Name and Format: Concerto (Blacknote) – Eliquid ready to vape 10 ml – received by the manufacturer


Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared Base: 50 PG / 50 VG

Expiry date:

Devices: SVA penguin 75W + Oxygène  Vampire Epos single coil 1.05 ohm (Ni 80 28AWG 0,32mm) + Cotton Bacon Prime.

Returning from the international vaping fair, Vapitaly 2019, we realized we were overwhelmed by the innovations presented in the 3 days of Verona, each manufacturer wanted to express its presence by presenting many new features. Part of this large group is also Black Note, which presented a new liquid from its flagship line dedicated to tobacco and music, which never before, in this case, have many points in common.

Black Note does not need many presentations, brought to the fore by its mastery in the extraction of the so-called NETs, ​​with avant-garde and futuristic techniques over the years it has always managed to draw attention to itself by managing to win also the Internation Vape E-liquid Award 2018 awarded on these pages.

Concerto, here is the name of the new liquid presented at the fair in Verona. We cannot but dwell on the packaging in which it is presented, the tube of paper that contains the bottle, has a truly captivating and overwhelming graphic, very clean but at the same time elegant, a dark background that fades to brown, which shows with a slightly font antique the name of the producer cutting a parchment in a space with the name of the liquid and his group of belonging in this case cigar blend. The same graphic is reflected on the plastic bottle inside. Always impeccable.

Before starting we come to the description of the product supplied to us by Black Note:

Pleasant and tasty

This high quality cigar tobacco grown in a humid tropical climate is considered one of the tastiest tobaccos in the world. The sweetly spicy aromatic notes that characterize it, typical of the Havana tobacco, make it especially appreciated for the slow vape. So take your time and write Concerto.

The description is very clear, it is a liquid that wants to be inspired by the cigar, in particular the Cuban one. The reason why cigars have such a complex taste is because they have complex anatomy. Cuban cigars use four distinct types of tobacco in the different layers that make it up. Three types of tobacco leaves that form the cigar differ from their position, the fourth type of leaf is used as an external finish to the cigar. Black notes then selecting the various leaves in the correct percentages and through its extraction processes wanted to recreate a high level Cuban cigar. Will it have succeeded?


Being able to appreciate such an extraction of tobacco at the olfactory test, it is really difficult, rarely the clear tobaccos treated with air, as in this case, manage to give their olfactory flavors. What we can perceive is a slight tingling, slightly peppery and a sweet and tasty sensation, but which certainly are not incisive. Surely everything will be clarified by the vape test that we are preparing to carry out. Absolutely not underestimating this aromatic composition so delicate but refined.


From the first puff we understand the reason for the name of the liquid. A concert of refined and refined flavors. As we imagined the liquid could not reflect the olfactory test in fact the final result is a liquid that largely resembles cigar tobacco, of the Cuban type, with a pleasant and aromatic taste. The notes perceived vary during this journey from slightly sweet to basically spicy with a slight hint of peppery, all enhanced by rich and delicate herbaceous nuances.

Concerto is a liquid that must be understood, we cannot stop at the first impression, the complex and refined recipe involves the use of many tobaccos but the main one is certainly the Havana which is also its protagonist. Its notes, leafy and slightly spicy, enhance the overall taste of the eliquid which provides a sweet but very balanced and delicate taste in its score.

In the central part the music becomes more slightly more intense, Concerto is loaded with tasty and rich in taste notes, slightly less sweet the steam turns to more acidulous tones and the leafy part of the tobacco combines in this harmonious composition making it warmer and more enveloping the steam.

The final part is the fusion, the worthy conclusion of the score, everything comes together in a harmonious and tasty image: the Cuban cigar. The steam rests on our palate confirming its slightly peppery, but at the same time sweet and delicate notes, its leaf rich in leafy shades closes the curtain on the Concert in complete relaxation!

During our tests the liquid behaved in a really gentle way on the coils. Making it even more interesting as the extraction and filtering processes are really excellent, leaving the cotton clean and allowing us to make about 11 ml without experiencing any aromatic drop.

Pro: Excellent raw materials, a real cigar tobacco.

Cons: We will have preferred it slightly more load.

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