly vanilla layer. Probably it will only be a final addition but usually cinnamon has a very strong aromatic charge that we cannot appreciate here. The only small note that a little uneven is the synthetic tendency that we perceive coming out of the bottle, which we associate with that classic syrupy fragrance, certainly good ingredients, but of forced synthetic origin.


The first impression I get from Charlie Delta starting to vaping it, is to find myself in front of a very gentle and soft liquid, perhaps in some situations a little undertone. The aromatic composition is pleasant as a whole, the main notes that we perceive are certainly that of strawberries, not taken as a single fruit but as if they were combined with a delicious cream of milk, vanilla and a sprinkling of sugar. The result as a whole certainly classifies it as a creamy liquid, with sugary and slightly acid tones.

Let’s start the puff and the first notes that appear are those of the strawberry, which as mentioned is presented in the form of cream, you can not perceive the full flavor of rice but only a great union between these two elements that tend to recreate that species of rice cream seasoned with strawberries. In the middle phase of the puff instead we come across the creamy aromatic plant, and it is precisely here that the liquid emerges with its strength giving a moist and dense vapor, where the nuances of the slightly fresh milk from the cream and the great sugar presence are perceived softens and can cover the aromatic voids of the first phase. Only in the final part and persistence on the palate we find the cinnamon sugar which slightly refreshes the mouth with its unique characteristics but which certainly do not enhance it by binding it to the role of appearance.

Light with the coils but above all with our taste buds, this creation has the undisputed advantage of being able to be vaped for a long time without risking that with time it will be heavy. Its lightness and the just mentioned notes however is also its Achilles heel because it is the result of an insufficient aromatic charge that removes e-liquid from a pinch of energy and that extra quality to make it more unique than ever.

Suggested dilution: 25%

Steeping time: ready to vape

Pro: Innovative recipe!

Cons: You could dare a little more in terms of aromatic load.


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