Name and Format: Cola Cooler(Riot Squad) – concentrated flavour 10 ml – received by the manufacturer


Nico: 0 mg/ml

Declared base: 30 PG / 70 VG

Expiry date: n.a.

Devices: iJoy capo Squonq + Wotofo Profile RDA mesh 0.18 ohm with Cotton Bacon V 2.0.

Periodization in the world of vape as in everyday life is now part of a routine that belongs to us. We all know that with the succession of the seasons our body and our mind prepare themselves for the activities and habits that are possible at that particular time of the year. And it is really so, that there are liquids that are enhanced with hot days and that also manage to satisfy our comforts. Today we want to tell you about the refreshing and super fruity line of the Riot Squad producer. Which has shown during our tests, a very good quality and a great aromatic capacity despite the very simple recipes that we propose, the famous saying “less is more” is fully put into practice here. The producers are English and have their headquarters not far from London and we think that at least once, most of us have heard of the British producer.

The aromas we have received from Riot Squad present themselves in colorful 10 ml bottles in the shape of a bullet, each color tries to classify the taste. The line is very wide but focuses on types of liquid, as mentioned by the simple characteristics. The classification is therefore soon made: these are liquids for the most part fresh, refreshing and slightly fizzy, the particular note is that often the producers succeed without adding ice or menthol to obtain a delicate generalized freshness inside the aroma , all this due to the combination of the characteristics of the fruit and the great use of sugar that manages to make the combination of the ingredients of the recipe sparkling on the palate.

So let’s start our test, today I was looking for a liquid that at least through the name could lighten my thirst, with something sparkling and tasty. What, in your opinion, could be the perfect liquid if not the Cola Cooler? Which is described thus by the manufacturer:

Let the chaos of the Cola reign. A virtuous crazy cola, with a sweet base flavor and a captive menthol.

The description could only contain references to rebellious and warring motifs, inspired precisely by their name of “riot squad”. A Cola that unleashes chaos to conquer our palate to the sound of sweet flavors that manages with its charge to make menthol prisoner. The description gives us all the elements to understand the recipe with simple and immediate features. Cola plus ice assured success?

As mentioned above, the packaging in which Cola Cooler presents itself is of sure impact, recalling the name of the brand we find the shape of a bullet, the colors recall the main element of the aroma, above we find the logo and the name aroma. As for mixing, the producers recommend 20% but we can certainly go down by a good 5% to still have the right aromatic body.


As happened in all our tests we are always surprised by the aromatic charge that these aromas are able to transmit to us. bullying. It really seems to have just opened a can of the famous drink or even more to have opened a packet of those sugar-shaped bottle-shaped candies. Indeed I would say that it is precisely this image that came to my mind immediately after removing the cap from the bottle. Even if these are synthetic aromas, the aromas are really real and precise, it really seems to have the elements of the recipe before our eyes.


The first puff opens, wanting to stay on the subject, with an explosion of taste, the air around us is really dense and rich, the two elements alternate in a dance the cola is rich full of taste, deceiving my mind that he seems to be chewing his famous gummy candies. The cola is embraced by a fresh icy wave but that is not exaggerated making the puff even more tasty and leaving the feeling of sparkling sugar that we are used to perceive at the bottom of the palate.

But analyzing more specifically the notes of steam we are sure to be able to divide it: in the initial phase the main component is the cola, which is perceived in a sugary and very real way. The characteristic notes of the drink that we all know is made even more perceptible through a very present sparkling that tickles our palate in a funny way. Overall, the first phase is satisfactory and differs from that too synthetic flavor that we often find in this type of liquid. Immediately after in the central phase we find ourselves faced with menthol, which punctually manages to balance the sugary component with its fresh notes, managing to increase the fullness of the puff giving that “blow” in the throat typical of these liquids and always very appreciated. To add that the fresh sensation is not excessive nor invasive but lends itself well to the aromatic whole. In the final phase the feeling that remains after the puff is clean, but rich and slightly sparkling. Everything is well balanced and every time we take a breath, it looks more and more like the bite of gummy cheeses, of which many of us will surely be fans.

The puff is on the whole very pleasant however a sparkling cola sweetened to the right point, with rich and slightly fresh elements make the liquid and the svapata suitable to the warm period in which we are entering attenuating the heat and quenching our thirst. Surely the liquid finds its maximum expression in very airy sprayers and therefore we feel we can recommend it in the flavor or cloud environment.

Pro: Cola rich pleasant and sparkling.

Cons: Simple recipe.

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