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E-liquid review: Choc Effect (Green Fog) 40 ml- received by the manufacturer

Declared base: 20 PG / 80 VG

Batch: S320517

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Expiry date: 11/2018

Devices: Aleadertech Funky 160 W + Geekvape Peerless RDA single fused clapton coil 0,65 ohm (Ni80 core 30 awg x 3 + outer 38 awg) with Native Wicks cotton.

The subject of today’s review is Choc Effect produced by Green Fog, an Italian brand born from the collaboration between Dr. Fortunato Francia and Rino Cucci.

The packaging of the Electro line includes a 30ml Mix Series (zero nicotine) sold in association with a “base” called Nitro Nix 10ml containing nicotine, if desired. The PE bottles are equipped with a child proof system and a narrow-tipped dropper. The product faithfully respects the dictates of the most current European legislation. At the moment, however, we do not yet know whether the recent national legislation on vaping will further modify the packaging and content of all the e-liquid Green Fog, as well as all the other Italian manufacturers. It is very likely that in the next months of this 2018 we will witness numerous changes in both form and substance.
choc effect

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The manufacturer describes Choc Effect:

A perfect blend of crumbled sponge cake and shortbread intoduce the real protagonist: chocolate! Perfect to morning vaping after breakfast or like a dessert after dinner.
Ambiguous and perhaps a little misleading, the description of Choc Effect does not make it easy to think of a concrete and real confectionery product. The sponge cake even if crumbled would make you think of a donut, but at the same time the presence of shortcrust pastry throws us towards other types of desserts, for example a tart or even simple shortbread biscuits. In addition, the manufacturer in the description adds that chocolate is the true protagonist of the recipe. If you are dealing with simple chocolate chips, melted chocolate on short pastry or chocolate added to the dough of sponge cake, we’ll find out soon.

The olfactory test immediately confirms that chocolate is the main ingredient of Choc Effect. Accompanied perhaps by light alcoholic notes, this chocolate takes the olfactory scene while not presenting an excessively strong and dark fragrance. Milk chocolate framed in a discrete pastry background. On the nose you can perceive nuances that recall with good fidelity the fragrance of a sponge cake donut. Inevitable vanilla tips complete the olfactory framework of a creamy but not too much e-liquid.
pan di spagna sbriciolato

For the vaping test was used the Peerless of Geekvape in sigle coil with a fused clapton in Nichrome. The range between 40 and 45 watts was chosen to avoid temperatures that would inevitably have tended to “bake” the chocolate aroma, crushing a little too much the aromatic nuances of the bouquet.

Since the first puffs Choc Effect reveals its characteristics: a creamy without exaggerations, developed with a certain linearity and without excessive sweetening. In inspiration, evident “crust” notes direct the vape on a very linear and composed track and prepare us for a peaceful journey, devoid of particular aromatic surprises. The crust notes, or short pastry, if not supported by a consistent buttery component, and this is the case, often leave a feeling of general dryness in a creamy recipe.

Although light sweetening surpluses based on sucralose emerge, the arrival of chocolate in the heart of the puff strengthens in a sense the general taste not sweet and fat. The chocolate aroma is undoubtedly pleasant and well aligned with the balanced hinges of the whole mix. A milk chocolate or maybe better a dark fondant at 50%. Choc Effect mainly lives on the chocolate flavor, but the feeling is that the global scenario of this e-liquid is not able to enhance its good aromatic qualities. A chocolate trapped between the meanders of the crust nuances in the start and of the sponge cake in the queue. Yet the individual ingredients, never overdosed, prove to be up to one, if taken and evaluated individually.
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Even the aromatic nuances of the sponge cake, which gently peek at the end of the puff, do not produce the desired effect of encouraging softness and roundness of the whole mix. Yet, even at the cost of repeating us, it also expresses an undoubted quality made of fresh fragrance and naturalness. Our personal perception in vaping Choc Effect is that some aromatic ties are missing. Although the dosage of the individual ingredients is perfect, as well as the balance between the same ingredients, the liquid sins slightly from the point of view of the amalgam, resulting to be a bit too much unpacked.

pan di spagna cacao

The olfactory doubt remains: a chocolate sponge cake or a simple confectionery base soiled with chocolate? Or maybe both?

What is certain, is that Choc Effect has put us in trouble… The e-liquid is delicate and tasty and very suitable for a prolonged daily vaping, with the right aromatic persistence in an aromatic frame appreciable for composure and refinement . At the same time, however, we were a bit displaced by the type of recipe, already anticipated by the manufacturer in the description, and the attempt to bring it to something concrete that did not produce the desired results.

Maybe we did not understand its essence …
ico 3

Pro: Balanced, clean and minimally invasive. Ideal for a long daily vaping.

Contro: Little creamy and amalgamated.