Recensione Liquido Pronto: Checkmate – linea Mix Vape (Decima liquid) 30 ml – ricevuto dal produttore

Lotto: 0002 del 26-02-2016

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Base dichiarata: 70% VG – 30% PG

Data scadenza: 26/02/2018

Devices: Joyetech Cuboid 150W + Aromamizer Supreme RDTA dual coil (Kanthal A1 0.4 mm) 0.3 ohm + Hobo 3.1 RDA single coil (Kanthal A1 0.4 mm) 0.6 ohm con cotone organico giapponese.

What absurd people that of Vapers! Consistently taken from the “monkey”, never dominant and never pay the possessed and then so strongly meteoropathics! Oh yes meteoropathics, because a good respecting  vaper let the influence and condition like few in the choice of liquids to vape, in the procession of the seasons. In spring and summer he prefers fresh and fruity liquids in cold seasons plunges headlong on creams sweet taste and warm. We of The Flavourist team also we do certainly no exception, and in this period we tend to favor the “first fruits” of autumn. In the coming months we will hear little talk of fresh and / or fruity liquids, we also victims of the long and deep embrace of bewitching creamy mermaids.

And so today we talk about Checkmate by Decima Liquid, third and last of the line Liquid Mix Vape which we reviewed here on the site. For those who missed the previous two reviews, here we are: Mystery and Pink Lady.

Voluptuous vanilla and fresh fruity notes meet woody hints of dried fruit. Taste full, round, interminable impossible to resist, better to surrender. Check mate.

In this way Decima describes his creation.


The Mix vape line was made of PET bottles of 30 ml with childproof cap and plastic dropper with a flat tip. The label, which for today’s product has a simple graphical representation of a central pawn of King of papyrus style paper background, reports about nicotine content and composition in terms of VG/PG, the prohibited mark to minors 18 and the prohibition of dispersion into the environment. For information on the label, I refer here.

The olfactory notes Checkmate introduce us to the aromatic understanding of the product, as the manufacturer, in its official description, does not tell us a lot, leaving a slight air of mystery around the flavors of its creation.

The opening of the bottle gives us a fresh pear flavor that emerges boldly and which is accompanied by a slight but perceptible nutty tone. The overall feeling is strange, but I admit even disturbing; my nose is not used to these nuances, the new feel and even perceives a typical sweet creamy vanilla base with a connotation, which binds well to the aromatic traces of the head.


Yet I hope and I imagine something more …

For the vape tes after a test in moderate-closed dripping, I relied the excellent Supreme by Aromamizer having noticed the happy behavior Checkmate above 40 watts. Yes, this liquid in my opinion rewards the medium to high wattage because that can give a touch of sweetness in most entire bouquet. I will explain more in a bit.

What remains of the first puff is a feeling of light-headedness; we expect the classic sweet and creamy liquid, and instead we find ourselves before a not very sweet, definitely not trivial and a lot more complex than you may think. During inspiratory a delicate vanilla cream is effectively countered by a strong flavor of pear, a pear is what I would call a little mature, floury and with pronounced notes of sour. The aromatic Exchequer, however, is not yet complete and the alternation or rather the contrast between opposites, recurs even in the later stages when you hear first surface a soft and fine touch of banana, very soft and lovely and then you can see the presence of a nuts background nuts that, in its own right, the manufacturer has defined woody. If in the smell test the notes seemed sweeter and nutty, during the vape test, I’m more inclined to tell you that this is mix of dried fruit shells.

The presence of a minor nature in the heart of vaping of the banana, is an aromatic chosen absolutely fine, because the fruit with its softness succeeds well in order to soften and smooth the deepest bumps in the nuts. And if we raise the watts, as I told you, the banana is more present thus making the whole slightly sweeter mix.

The autumnal Checkmate is an e-liquid creamy but certainly atypical, a creamy not so sweet but intriguing, where the acidity of pear adds a touch of vanilla cream and force at which the minimum dosage of blunt banana notes of dried fruit.

If you want to try something unusual …

ico 4

Pro: a complex and unusual mix for those who want to try uncommon aromatic combinations.

Contro: not very sweet for the current market dictates.