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Recensione Aroma: Crazzberry Kicker – Pucker Punch (Can Konk) 10 ml – ricevuto dal produttore

Lotto: n.d.

Data scadenza: n.d

Base utilizzata: 15 PG – 85 VG

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Devices: Rx200 + Druga dualcoil 0,22 ohm (ss316L 26 awg) con cotone organico giapponese.

Here we are again engaged in a review in which Canada is the protagonist. Today we talk about aroma and the exactness of Crazzberry Kicker of the Pucker Punch line by Can Konk.

As you may have noticed from the image, the sales formula of this product provides that in the package is already supplied, in addition to the classic 10ml bottle of aroma, also a 60ml bowl of unicorn type. Excellent for dripping. Furthermore, within the same package, a multilingual illustrated manual illustrates the correct procedure for mixing this aroma with the desired base.

Prima di iniziare vi ricordo che, se volete essere sempre aggiornati in tempo reale sulle nostre anteprime e ultime recensioni, dovete andare su e cliccare sul “mi piace” indicato dalle frecce gialle nell’immagine qui sotto.


Crazzberry Kicker is so described by the Canadian brand:

Part cranberry, part raspberry, all SOUR!

The term “sour” means a sour kind, usually citrus. In the field of aromas, sour, is a real additive capable of transferring to the preparation citrus accents, more or less invasive, depending on its concentration in the recipe. The sour – we have already spoken in the past – is therefore an additive, an aromatic corrector, very used and strongly characterizing, even in the food industry.


The olfactory examination of Crazzberry Kicker returns soft fruity scents. Olfactively speaking the aromatic impact of raspberry and blueberry are not perfectly distinguishable. Although very pleasant and fragrant, their unique, inseparable body reminds us a lot … a very pleasant synthetic aroma of soft berry fruit. Surely the peculiarities of the raspberry are much more perceptible than those of cranberry. The scent inspires sweetness, but nothing leaves presage the sour promises promised in the description.

frutti di bosco

For lovers of fruity aromas and various candies, the dripping of Crazzberry Kicker is particularly pleasant. The fruity, sweet notes are easily released into the environment. A feminine, childish but pleasant bouquet.

The initial puffs of the vaporization test trace well defined profiles of Crazzberry Kicker. A raspberry candy, without a shadow of doubt and … and blueberry. Cranberry that looks well mixed with raspberry. Its character, its presence, resounds more in the notes of this easy recipe. And the notes sour!? Absolutely good and well proportioned. This is also thanks to a sweetening at the edge of the cloying.

sour raspberry candy

The puffs inspire softness and despite the lashed citrus (sour), on the whole I do not perceive excessive acidity due to the increase in vaporization temperatures. It’s an aroma to be svaped in cloud chasing. With a ventilated area and sustained powers. The recipe does not have much innovative, indeed. It is now a “sad” taste – if you allow me – too much used in vape … that of “candy”. Not to mention the candies with cranberry and raspberry. Banal! But Crazzberry Kicker is at least well crafted and does not stumble upon the classic mistakes we often review. Crazzberry Kicker is perfectly balanced even if the flavors used by the producer do not reflect what … nature has created as “cranberry” and “raspberry”.


But Crazzberry Kicker, after all, is inspired by an industrial product. A candy full of sugar and aroma … its stamp in this sense is the best. Indeed … under this point of view it exceeds reality.

Recommended dilution: 17-20%

Steeping time: ready to vape

ico 4

Pro: Excellent reinterpretation of a typical raspberry candy with well-balanced sour notes. Perhaps better than a real candy.

Cons: A genus perhaps very inflated … although this recipe is worthy.